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  1. Yeah I will be honest we were surprised how bad they were. I read some reviews of the first cruise and them being bad. I had just assumed they were not used to working with each other. Unfortunately they just don't sing well. They did have a bunch of great music around the ship that we wished we made more time to sit down and enjoy.
  2. I am glad we are not alone on the singers. We had to walk out of the celestial strings shows.
  3. We did not get one. I am pretty sure they were already sold out ahead of the cruise starting
  4. Thanks guys! At least read my post if your going to try and flame me lol
  5. Little about us, my Wife and I are 37 with a 5 year old. We left our son at home this time. We have 7 Carnival cruises 7 Royal and 2 NCL. We both prefer Carnival. We booked a Havana Cabana last minute the beginning of July for a price we just could pass up. I was fairly certain the cruise was going to happen. As word started to spread about the Delta variant I started to get nervous that they would change things up. Well I am very thankful that we got the last cruise in before the changes. It would have been a huge fight between my wife and myself if we had to make the decision to wear mask or not. We had an excellent cruise! Honestly if I complain any I am mostly just nit picking because we had such a wonderful cruise. I have honestly never seen a more happy crew. The were all so honestly happy to be working and it really showed. They made the trip for us and sort of put things in perspective. We did not do the MDR room although heard the service had greatly improved from what I read about previous cruises. We ate in all the specialty restaurant's and they were all excellent. It was so nice sailing a ship that was not at full capacity with limited kids. My wife being a teacher and running a summer program we are forced to cruise in August so we have our fair share of packed cruises with plenty of kids. The ship never felt crowded, we never fought to get a seat anywhere. We had the cheers package and somehow manage to hit our 15 drinks just about everyday. We spent a lot of time at the Alchemy Anna and Oscar really made it a great cruise for us. Pig and Anchor was also a highlight and we spent a ton of time there. In the Havana this cruise the service was great! There was also somebody that did nothing but police, making sure everyone was a Havana guest. This was something that changed since our last cruise but a nice touch. We made use of our Cabana and it was a nice touch but we will probably never splurge like that again. The only thing I can really nit pick about was the entertainment. We have seen all the shows in the past and loved them but they just didn't do it for us this cruise. With just a few ships sailing I figured they would have the best of the best entertainers on the ship. We were not impressed with the singers on this cruise. There was a TON of comedy on the ship. I mean just about all day and all night. The comedians were just ok and one was down right bad. With that being said there was always plenty to do and we were always entertained. I know some people want to hear this so I will touch on it a bit. There was very little mask being worn on the ship. I would say maybe 1 out of 20 passengers decided to wear a mask. They were keeping the ship very clean. They did not seem to be enforcing hand sanitizing at all. If the crew did not have mask on we would have never known we were cruising during a pandemic. Which was just fine with us. It was nice to just forget about it all. Did not hear and reports of Covid on the ship. The ports were kind of a miss for us but that is ok. We were perfectly content chilling in the Havana are taking advantage of our cheers package. Debarkation was the smoothest easiest we have ever dealt with. Embarkation was a little bit of a mess. We showed up right at our check in time of 11 and there was a line couple hundred yards long. Things moved fast though and we were on the boat by 1130. It was about 930 when we walked off and there was already a long line to get on the boat. This was really a great cruise. I would say it is right up there with our best ever. I know it probably spoiled us for when things get back to normal. If you guys have any questions I will do my best to answer them.
  6. Get over what? I said I was happy to pay it and I did several times last week?
  7. Add us to the list happy to stay on board. The Havana and cheers make it harder and harder to get off the boat. There is an all time favorite excursion of mine in the dm/amber cove I would love to do but going to wait till I'm on board to get a defentive answer on the mask requirements before I book.
  8. This really sucks that it happened to you guys. I really do feel for you. I imagine it is even a harder pill to swallow being your a symptomatic. On the other hand this is going to be the case on every cruise in the future. People are going to test positive. People are going to get the virus. If you can't accept that then you probably don't need to be cruising. The cruise line needs to report it? Why so the media can run with it? They are grasping at staws now to stay alive. The last thing they need is the media running with some positive cases. It's petty messed up that they didn't follow up to make sure you were taking care of. As far as handling things on the boat I think they are doing just fine. If it wasn't for cruise critic you wouldn't know of any positive cases.
  9. If you are honestly stressed or worried stay home. Brutal truth is every cruise is going to have people that get Covid and trest positive. It's the world we live in. With that being said if your vaccinated your chances are very low and more then likely if you did get it you would have mild symptoms if any. Only you can answer if you are willing to take to that risk. We are leaving on the Horizon on Sunday and could care less about Covid as long as I don't have to wear a mask.
  10. How was the experience in the mdr? We generally like to get in and out but have heard some horror stories. Crowds? Mdr shows? Comedy shows? I know on our 2019 horizon cruise comedy required every bit of 30 min early.
  11. I see what you did there lol yes we are taking about popcorn. Life is returning to normal.
  12. I honestly can't remember what we had on our 2/20 sailing on the Breeze. My 3 year old son was being a terror so I think I pushed it out of my memory lol 😆 I do remember the food being excellent but service lacking a little. But a great value at 15pp and we will be going back 8/1 horizon cruise.
  13. Yeah think don't folks are missing the point. People are willing to pay but not for a product that is lacking. Compare it to paying a premium in the specialty restaurant for a product that is worse then buffet. Pro tip order something similar to help the popcorn be editable. https://www.amazon.com/Kernel-Seasons-Popcorn-Seasoning-Variety/dp/B00H727M6O/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=popcorn+seasoning&qid=1627013093&rdc=1&sprefix=pop+corn+ses&sr=8-3
  14. With the reviews of the new menus and reports of them still gong to find their groove in mdr we are going to take advantage of this. 1 night in the steakhouse, jijis, Italian and one night BBQ with the other 2 nights being formal nights In the mdr. Even with the package will have to pay out for the 4th meal at guys. Not a huge savings but hey anything helps.
  15. Agreed we have gotten the lobster roll a few times on different ships and always been disappointed.
  16. Couldn't agree more. Well said. Honestly if your are really concerned that you will contradict Covid at this point cruising or traveling at all for that matter probably isn't the best choice.
  17. As mentioned before this is pretty much a mute point on Carnival. Not sure for all the speculation and a solution to something that is not a problem. Like said, if you see a child they are not vaccinated. The amount of un vaccinated adults is going to be very very low to the point it will be doubtful you will even run into them.
  18. Learn something new everyday. Look forward to checking this out.
  19. Lots and lots of salt made it tolerable lol
  20. I could say that is petty but whatever we're just happy to be cruising.
  21. So in our humble opinion nothing beats sitting under the Caribbean sky with drink in hand enjoying a movie under the stars. So I hear they are charging for popcorn now. Eh.... not ideal but oh well it is what it is. With that being said it's pretty crappy popcorn but beats a blank lol. I read that it read $3. The servings in the past were pretty small, especially with $3 price point? Any recent cruisers that can confirm the size? Price? Free refills? Thanks
  22. How was the mid level internet? We get it so we can FaceTime/Facebook messenger call home. 2018 on the horizon was great but have heard it's been slow. Glad to hear dinning service was good. How were crowds for the shows/ comedian? Have to show up very early?
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