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  1. Wow. With stuff like this happening and being asked by at least one crew member on every cruise recently to rate them 10s, I have to imagine that RCCL just doesn’t care if they do these type of things.
  2. Thanks and we did! I do have another reply on this post waiting for moderator approval with info about each port if anyone is interested! Hopefully it will post soon.
  3. The Ports: Let me preface this by saying that we almost never book cruise ship tours. We find that it is almost always cheaper, easier and better to book things independently. Most ports on this tour were quite far away from the city center in industrial areas. Be prepared to either take a taxi, uber or shuttle to get where you need to go. RCCL did provide a “what to know in each port” at the beginning of the cruise but some ports didn’t have the best info. Stockholm: Embarkation was very easy and quick. We had flown in the day before so we came directly from our hotel to the
  4. Last week we finished up an epic 13 night ultimate scandinavia - russia cruise on Serenade of the Seas and I thought I would put some of my thoughts down and answer any questions folks might have about the ship, traveling to Russia or anything on this itinerary. The Who: My wife and I are in our early 40s, DINKs and love cruising and traveling in general. We are pretty “loyal to Royal” and made Diamond after this cruise, but we have sailed on all the other major lines as well. We traveled with our friends who are Diamond Plus who travel very extensively and they have a child in
  5. I’ve done it many times and many ports with water and soda and never had an issue. But as always, your mileage may vary with the ship you are on making up a policy, a security host having a bad day, etc.
  6. 1) You would (most likely) not be able to bring the scotch on at embarkation without it being confiscated. 2) Bringing it on from a port, having it confiscated and then hoping the genie can get it seems stressful and complicated both for you and the genie. 3) People in the service industry are happiest with cash tips. Even if they are being polite and smiling as they take your gift - they would prefer cash 100% of the time.
  7. Texts (through iMessage or another messaging app) should work with no issue. Pictures may take a very long time to go through, depending on location, but should go though eventually (some for us at some points wouldn’t go through till next day). Videos will probably not go through at all. With ATT, your phone will work normally at the Alaskan ports.
  8. Super easy! You bring it on your carry on and you keep it with you the whole time on the ship! No one questioned it at any point during initial embarkation or during the return to ship after ports. Biggest rule - don’t take it out while on board. That is grounds for immediate confiscation for the rest of the cruise. If you weren’t planning to already, make sure you try and research each port in advance to know where you can fly. Juneau (in theory) would be fine to fly around the port but had signs specifically saying no flying. Mendenhall glacier in the same
  9. Photo of the view from our stateroom is attached! And yes, mostly an issue looking down. The “hidden” Two70 access is great! At the end of the hall (going in the direction of Two70) is an unmarked double door that is pretty heavy. Pull it open and you are in the second floor of Two70! It is unmarked on the other side as well. It was always unlocked and no issues going through it during our entire cruise.
  10. It was a bit chaotic with the pier employees yelling at everyone, making up arbitrary rules on where you could stand that changed by the moment, etc. It’s manageable but just be prepared for the chaos.
  11. The check in inside the terminal was fine, it was everything outside that was a hot mess! We've had individual good and bad experiences on ships as well but they are usually isolated to one department or area, this unfortunately seemed to be a service issue with the entire ship. I'm sure you will have a wonderful cruise regardless!
  12. OMG. I forgot to touch on these two things. Fish and Ships was REALLY REALLY bad. I even got the "upcharge" better fish and it tasted really gross and oily. Fried candy bar was almost inedible - tasted like fish and super oily. The glacier day was a super big bummer. I remember how cool it was to be in the middle of all those chunks of ice on our last cruise and then how you saw them bring up a piece of ice and carve it later. No one on this cruise got that amazing experience or even close, and that is a bummer.
  13. We used Lyft after debarkation to a hotel very close to the airport and it was around $38 for a standard Lyft up to 4 people. LyftXL or UberXL for up to 6 was in high demand and close to double the cost. I would recommend checking both Uber and Lyft while in Seattle since the prices vary pretty wildly between them based on demand and area. Just use whichever is cheaper at the moment!
  14. I know there has been quite a bit of chatter about Ovation in Alaska and folks sailing later in the season have had a lot of questions, so I thought I would post some of my thoughts and experiences from our 7 day cruise that left on 5/31/19. Please feel free to ask any questions! Who was sailing: Our group had 14 people sailing together (not in one Stateroom 😉 ) from infant all the way up to senior. We had planned this for quite a while to celebrate a milestone birthday and most of the group has sailed RCCL a few times with about 1/2 the group being Diamond or above. My wife
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