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  1. I recently bought 2 bottles of liquor in the San Juan terminal. I had to put the bag through the X-ray machine and then was directed to a separate table to have it tagged and taken from me. I did receive a receipt and it was delivered on the last night of the cruise. 

    I might add it was a real bargain, which was 2 bottles of Captain Morgen White Rum at $8.80 a bottle.

  2. OK everyone, this is an update to my post!

    It took a couple of calls to get to the right person an department BUT I finally got it straightened out.

    My sons account was missing his VIFP number on one of our cruises. So now it's all taken care of and I just need to print out his edocs that show him as being Platinum!

    Thank you for all your suggestions!

  3. My son and I both have 72 days of cruising Carnival. We are going on the 8 night sailing on the Sunrise in a few weeks.

    I printed out our edocs & luggage tags and mine says Priority Platinum but his say Priority Gold! WHAT the?

    I called my PVP and she pulled up both our accounts and confirmed both of us have identical cruise days.

    She advised me to wait till I get on the ship it must be a glitch in the system.

    We are both in the same cabin and any Platinum Perks should be the same, RIGHT?

    Should I just wait an Board the way she suggested or call a different department? HELP!

  4. On 6/17/2019 at 7:11 PM, PAcop141 said:

    I received a "we miss you" offer from the casino...free inside room, 200 obc and the drinks on us card.  Booked 7 day on the pride out of Baltimore august 11th.....

    I received the same offer. I hadn't cruised Carnival in 3 years also.

    Booked the 8 night Sunrise out of N.Y. Next month. I also upgraded to a Spa interior.

    What a deal, couldn't pass on this one!

  5. On my invoice from Carnival it states $200(USD). I just hope that means I don't have to use it for the casino, it's not funplay. On the offer it did not say funplay but OBC. 

    I guess when the $100 Carnival gift card is mailed to me I'll need to go to guest services to apply it to my on board account.

    Thank you all for your replies.

  6. If a bottle of liquor is purchased on board is it delivered by your Stewart on the last night of the cruise?

    I thought it always was until I read a very disturbing review on John Healds FB page. A lady just got off the Sunrise and waited on line 30 mins. with her receipt in hand. She had to leave to catch her ride cause it would be another hour before she could retrieve it from the pickup table. All her liquor purchases were lost.

    If this is Carnivals policy, I won't be purchasing any more liquor on board when I sail the Sunrise in July. I will not have to miss breakfast to get in line early to stand in a line for 30-60 minutes  to pick up my purchases.

    What a way to end a cruise! Not me!


  7. 7 hours ago, forgotmyCCname said:

    While I plan on reading all 66 pages at some point, I haven't seen this mentioned from what I have read.

    Our last cruise in Feb  with NCL  offered an "upgrade " from our suite to a different suite class. The terms/rules of the upgrade program stated that you  were only allowed a 2 category jump in class- i.e. an Inside or OV cannot upgrade thru their bid  program to a suite . It seems that Royal is being a little more "generous" with whom they allow to bid on what categories.


    That being said I cant wait to see if we get an opportunity for Allure in June. We are in GS but there are many, many suites of higher grades still available. Don't know if I will actually bid but I must say that curiosity has gotten ahold of me.


    NCL started sending upgrade emails about 80 days out ( final payment with them is 120 days for suites) . 

    When does Royal start?


    Thanks and have a spectacular day!





    Got mine 3 days before the cruise!!!

    Sailing on Anthem 3/15!

  8. On 3/8/2019 at 11:23 AM, Mike_DeA said:

    Did you say anything before you tried to cash them in?  If you mentioned the situation upfront to the cashier then that may caused the extra scrutiny, or if you went in as soon the casino opened on the first day.

    Yes, Idid tell them upfront and I did go the first night.

    well in a few days I'll be on the Anthem , I wonder if I should wait a day or two before I go to the cage. Any thoughts?

  9. This is an update about those chips.

    I was not able to cash them in on the Adventure of the seas last August.

    They wanted to much information, like past cruisers names, dates of their sailing and then they would contact Miami headquarters for their ok and it could take days.

    Well,  I'll be on the Anthem next week and they better honor these chips, they say Anthem of the Seas right on them!

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