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  1. Majahual is the name of the town. Costa Maya was actually destroyed by a hurricane. They rebuilt the port area, very nice. Maya Chan would be great. Mom could rest on the beach and the more adventurous can bike ride on the bumpy roads. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  2. onlysister

    Ambassadorship to Curacao.

    Anybody besides me willing to serve USA as an ambassador here? I better tweet the POTUS and offer my service. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  3. onlysister

    Curacao: Pix's, Fun, Experiences Feb./2015!

    Another great pictorial visit. Can't wait for my cruise in November 2018. Only new place for me will be Bonaire. I am sure I will love it as much as Aruba and Caracas. I am sitting here wearing my Murano glass heart made only to sell in Caracas. Beautiful blues to match the sea. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  4. onlysister

    Aruba: Pix's, Fun, Experiences Feb./2015!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your pictures. I didn't know about that Scientology ship. Seen it there both times I was there. Will check in November 2018 and see if it is still there. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  5. onlysister

    Nothing Stands Out

    I second the trikes Aruba. All you need to know is how to drive a manual transmission. Not motorcycle shifting, but that would have been fine with me. They can seat one driver and one or rwo passengers. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  6. onlysister

    First time to Bonaire-Help!

    That sounds like an excellent idea. Just search Bonaire Cruisers to get info? I will need to find some prisoners, wait I mean persons, to come with. Thanks for the info. Sent from my SM-T817R4 using Forums mobile app
  7. onlysister

    Dawn - Live 11/27

    You should definitely go on the 5 day. My husband and I are on that. His first cruise. We are from Illinois, next to Southeast Iowa. We are driving down Friday and spending Saturday night in New Orleans.
  8. onlysister

    Dawn - Live 11/27

    Will be on my ship on 12/11. I wish now that I had booked a suite. Most of my other cruises were in suites and loved it and thought I would try something new...:( Love following along with you, will have to show this to my husband who will be on his first cruise in about 2 weeks. Finally talked him into it. Thanks for your photos and vids and all you are doing.
  9. onlysister

    Art auctions?

    Between my mother and I we bought 10 Thomas Kinkades. and then I bought one Peter Maxx and an original palm tree painting done by a married couple. Can't remember their names right off hand. I would say half of the kinkaids were framed by them. Those were received pretty quickly. I brought the original off the ship. The Maxx took a little longer to receive. But....I forgive them since they are having an Auction in Branson and Peter Maxx is going to be there. ParkWest invited me for the weekend and I plan on having a good time there.
  10. onlysister

    New menu on Dawn?

    Outside the dining rooms.....hehehe Sorry, just had to say it. See you on board on the 7th. Don't forget sailaway after muster drill up at the Bimini Bar, deck 14.
  11. onlysister


    Passport agency will require verification (Marriage License) if your last name is different from your birth name. cruise line will also require verification (Marriage License) if you use birth certificate as verification on the cruise. There is usually a list of what is and is not accepted by passport people as verifications. She should be fine with a certified birth certificate, marriage license, and drivers license to get on the ship. Only problem, God forbid, is if anything should happen and she would need to fly back to the states. Can only do that with a Passport.
  12. onlysister

    Dolphin encounter and cameras

    We went in April, 2012. There were 5 of us, but only 4 did the encounter. They had a special at the time where if you were on Norwegian you paid for one and the next one was $1.00. I did end buying the disc with all 4 of them on it. Wonderful pictures, especially when the dolphins were giving them a ride out of the water. Got the prerequisite kissing of the dolphins too. I tried taking some pics, but like others have said, distance and the way it is constructed made it difficult for any good pics.
  13. onlysister


    Definitely old sneakers. River bed that you have to cross a couple times is a rock bed. Water shoes are way too thin. Also, watch out for tree stumps in the walkway. I twisted my ankle on a little one. I enjoyed the tubes with the headrests and attached together.
  14. onlysister

    Should I try Norwegian

    Definitely try Norwegian. The crew are so nice. If you can get a suite, so much the better. Breakfast and lunch in Cagney's is delish. I have been on RCCL, Carnival and Norwegian. I have always gone back to Norwegian so they must be doing something right. And the price is right.
  15. onlysister

    Family Suite

    Had 4 adults in one on the Star. If you don't have to move the dining table and chairs there will be plenty of room. Didn't miss the balcony because you are just down the hall to the pool deck. Didn't have a problem finding a seat there. Also like heading down to the promenade deck, usually deck 7. I like being closer to the water. There are chairs scattered around that deck.