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  1. We just did this Dec. 23. If you get an early departure time you should be out of the terminal in 30 minutes. Plenty of cabs are waiting. You ride the shuttle and get your bags and walk out door 1 of the terminal. No customs or passport check. they had non-stop shuttles waiting, lined up and running continuously. We had an 8:00 departure for a 9:30 car pickup and were out there by 8:30. People with the 11:30 flight to Miami had no problems. We were the only ship in port, though. If there are other ships I could see how it might be a real mess. It takes about 45+ minutes to get to the airport. It helps that Eclipse docks on Sunday, far less traffic.
  2. LKN-NC

    43 days on the Eclipse

    We agree fully! We had 30 of the best cruise days ever from Barcelona B2B with rounding the Horn. Alejandro was wonderful as always and it was great to have MickeyLIve on board.
  3. HI Norma! We'll be joining you for the TA and then B2B in the Buenos Aires round trip. Love reading along to fill the time until we board. We arrive in Barcelona Monday. Looking forward to meeting you on board. Gretchen
  4. Check out the roll call, we have a pretty lively group. And the price is amazing for 14 nights. We added it as a B2B with the TA before it. Great itinerary and there will be some special events as it is a reunion cruise.
  5. LKN-NC

    Upcoming Presidents Cruises ? 2019? 2020?

    There is a reunion cruise, Eclipse Dec 9 2018 from Buenos Aires. https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/captains-club-exclusive-cruises We are on it but have heard nothing about the special activities. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. LKN-NC

    Royal Caribbean's charge for Vietnam visa

    We sail Celebrity Millenium on Feb 18 and our cruise docs say $6 each for our visas. 3 ports in Vietnam. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. LKN-NC

    Select dining on Solstice...location

    Just got off Solstice and all of deck 4 was select. Overflow select one night was in the middle of deck 3 using tables where the usual people went to a specialty restaurant. Not the best experience as we hadn't finished and late seating showed at 8:30. Upstairs was always full while it was obvious traditional was not. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. LKN-NC

    Nausea Post Cruise

    My daughter was also diagnosed with the syndrome, but it is treatable and she still cruises. Her neurologist was able to diagnose after ruling out Meniere's disease and other possible causes.
  9. My biggest complaint on Harmony this past 13 nights was the mattress is awful and if possible the pillows were even worse. Definitely not good, RCCL. Why don't you listen to your customers??
  10. LKN-NC

    Three largest Cruise ships meet.

    I was there, on Harmony. It was a great event with the 3 sisters, fire boats, helicopters and music, of course. Nice to be a part of history.
  11. Thank you! Brings back memories of our 2 cruises to Iceland. Great pictures.
  12. 9270 is forward facing mid-ship and the deepest balcony of all. We've had it a few times and have had no wind problems as its deep enough to find a comfortable place to sit. Our 1st choice for a 1A always.
  13. LKN-NC

    Constellation 6143 Loungers?

    We had this cabin in fall 2014 and the loungers were already there. Great cabin! We did a last minute CC guarantee and were assigned to it!
  14. on our first cruise, Jewel of the Seas, we had a wonderful waiter, Manny. Fast forward 3+ years, we are back on Jewel with our children, spouses and granddaughter. Manny was there, but in the next station. Manny made it a point to stop by our table each night and brought little gifts for our granddaughter. Being one of only a few children on board, she was treated like a princess. I hope we run into Manny again some day, he's a lovely person.