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  1. we used Twelve Transfers for a hired car for the transfer (as well from London to Southampton a few days later - all done online and even had to adjust times which was easy. Good price and solid service.
  2. Also on this cruise and for those planning, yes private tours were allowed to pick you up at the pier in Le Verdon. We were picked up for ours right by the gangway, no need for the shuttle.
  3. We have done two in October and both were perfect for weather. One was northern Atlantic and the other to Lauderdale. It is hurricane season so you never know BUT thank goodness hurricane move slowly so the Captain can avoid them.
  4. Update: I went to call and checked on AA again. Despite having put all my details in earlier such as passport and traveler numbers, it prompted me that all that information was missing and needed to be done. Low and behold , it was correct, each first, middle and last name where they are supposed to be. Added the rest of information and it stuck. Not sure why it was redone as I did not call yet. Could it be the Princess CC lurker? Not complaining as it saved me a long wait time with EZAir. Thanks to all for their input.
  5. Glad to hear I am not the only one ticketed this way. I tend to overthink things. I have not called Princess EZAir yet because I have not had the opportunity to spend an hour on hold. I will check back in when I do.
  6. Thanks. Looks like I have to do the wait for EZAir on the phone...ugh.
  7. We have ticketed flights on AA through EZAir and when I pull up the tickets on AA they are ticketed with our first names being our first name and middle name as one name then our middle names correct and last names correct. I seem to recall this happened to others. AA will not fix it and suggested I call EZAir - any suggestions as the hold for EZAir tends to be about an hour or two. Suggestions?
  8. I saw the same. The pork dish is different and the "veal wallet" is gone. I only recognized those two as we ate there on the Grand in September and it was fabulous - those were are dishes alas. They were wonderful. Hope the new items are in the same class.
  9. How does EZ check work if you have already paid for the baggage fee? I see on the form it says the cost of baggage in addition to the service fee. I already paid for my luggage when I bought my jetblue ticket.
  10. Already purchase the old unlimited package on upcoming voyage. Checked this morning and it is no longer available, just this new one. If they maintain this new one, I will not be buying it as I too liked the port photos, candids etc, not the portraits.
  11. Believe it or not, what was required was for me to log out of the app and log back in, all the information was now there and was able to link voyage and complete the process. While I enjoy technology, Princess has some serious work to do making this process more user friendly.
  12. I was able to do most things online except the security photo and passport scan. Went back to the app, did the profile pic, set pin and now it will not me go to "next" which I am assuming, perhaps incorrectly, is the security pic and scan of passport. "ocean ready" and "my journeys" are not highlighted as options on the app.
  13. Thanks - that helped. Still would not let me link the upcoming cruise. Final payment made and a fellow traveler was able to add and able to order the medallion. Frustrated.
  14. I have read this thread and still do not understand the problem I am having. On the Ocean Ready app, I can log in. As for my personal information, I can input it all except my zip code - it will not register the numbers for some god forsaken reason. As well, trying to add a reservation, I put in my booking number then the app will not let me click on anything else such as DOB. Any suggestions?
  15. Thanks everyone, very helpful information.
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