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  1. Click the heart in the lower right of the post. There is a like.
  2. I think the poster meant Port Canaveral is easier for those living in the SE United States (Georgia or South Carolina).
  3. Would everyone be comfortable even if you found one cabin that sleeps 9 people?
  4. I’m glad it’s not only me. The search feature is bad.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread. @PCWalton1and @Hoopster95 and @twangster all have excellent phots. Keep the suggestions coming.
  6. Not totally accurate. Some restaurants are open for lunch on port days.
  7. I hope Key West is a stop more often from Tampa or PC.
  8. Took less than 3 weeks to refund my deposit for a Canada/New England itinerary canceled by Royal.
  9. I know that! There is no need to book for two in this scenario.
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