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  1. have you set up a new account on their site?? If not you have to set up a new account with your email as your username. If you already done that and it doesn't work call back and keep calling back until you get someone who actually knows what they talking about
  2. sparkieplug24

    Coupon books

    next cruise as points are not added until your return home
  3. i got two emails two days a part both promising things would be fixed in 7 working days not sure if that was from date of the email or date they started messing up the website
  4. mines is working today well everything I wanted to do so far has worked and it actually looks okay
  5. or were being sarcastic even the colour is now getting on my nerves and like royal blue :')
  6. i had this problem then i realised the issue was I now need to sign in using my email address not my username even although it says username/email. Hope that works for you.
  7. it can take 24 hours for it to go on the system especially if you not booking through RCI sometimes it comes on sooner just depends but with the state of the website at the moment i think it may take the 24hrs.
  8. sparkieplug24

    Getting the run around from TA?

    I was wondering if its a double sofa bed so three beds technically but room to sleep 4
  9. sparkieplug24

    Getting the run around from TA?

    4 people cannot be booked into a 3 berth cabin royal system wouldn't allow it for a start. What she means by a downgrade I assume is that you would be moving to lower or less central part of the deck. I still cannot understand how 4 people can book into a 3 berth cabin it is just not possible i would recheck your paperwork and make sure all passengers are on the booking
  10. if you request a new password that seems to let you in but then you have to input everything again. I got a message welcoming me to royal earlier. I was amused not lol
  11. sparkieplug24

    Checking in separately

    It might be because they actually want to check in separately.
  12. sparkieplug24

    Checking in separately

    You may have a problem taking the kids through security without dad Physically being there not from RCI but customs and port authority
  13. sparkieplug24

    Vegan on a RCI cruise

    they had a small vegan section in the buffet on the navigator on my last RCI cruise but be careful as someone had laid it out incorrectly the vegan and the vegetarian where right next to each other and on two occasions i saw quorn items in the vegan section. Quorn contains dairy.
  14. I'm not exactly sure what this is?? Is it a letter thats been issued by a court or similar authority?? If so that should be sufficient. If not Europe laws are different and RCI requirements are different if your travelling from a European port and the ship is staying in Europe. It needs to be stamped by a solicitor who is confirming that they have witnessed the parent or guardian giving permission this is slightly different from being notrized as not all European countries do this. If however your travelling to America you may have serious issues if your letters not Notorized to even enter the country as its not just an RCI policy its law its to help stop child trafficking Is your sister travelling with you and if so has she officially adopted her step daughter. If she has adoption certificate and birth certificate along with passport should be sufficient if your travel in Europe as RCI only needs the permission of one parent in this case your sister.
  15. rules apply to adult alcohol packages only