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  1. I received offer code 20CNE404 for the Freedom out of Bayonne for next Sept. 25th 2021. It's a 5 nighter to Bermuda with free interior, plus $75 casino play. I upgraded to promenade, total cost was $414.
  2. I recently bought 2 bottles of liquor in the San Juan terminal. I had to put the bag through the X-ray machine and then was directed to a separate table to have it tagged and taken from me. I did receive a receipt and it was delivered on the last night of the cruise. I might add it was a real bargain, which was 2 bottles of Captain Morgen White Rum at $8.80 a bottle.
  3. So I go to print out my set sail pass for my Anthem cruise in a few weeks and my printer died! Now what? Can't afford a new printer. Any suggestions? Library? Computer store? Any ideas?:')
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