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    Pacific Star - disaster

    Myste, if you dont want to hear the good and bad then stick to reading P&O brochures, they will of course only tell you the good. I also think that your maths is bad as 99.9% would mean everyone excpet maybe one. I started this thread and I concur with Kathr, the P&O ship was a motel not a hotel and the food was canteen not restaraunt. You and I pay lots of $$ to go on cruises, and buying a product for lots of $$ one expects to get value for money, I did not. I hope you enjoy your cruise and that your experience is better. I also hope that you share your journey with others on this board as I and others have done. I will respect your view as I expect you to respect mine and kathr's, even if you dont agree!
  2. rack62

    Pacific Star - disaster

    Hi Tinalou, I have just posted a formal complaint the the CEO of P&O Cruises and will let you know the response, if any. Just to be clear, I dont have a problem with the security or the extra cameras, what I do have an issue with is being treated like a school child. There was a 70 year old that was told she could not drink anymore! If cruising has changed beacuse of security issues then it is indeed a shame as we love cruising! I have copied this to others that travelled so that you get feedback more than just mine.
  3. My wife and I have just returned from a P&O cruise around the Pacific Islands, departing from Auckland, New Zealand. We have been on four cruises previously, one with Royal Caribbean and three with Princess. This was our first and I think that you will pick up from this report that it will definitely be our last P&O cruise. The ship itself is called the Pacific Star, it is 25 years old but has been refitted. It is dated, it is grubby and compared to Princess it is a very poor cousin. The crew were the most unfriendliest we have experienced and we felt more like school children than adults. You were told what you could do, where you could sit it just was not relaxing what-so-ever. They have just installed 500 cameras on the boat and there are security guards everywhere. This would be OK but they don’t leave you alone, two of our party were "carded", meaning that your cruise card no longer allows you to purchase drinks. One of our party was given a formal warning about indecent exposure, guess what at a Pyjama party! Same scene, the security guards publicly march you outside and in front of all get their little black book out and lecture you. Now I am 43 and a company director, I have never experienced such appalling Customer Service in my life. Our room was filthy, it had not been cleaned, there was all sorts under the bed and in the bin. The cabin staff made you feel like they were doing you a favour when you asked them for something. Half way through the cruise we were no longer allowed to serve our selves at the buffet and had to be served, because there was an outbreak of something and many people were confined to their cabin. The food was average, very average. The entertainment was excellent an the dancers/singers were the only P&O ambassadors in the ship! The destinations were very good and the snorkeling awesome! Believe me, you do not want to take this cruise, it will put you off cruising for ever. I would be more than happy to share our experience in more detail if you want to contact me.