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  1. This totem pole is near Creek Street in Ketchikan. Does anyone know the name or have any information on it?
  2. MINIjen

    Princess - transfers in Vancouver (US Direct)?

    Great explanation!! :)
  3. MINIjen

    Radiance/Airline used by RCI

    Yes, I did the read the whole message and I realize that the OP asked specifically about flights from Ontario, CA. However, I thought that information regarding my flights from Fresno, CA might be helpful, since they are both smaller airports (compared to LAX or SFO) in the same state.
  4. MINIjen

    Who got off Radiance Today 5-18 to 5-25 trip

    Really? Hmm, I would definitely prefer to wear jeans, so maybe I'll pack more of them and not worry so much about packing skirts & slacks.
  5. MINIjen

    Ship Models

    Does anyone know about how much $$ RCI charges for their ship models?
  6. MINIjen

    Radiance/Airline used by RCI

    We are flying in June 1st. :) We're on United 1136, leaving SFO at 8:08 and getting into YVR at 10:18. :eek: You're flying from Baltimore on June 1st? What time do you leave? We're leaving Fresno at 5:30am and I thought that was bad!
  7. MINIjen

    Radiance/Airline used by RCI

  8. MINIjen

    Dramamine vs. Bonine? Night or Day?

    I went looking for Bonine last night for our cruise. I absolutely refuse to take anything that's liquid or chewable if I can help it (Pepto is the exception. The taste doesn't bother me). All they had was chewable Bonine & Dramamine, so I'm going to go searching Walgreens tonight for a non-chewable kind (or I'll just swallow the chewable...)
  9. MINIjen

    Chops Menu

    Is the menu at Chops the same all week? Or does it change daily? I'm hoping to eat one night at Chops for our Radiance cruise and am trying to figure out the best night to do it. :) Also, is there a lobster night in the main dining room? Does anyone know which day that would be?
  10. MINIjen

    Allegiant Air?

    I've flown to Vegas (about an hour flight) on Allegiant. Ditto on the no frills part. All the beverages (even water) cost $$. On my flight they actually had a whole catalog of stuff you could purchase on the plane!:D
  11. MINIjen

    Canadian Passport Stamp....When?

    What do you mean, they're non-existent? :confused:
  12. MINIjen

    Question for 2007 Alaska cruisers

    we booked our Radiance cruise last July before the tax was even on the ballot. I knew that we would be charged for the tax, because I'd read about it on CC, but never received anything from either RCI or our TA. When we made our final cruise payment, we had to pay about $100 more than our invoice originally stated.
  13. So how does the fitness room work on Radiance? Do they charge you for each visit? Or only charge you if you take a class? What classes do they usually offer? Do they have a wide variety of equipment? Is it usually easy to get a machine you want, or is there generally a wait? What about the jogging track? How long is it? Is it free? Thanks!
  14. MINIjen


    Our cruise stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway & Icy Strait Point. In these four places, are there any really good places to look for gifts? We like to bring back gifts for our family & friends and they have a wide variety of tastes and interests.
  15. Have you tried contacting your senator or congressman's office? Most of them have a specific staff person to handle passport problems for their constituents.