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  1. if you live near a Kroger store,you can purchase gift cards there and get the same %10 discount. They run 4x points promotion about 6-8 times a year. $250 card will get you 1000 points, which will get you $1 off each gallon of gas. Saves you $25 on 25 gallons.
  2. I have read on the Carnival website that you can only sign up for the behind the fun ship tour once you get on the ship. Has anyone had a different experience as far as signing up goes? Any tips to avoid that long line on embarkation day get a spot on the tour? Do you go to the the excursion desk or guest services?
  3. We did have a cruise on Carnival Paradise cancelled many years ago. It was only about a month from sail date ( they had some serious engine problems if I remember correctly). Of course, we received a full refund for that cruise. Plus 50% off a future sailing. That was about 19yr ago so don't know if that's what they would do now.
  4. Going to do our first TA on the Legend . It's a 16 day itinerary. Having never been on a cruise longer than 7 days, just wondering if the MDR will actually have 16 different menus or will we be recycling through and have repeat menus?
  5. I have watched many times workers loading the ship with supplies at the start of a cruise. Having only been on cruises from the US ports, I am wondering about European cruises. We are scheduled B2B on cruises leaving from Venice and Barcelona (total of 26 days). Is it safe to assume that things would come from a more local supplier? Which means different brands of food? Or anything else that would be noticed? Just curious if we may notice anything new. I know that even sodas , when bottled in different locations, can taste different . Just wondering if anyone has inside info on how the lines go about purchasing their supplies and stocking their ships. Some things must be on a weekly basis and others probably maybe months. thanks
  6. Go on Carnival site and search Carnival Comfort Collection
  7. Legend...Barcelona to Tampa and we added Venice to Barcelona to make it our first B2B also.
  8. Doing our first TA in Oct 2020. For you seasoned TAers, just wondering if Carnival adds anything new and different as far as entertainment goes because of so many days at sea. Its a 16 day cruise in total with 5 days for the crossing. Im not opposed to just lounging for 5 days😎. Just curious.
  9. Just talked to my PVP 5 minutes ago. Sign in to their site online and start looking at cruises for a few days. You will get a call from one.
  10. Get there early for any big games. Its kind of small and tables go quick. We've seen kids there on their own...no big deal.
  11. We have definitely down sized over the years and have done an 11 day cruise with just a carry on and a personal bag. I have worn my suit jacket on the plane to eliminate packing that. Also wear my pair of shoes that take up the most space. Its usually fairly easy to pick up some sunscreen, bottle of wine etc at the port before you board. Our next cruises will be B2B for a total of 26 days, so wish us luck! We will be turning platinum on this next one so a little free laundry service will help. Not having as many bags does allow for a bit more freedom and convenience when it comes to transportation and adaptability. As a frugal traveler, $100 saved here and there on baggage fees allows for more to spend on something that you value more. Its kind of like booking inside cabins. It all adds up.
  12. I agree....I don't think Carnival has ever done desserts very well, with a few exceptions (chocolate melting cake, key lime). I hope the reports are correct. Im with you I have a sweet tooth and could be in trouble !
  13. It could depend on what kind of offer you booked. You might be able to cancel and get your deposit back and then rebook. If you booked through Carnival website or with a Carnival PVP you could check with them.
  14. Ive never understood why people wait in line. If you have assigned dinner time just get there at about 5 mins after that time, and there will be little to no line...and you wouldn't have stood there for 10 minutes. Also one I have heard, but not tried.....you can ask for a banana split in the MDR.
  15. We only book interior cabins.....can take more cruises that way. Never had any problems with having enough light during the day. We actually roll up a towel to cover the space under the cabin door to block out light from the hall. Sleep like rocks!! 🙂
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