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  1. There won't be anywhere to just walk around other than on the main beach and that is simply a beach with a few amenities, nothing cultural.
  2. We did this tour our very first time in Labadee. They take you on a boat to a small area where they take you to four different stops to show you a little bit of village life, however, I don't believe it's actually authentic. There were a few high pressure sales areas to be expected but overall not too bad. Then the time spent in the cove was just ok for us. It was definitely much quieter because only the tour group was there but the water is the same water on the main area. The next three times we went we only did the zip line. We typically would rather explore than just lay on a beach the entire day but we've learned that on Labadee it's better to just do that!
  3. Only been on one NCL cruise and four RCL but much prefer RCL; found NCL almost inedible. However, I don't eat in the dining room on RCL, primarily specialty but also go to the buffet at least once or twice.
  4. There should be! There was a photographer in June on Anthem. You're not allowed to bring your own camera inside the chamber though so husband and I took turns waiting outside to take pictures of each other and swapped halfway though.
  5. If you're interested in buying it anyway, buy it now and if the price happens to drop you can cancel it and rebook it at the lower price!
  6. We were in Labadee a few weeks ago and wanted to parasail but it was sold out. Then a few days later we saw the report of the line snapping on a parasailling tour elsewhere! We were a bit relieved that we didn't go (even though it wasn't the same location) but are wondering if it's any safer doing it in Labadee since it's RCCLs private island or if parasailing is too risky regardless of where you do it! I'm sure we'll make it to Labadee or Coco Cay someday soon and would want to book in advance this time!
  7. We were there a few weeks ago and noticed that they were writing all drink purchases on 8x11 sheets of paper and the charges showed up either that day or the next day in our folio as "island sales" I believe. It didn't matter to us because we had the package so they all came through as $0 but if you're purchasing without the package it might be worth it to keep track of how many and what drink you get!
  8. I live in Maine so obviously knew the lobster was bad (rubbery, bland), but it's frozen and already cut to just tails! Didn't realize it until I watched this but I guess it makes sense. People seem to love it though. I only wish they could taste fresh Maine lobster. It'd change their life. ;p;p I was on Anthem two weeks ago and kept seeing "Maine lobster" available for an extra (rather reasonable and under market price) charge but couldn't make myself do it. I wonder if it would've been the same as MDR lobster night or if it truly would've been A Maine lobster!
  9. Not mandatory but they didn't retake either of our photos and the ones we used were supposedly in the "no" column (wasn't just a plain white background). Probably only sped things up by seconds but it felt good not to have to do it when we were checking in!
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