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  1. Wow. With stuff like this happening and being asked by at least one crew member on every cruise recently to rate them 10s, I have to imagine that RCCL just doesn’t care if they do these type of things.
  2. Thanks and we did! I do have another reply on this post waiting for moderator approval with info about each port if anyone is interested! Hopefully it will post soon.
  3. The Ports: Let me preface this by saying that we almost never book cruise ship tours. We find that it is almost always cheaper, easier and better to book things independently. Most ports on this tour were quite far away from the city center in industrial areas. Be prepared to either take a taxi, uber or shuttle to get where you need to go. RCCL did provide a “what to know in each port” at the beginning of the cruise but some ports didn’t have the best info. Stockholm: Embarkation was very easy and quick. We had flown in the day before so we came directly from our hotel to the
  4. Last week we finished up an epic 13 night ultimate scandinavia - russia cruise on Serenade of the Seas and I thought I would put some of my thoughts down and answer any questions folks might have about the ship, traveling to Russia or anything on this itinerary. The Who: My wife and I are in our early 40s, DINKs and love cruising and traveling in general. We are pretty “loyal to Royal” and made Diamond after this cruise, but we have sailed on all the other major lines as well. We traveled with our friends who are Diamond Plus who travel very extensively and they have a child in
  5. I’ve done it many times and many ports with water and soda and never had an issue. But as always, your mileage may vary with the ship you are on making up a policy, a security host having a bad day, etc.
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