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  1. Thank you Bill, Tony, Dollar Bill, et al. for your great "Live from" posts. It has been much fun following your journeys. We will be boarding the Golden tomorrow & I'm so glad that I kept up with your threads. This is our first time with Princess as well, and we are very excited with our decision to try them after reading all the wonderful things you guys have said.
  2. Wow! Your post sent goose bumps down my spine.....lucky indeed.
  3. thisissandy

    Computers at Internet Cafe?

    Thanks, we normally wouldn't think of taking the laptop, but my husband just found out that he has to submit something work related during the week we are cruising & he needs the info on his laptop. (They changed the date on him last minute):mad: $.50/minute seems a little pricey, wow.
  4. thisissandy

    Computers at Internet Cafe?

    Yes, thank you, I am aware of that. The laptop has wireless card.
  5. thisissandy

    Computers at Internet Cafe?

    Thanks for the information.:)
  6. thisissandy

    Computers at Internet Cafe?

    Does anybody know what the charges are for connecting my laptop to the internet? I'll be on the Golden Princess in 2 weeks.