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  1. We were on the Gem Sept 19 it was one of our best cruises ever. Every bit of it was amazing and I am not sure it can ever be replicated but we are sure going to try.
  2. I had the premium plus package on my Gem cruise last week. My husband and I kept track of what we purchased that are plus package options. I drink a lot of coffee on vacation as well as sparkling water we also had a bottle of wine with dinner. I like bourbon he likes rum. We had a few glasses of Veuve and a Cabernet that was 29$ a glass. We spent s little over 900$ so we saved 400$ roughly on the plus package. It was a nice stress free addition for my vacation
  3. We are on the Gem and will be in GSC tomorrow there are no required health visas or any other requirements
  4. There are no craft beers on the Gem. I chatted with the bartender in maltings and there are only a few beers on tap.
  5. We are currently in San Juan. I have been having issues posting on Cruise Critic. I will do some posting of the days when we return and answer questions if you have any.
  6. I am currently on the Gem drinking a lot of Starbucks on my premium plus drink package.
  7. I haven’t seen anything different but this is a 7 day cruise it’s the same menu that we usually get.
  8. After dinner we stopped at the martini bar. I got an espresso martini that was very good. John got a chocolate martini it was good but too sweet we moved to the champagne bar for a glass of veuve and headed to the show Swing. It was pretty good but I would skip it if we sail the Gem again. there was a dance party at the pool late in the evening it was fun but ended a bit early due to rain, we spent the rest of the night listening to the pianist. He was very entertaining
  9. Day 2 continues we spent most of the morning and early afternoon exploring the ship and spending time at the pool. There are around 1200 guests on the ship and I haven’t seen any children. The pool deck was wide open and so were the hot tubs. There are no lines and service has been fantastic. We have had great conversations with crew, all of them have been so happy to be back it has been so nice. we ate lunch in Cagneys but there are no vegetarian options we were able to get a veggie burger and it was good but there were no condiments for it. We will eat lunch in the dining room the rest of the week. Dinner was in La Cuchina it was good but I ate too much. We had a very good bottle of Chardonnay with dinner
  10. Yes but we didn’t make it to the waiting area we were the last of the suite guests so the butler was waiting for us at the check in and escorted us directly to our room.
  11. I will find out about the craft beer bars. I do wish there was a district brew house on the smaller ships. I know the menus were posted in an encore thread for the main dining rooms they are the same menus on the Gem.
  12. We were in the new terminal it’s very nice but we didn’t get to see much because we were late getting on the ship we were hurried right through check in and onto the ship
  13. Gem day 2 We are in Nassau today. We are here for a very short time and we have been here many times so we are staying on the ship to explore and make up for missing out yesterday. I was up very early around 4, John slept until 5 we are very early people. We had breakfast at Moderno. It was very nice I had fruit and yogurt, an almond croissant, French pressed coffee and avocado toast. John had French toast. It was raining when we came into port but it’s nice sunny and hot now Sail away is at 3. The ship is not very full which makes it very nice.
  14. Gem day one Embarkation day was a long long day. We flew out of Salt Lake City at 11.50 pm Saturday with a very brief layover in NYC and landed in Fort Lauderdale around 10:40. We missed the first shuttle by just a few minutes the next shuttle was 30 minutes out. We chatted with another couple and had a great conversation about cruising. We arrived at the port I. Miami shortly after 1. The line for testing was quite long and took a little over an hour. The testing itself was very easy and we were done in 20 minutes Check I. Took 10 minutes. We won an upgrade to an Aft penthouse suite our Butler was waiting for us and escorted us to muster and then to our cabin. But that time it was shortly after 3. We hustled to the buffet for a quick meal before the closed to get ready for dinner. There were some great vegetarian options in the buffet, I will update that in another post. We explored the ship briefly then went back to the cabin to unpack and get ready for dinner. We had dinner in the dining room, the vegetarian option was a veggie burrito it was quite tasty and pared it with the Greek salad. Dessert I chose the salted caramel and chocolate tart. Delicious but rich. We have the premium plus package we had a nice Cabernet with dinner That’s all we did. We are both too tired and we’re in bed by 7:30. We usually fly in the day before to avoid days like this but we had work obligations that made it impossible this time.
  15. We are waiting for our connecting flight in JFK. It has been an easy trip so far, other than long. We should be in FLL around 10:30 and hopefully on the ship by 1. Here is a photo of our happy luggage 😄
  16. I want to start off with how we got to this cruise. We like most here had several cruises canceled. A Panama Canal cruise, rebooked for Feb, a Greek Isles cruise that is now a Mexican Rivera cruise in Dec and a Bermuda Cruise that is now this sailing on the Gem. But wait there is more ! The Bermuda cruise was canceled so we booked the Gem sailing from the Dominican Republic that cruise was canceled, so, we booked the Sun and that ultimately moved to the Gem. Here we are full circle. About us we are Sonya and John, late 50's empty nesters that love to cruise. We are mostly vegetarian but will eat a bit of seafood when traveling but stick to a Whole food plant based diet as much as possible. We both work and have pretty busy lives, cruising being the best way to totally relax. We love to dance and spend most nights dancing and listening to the bands. We are pretty chill and just happy to be wherever the water takes us. We live in the dessert so the ocean and beaches are always a welcome treat. We fly out late tonight around midnight and will be in Florida around 10:30 tomorrow. I hope to post lots of pictures and all the happenings around the ship.
  17. We will be sailing tomorrow on the Gem. I am so excited to cruise again it feels like early Christmas. I have had some requests to post food of the Vegetarian options and we have the premium plus beverage package so there will be upgraded drink posts and regular drink posts as well. I will try to post daily depending on the quality of the internet. If you have questions let me know!
  18. We will be there. We plan on meeting with the roll call group. Otherwise you can find us wherever there is dancing
  19. I got mine the next day in an email. I have upgrade bids as well it shouldn’t matter if you booked with a TA.
  20. I bought a 6 pack. I have 2 cruises coming up and I don’t want to fly with out testing first. I also have to test to return to work if I travel out of the country. It’s for my husband and I.
  21. I believe this is only if you are flying and cruises are exempted if you have a negative test and fully vaccinated at boarding
  22. I do this all the time with my mother and her husband. We book everything for us and them but it is still considered separate bookings. They don’t drink and don’t drink soda we decline the drink package for them. We drink we want it and it has never been an issue
  23. There is a hard to see tab just above the safety video
  24. I would bet money on Bella or Viva as the next one.
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