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    How do you do it?

    I think the key for cruise cheap is simple. 1) Take a stateroom guarentee if your not a picky person. Some people do enjoy their suites and balconys etc. But for me its just not in the budget, I'm just a young student who likes to get away with the gf. 2) Flights/Driving to ports. Flights can sometimes cost more than the cruise itself. For me i book my cruises around times that my parents are driving to Florida. That way my transportation is free. 3) Dont do expensive shore excursions. I've always had amazing times doing my own thing. Locals are cheap and friendly and can always direct you in a good way. 4) If your looking to budget, dont play in the casino. And dont over drink. If you want to drink, spend no more than $100 on board, and smuggle the rest. haha. Happy Cruising, I'm sure in the future after college being a budget traveller wouldnt be as much as a concern as it is now, but watching every penny can really help with getting to your next vacation.
  2. DM797

    Fantasy 5/27/06 - 6/01/06 Review

    In response to people going to Nassau Port, when reading this thread i hear over and over how people dont like Nassau but loved everything else. If you are looking for something to do in Nassau I suggest a taxi to Atlantis, we were rained out of our excursion. Taxi to atlantis is only about $10-15US for two people and there is tons to see at the Resort, (casino shops etc.) its very beautiful and suggest taking a trip over no matter what the weather is like. You can even sneak on the beach if as a friend of ours did. But I dont suggest that ;)
  3. DM797

    Good Deal?

    [quote name='echo']I purchased a cruise yesterday, and I want to see if y'all think I did OK. Fantasy Sept 25 , 5 day Nassua, Half Moon and Turks Empress OV $650 total for 2. The sale is still there today when I checked. I have to the end of the month to decide to keep it. I'm cruising in Jan, so this was alittle squeeze in between.[/quote] Yes that is a very good deal. I just also have a deal on a similar cruise...Fantasy on Aug.28th for $544US for 2 people, but that is an inside cabin. (not sure if yours is or not) but anytime u can cruise for $100 a day. you know you getting an amazing deal.
  4. DM797

    Fantasy Review 6/29-7/3

    Heading out on the Carnival Fantasy on the 28th of August 06...... This is going to be my first Carnival cruise, I have cruised on Premier, Princess, Norwegian, and Royal Carribean, I've found each line to be amazing in Service and Style. My last cruise was the Royal Carribean in Aug2005 during the week of Katrina(it was only a tropical storm over us in the bahamas) but did not spoil our trip. My Question is I'm 24 years old, my gf is 21, and this will be our 2nd cruise together. Our reason for choosing our cruises is price. Being both students we are always pinched for money. This years was only $544US after taxes and port charges for 2 PEOPLE! The cruise before tax was only $110US each, I was amazed, last year we travelled on RCCL Soveregin of the Seas. Very pleased. Very cheap as well. My question is will this Carnival cruise be much the same as the other cruises I've been on, because my travel agent seemed she had to warn us that this ship was very Neon inspired Vegas ship. I know I dont mind a good party, booze, club etc. But was a little worried after being warn about it.