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    Ocho Rios tour guide suggestions

    I use Marva Shaw and her son Javia with KnowJamaica tours almost exclusively when I go to Jamaica. They are attentive to detail, excellent communicators, proud to show you their country, and become friends. Truly excellent all around. Please let them know Michele says hello!
  2. QTMichele

    Live...mostly...from Anthem

    So sorry you're experiencing this!!! Thoughts and prayers to everyone on board!!
  3. Hey, Curtis! Thank you very much for finishing your review. It was awesome, as always. I loved seeing your pictures, reading your "dailies," and living vicariously through you. I do know how time intensive the reviews are and appreciate the hours and hours you've spent sharing your family cruises with us. THANK YOU!!! As much as I will miss them, I do understand, and, as much as I hate to say it, I haven't written a review for the past few cruises my family has taken. It is LIBERATING in some ways! Maybe this will change as time moves on.... I hope so. Thanks again!! Michele PS Did you buy that boat?!!!!! PPS Your ice cream cones look much more photo friendly and less like dog poo this time around.... you're really getting there!!! PPPS LOVE Mo5aic!!! We've seen them twice. SUCH TALENT!
  4. Just found this thread - what a find! My husband and I are considering a trip to Alaska; your photos and commentary are making our decision much easier! Looking forward to more... :)
  5. Great start! Carnival is on my short list of cruises to go on... especially their newer ships. Can't wait to read more!
  6. Thinking of and praying for you guys. I know I said it on Facebook, but I always find it helps to know that people are thinking of me during the difficult times in life.
  7. [quote name='bionicman97'] I know, I know. Unfortunately, we have Christmas shopping in the AM, a birthday party in the afternoon and a Christmas party in the evening, so hopefully once I get home tonight I can get some more up. December truly is the hardest time to do a review ;)[/QUOTE] Yes, it is! No worries and no rush. Spending time with your beautiful family should always come first. :)
  8. Good morning! It is currently 9:30am, three hours after Keith's waking hour. Time to get posting, Curtis! ;)
  9. Great prelude, Curtis! The family and I are boarding Oasis in February; your review is helping create some EXCITEMENT! :D Sweet dream and sleeping in to Keith...
  10. Ugh! WOULD YOU HURRY UP ALREADY?!?!?!!!!!! :) Looking forward to another Bionic review, Curtis!
  11. Broken links, and I can't go back and change them. Just gives me motivation to write another review. :-) Geneva is the closest town the the small town I grew up in. The area is a special place for me. I loved your all access tour! Great pictures. It always amazes me that the behind the scenes is so complex, but virtually seamless to us cruisers.
  12. Thanks for reading my review! It was so much nicer before the images were removed. Oh well! Yes, I've heard of Corning. :-) Have you heard of Geneva?
  13. Great review! Love the pictures and the details. BTW, I am originally from the Finger Lakes region. :-) Can't wait to read more!
  14. I just read a Breeze review before finding this post, as I'm interested in trying Carnival in the next few years (hopefully sooner than later!). Although I can't compare ships (and won't try!) since I haven't cruised on the Breeze, I have cruised on Allure of the Seas twice, and am booked on Oasis. I can tell you that the Oasis class ships offer a WOW factor that doesn't come through in photos. These ships are incredible, have great passenger flow, are not crowded in general, and offer something for everyone. However, they have their "faults" - they are too big for some people, they don't have a lot of ocean views from the inside of the ship (although there are some so don't be too discouraged), and the food isn't gourmet unless you book some of the specialty restaurants (which we enjoy, but don't feel that it's necessary). If you have any specific questions, please feel free to ask - I'd be happy to share my experience with you. (I have reviews in my signature as well, but, unfortunately, all the picture links are broken - sigh.)
  15. QTMichele

    Chris' & Ginny's Breeze Review w/ Large Pictures

    I found this review from a Cruise Critic link on Facebook - so glad I stopped by to look and your pictures and read your thoughts. I've only cruised on Royal Caribbean, but I've entertained Carnival for a while now. (Need more time and money to make all my plans a reality! LOL) The ship looks nice, and I'm adding it to my list of "wanna-do's." By the way, how were the crowds/crowd flow? Thanks for taking the time to write!