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  1. We have a re-positioning cruise scheduled for April 19 on the Joy. Los Angeles (closed) to Vancouver BC (closed). NCL is still selling this cruise. Sorry but they are holding onto money for cruises that are not going to happen and it is putting a bad taste in my mouth. Between the customer service and the price increases we will be taking the refund once they actually cancel the cruise. NCL is not our first choice anyways so we don't want the FCC. We would consider booking them in the future for the right itinerary and right price.
  2. We are booked on the Joy re-positioning cruise from LA to BC embarking on 04/19. Still being sold yet CA isn't going to allow embarking and BC is not allowing debarking during that time frame. They are just holding our money hostage hoping we will cancel for FCC instead of waiting for them to cancel so we can get a refund.
  3. We are not loyal to any line (see signature)...... all have different pros and cons. We book based on ports, ship and price. A lot of things people like on NCL are what we don't like about NCL. Not a fan of freestyle dining and more specialty paid restaurants then free restaurants.
  4. As a GenXer married to a Boomer we decided to wait and read some reviews. I was initially really excited about vv and started following them on Instagram as soon as they were posting. The marketing is geared towards a hipster crowd and really made me second guess booking with them. Time will tell.
  5. It is not irrelevant to me. When I book non-cruise excursions I research and do my due diligence. I have experienced nothing but professionalism from private vendors I have booked with. The incident was a fluke and I have booked a couple other cruise excursions since but I always look for a non-cruise one first.
  6. We book more non-cruise line excursions then cruise line excursions. I do my own research and depending on the port and distance of activity we may book a cruise line excursion. TripAdvisor is a great resource. Ironically the one time we have been late getting back to the ship was on a Carnival excursion in mexico. Our tour guide and driver saw one of their buddies driving a different excursion group back to the ship. They thought it would be fun to see who could get their first. Our driver and the other driver started aggressively changing lanes in traffic. Unfortunately our driver clipped the bumper of a different car....up next the Mexican police arrive and they would not let our driver or us leave. The police held us for at least 1 hour. Finally our guide convinced them to let him drive us to port. They wouldn't let him go into the port area so we had to unload on the side of the road and hoof it to the ship. We were late and it put a bad taste in my mouth for cruise line excursions.
  7. No but you can pre-order bottled water to be delivered to your room at a pretty cheap cost. Order online.
  8. Interesting.....we had it on the Inspriation this past weekend and it was amazing. We didn't even need syrup.
  9. I received an email confirmation. I print the email and take it with me to be safe.
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