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  1. Good for you for being able to get through. Tried multiple times but cannot wait on hold indefinitely. After 45 minutes on hold twice, the deal is not worth it. I am assuming since they are still on reduced hours that means they also have reduced staff. I get it but not an effective way to gain or retain guests.
  2. Thanks - you were right. I am so used to apps updating themselves I did not realize that I had to do it by uninstalling and reinstalling. Thank you!!!!
  3. I am booked for January and am Elite, no where on the App is DMW and I do not see an update available. Anyone having the same issue?
  4. Due to the "pause" I am faced with expiring FCDs for the first time ever. I recall people mentioning that you can have them extended, is that true? If so, how does one go about it? Thanks everyone!
  5. I have been one more independent tours than I have Princess tours. I have never had an issue with a no show, a refund if cancelled or missed port, or any real issue at all. Yes I do my research first and always communicate directly with the provider prior to booking. That said, this tour operator is non-responsive and not customer focused. She will no doubt lose customers with this attitude.
  6. The law allows the vendor to offer the voucher, not require it. So far in my experience cancelling tours on this cruise, she is the only tour operator mandating the voucher. That will destroy her as a cruise tour operator.
  7. Oh I did, not happy. I have started a credit card challenge and started an online campaign starting with Trip advisor. I have many tour operators that I cancelled that asked if I would accept a voucher, but no one but Niki gave no option but to send a voucher. Shame on her.
  8. I too am waiting for a refund to my CC for a cruise I cancelled for the Fall. I tend to prepay over months so it is not just the deposit I am waiting for. While I am frustrated with the lack of progress (the cruise is still listed in my personalizer), I recognize the largeness of the issue for Princess. That said, I will point out to everyone who is placing nefarious doubt of Princess with their money, this delay is equally true across much of the travel industry right now. For example, refunds are taking 30 plus days or more for outfits like hotels.com and expedia.
  9. Can you book a room as a solo and add a person later?
  10. we used Twelve Transfers for a hired car for the transfer (as well from London to Southampton a few days later - all done online and even had to adjust times which was easy. Good price and solid service.
  11. Also on this cruise and for those planning, yes private tours were allowed to pick you up at the pier in Le Verdon. We were picked up for ours right by the gangway, no need for the shuttle.
  12. We have done two in October and both were perfect for weather. One was northern Atlantic and the other to Lauderdale. It is hurricane season so you never know BUT thank goodness hurricane move slowly so the Captain can avoid them.
  13. Update: I went to call and checked on AA again. Despite having put all my details in earlier such as passport and traveler numbers, it prompted me that all that information was missing and needed to be done. Low and behold , it was correct, each first, middle and last name where they are supposed to be. Added the rest of information and it stuck. Not sure why it was redone as I did not call yet. Could it be the Princess CC lurker? Not complaining as it saved me a long wait time with EZAir. Thanks to all for their input.
  14. Glad to hear I am not the only one ticketed this way. I tend to overthink things. I have not called Princess EZAir yet because I have not had the opportunity to spend an hour on hold. I will check back in when I do.
  15. Thanks. Looks like I have to do the wait for EZAir on the phone...ugh.
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