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  1. so is main dinning but but it's done all the time. for various reasons.
  2. Can you walk up to the dinning room check in counter and order something from the Sunday brunch to go ?
  3. We did a Alaskan cruise a few weeks ago form Seattle check in time was 10:30-11:00 we showed up at the terminal at 10:25 a huge line and people everywhere, A group of about 15 was next to us told us there check in was 12:30 - 1, doors to terminal shut they did have two guys kind of sorta walk around at 10:30 and said 10:30 to 11 could walk up to the doors but at the same time they opened the doors and everyone just went in no one checking boarding passes, We have a cruise next month from Galveston was just wander how it's working there. Thanks
  4. Miracle Alaska cruise out of Seattle is listed as100% fully vaccinated since departing Seattle port and not falling under Florida's lawsuit or is it the 95% vac 5% unvac?
  5. Great info, Looks like things might be a little different still,
  6. We are a group of 8 needing Sea- Tac pick-up to hotel drop-off, anyone have any recommendations? There seems to be a lot
  7. Does anyone use the same taxi driver when your back in Cozumel? I always get a taxi for a couple of hours but sometimes have had a few who want to try to get us to go places we don’t want. We used to have our favorite Denial but his cell # has changed.
  8. We have a "Relax on the beach package with clamshell" dose anyone know how that works do you get an wrist band on board with your excursion ticket? Then just walk to the beach and pick a clamshell?
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