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  1. Just got off the Grand and yes, the library is open. They have an excellent inventory with newly purchased books.
  2. We just got off the Grand with the short 5 and 4 day cruises. We were on for 4 legs (3 5 day and 1 4 day). All 3 5 day cruises had the MT luncheon and the 4 day gave the top 40 a complementary specialty dining. All 4 had the captains cocktail party.
  3. We got our rapid antigen test yesterday at CVS (Henderson, NV) and we had the results back in 2 hours.
  4. It has been my experience that it is just the opposite. The Princess reps are famous for giving out incorrect information. I go to CC when I have questions.
  5. Hello Lisa from your Henderson neighbor! We are leaving tomorrow and will be on the Majestic Princess for a week. Did you have to get a Covid test? We did and thank heavens it was negative.
  6. Ok, thanks. I will draw up some today. I'm thinking around 10. I suppose she could always make extra copies if we need more. How many did you make?
  7. Thanks for the info. I wonder if I should even bother making invitations. Emailing the officers sounds very efficient.
  8. Thanks for posting the patters. I noticed that they don't list the officers on the first day. I am organizing the M & G for Sept. 5 and it would be handy to have a start. I guess I will make a visit to the Captain Circle Hostess upon embarkation.
  9. I can't wait to try the wonton soup and the other items at the noodle place. Hopefully, they have dan dan noodles, another one of my favorites! BTW, we also love sitting in the first row at the shows! Thank you so much for doing this "live from". Have a great last day on the ship and a safe journey home. Meredith
  10. Geoherb, you just made my day. I figured that with the change of captains, Tony Draper prefers the cocktail party. I will keep my fingers crossed about having the luncheon. Tprefers the cocktail party. So happy that we still have a chance
  11. I am disappointed that the most traveled event is now a cocktail party instead of a luncheon. I'd love to know which evening they are having it on. It sounds like you are having a super time. Enjoy your day in Glacier Bay! Hopefully the weather cooperates.
  12. Hi Ellie, I got a bit distracted for awhile but have now been reading a few pages of your review every day and I finally caught up!! I have enjoyed, so much, reading about your adventures on the Ruby. I'm looking forward to your review on the Regal. We are going to Hawaii next January on the Grand and I have a question about where we can get some Saimin. Are there places near the pier in any of the ports?
  13. We live in Henderson and the CVS on Warm Springs offers the rapid-result test (antigen), which Princess accepts. Sunrise2Sunset and Matadams4U: are either of you on the Sept. 5 sailing? If so, join our roll call and come to the meet & greet on Monday.
  14. I am loving your "live from". Very informative. Let us know if there is a MT luncheon on this sailing. I'm curious because you have a different captain than last week and I believe it is up to the captain if it will be a luncheon or a cocktail party.
  15. Geoherb, I was hoping that you would do a "live from". I will be following along. Have a super trip! DH and I will be on the Majestic on Sept. 5.
  16. We have always asked our room steward on the first day for 2 extra bed blankets (the yellow ones). Along with using them on the balcony on cold days, we like them for naps so as to not get the bed messed up.
  17. Thank you so much. I will send an email directly to her.
  18. Oh wow. We are on a B2B on the Majestic in October, so I guess we hit the jackpot! Thanks for letting me know.
  19. Thank you, Ombud. I sent an email yesterday to the grouponboardservices and heard nothing, but now I will send it directly to Diana. Is Jasper the CD?
  20. I just read that you set up the meet & greet for your cruise. Please share with me who your contact person was. I am trying to set one up for our Sept 5 sailing. Thanks, Meredith
  21. Whoops. I just realized you didn't organized it. Sorry.
  22. That is disappointing. I was looking forward to having him again as CD. How is DuVaul? I understand that you organized the meet and greet. I am trying to set one up for our Sept. 5 sailing. Who was the contact person you set it up with?
  23. I am trying to set up a meet and greet for our Sept. 5 sailing. I would appreciate it if you could tell me who your contact person was.
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