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  1. I’m not sure what this is about. Hopefully nothing serious.
  2. We’re here in St Thomas arrived early.
  3. @Ken the cruiserposted additional information on another thread. So far no indication if St Thomas or St Maarten stops will be changed. I’m ok with going to Coco Cay however Celebrity has never stopped there. Thanks to @cltnccruisers and Ken for bringing this to our attention. Here’s what Ken posted: The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands has informed Royal Caribbean of a new policy that requires all cruise passengers ages 12 and older to be fully vaccinated in order for the ship to be allowed entry into the port. This latest requirement applies to all cruise shipsscheduled to enter U.S. Virgin Island ports.
  4. Oh no Thanks for sharing. My mom may decide to stay onboard. If we do I’m sure we can find a bunch of nothings to do. 😀
  5. Can brownies and ice cream be classified as a vegetable? Asking for a friend.
  6. Tomorrow is St Thomas. I’ll report if you’re operators are at the pier. It’s sad so many that make a living on tourism are greatly impacted.
  7. Day 3 At Sea Today was a good day for relaxing and doing a bunch of “nothings”. I enjoy sea days. We wondered around the ship,. We played some games in The Club, went to the behind the podium talk, ate 3 meals and multiple snacks. I also took in a nap. Tonight’s performance was a tribute to Aretha Franklin - very good.
  8. My cruise planner had a telephone number listed for upgrading the surf to stream. I called and was given 30% off providing my credit card info to the representative. Yesterday there was a note in the Celebrity Today stating it’s possible to upgrade on board also. Keep in mind if you wait there might be a line after boarding.
  9. For those who are craving Eden brownies, here’s a virtual fix.
  10. Future cruise Empty desk again. I just noticed these kiosks.
  11. Capacity A guest relations officer advised me about 1,600 guests on board. This includes children.
  12. Good morning There has been no one sitting at the Future Cruise desk. If I see someone I’ll ask about the perks. Thanks for inquiring as this might be important factor in booking onboard.
  13. Paper Elimination/Reduction I cannot recall if it was here or the Royal Caribbean board where some people mentioned the discontinued use of paper. Paper is NOT gone The dining room still uses menus in the hard bound covers Celebrity Today is still being delivered by the cabin steward The cruise next desk still has paper of upcoming sailings Park West invitation delivered yesterday I am noticing a reduced amount being left in the cabin such as no spa information, port of call shopping maps and onboard sales. SAVE THE TREES😀
  14. Day 2 Production Show Kaleidoscope Singing, dancing, acrobats
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