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  1. Took less than 3 weeks to refund my deposit for a Canada/New England itinerary canceled by Royal.
  2. I know that! There is no need to book for two in this scenario.
  3. My experience....Canada cruise canceled by Royal on June 2. I received my deposit refund June 23. This was before final payment.
  4. There are several threads regarding the long delay for refunds. Has anyone contacted the Florida Attorney General? Some people have contacted their credit card company.
  5. Price is steep for me however the decision is yours.
  6. Thanks for doing this review. The Radiance class is truly fit for Alaska.
  7. If it’s Alaska does that mean Royal canceled?
  8. Yes I’m aware they aren’t listed in any planner. I’m seeking a full list of all restaurants. Maybe I’ll need to wait. Thank you
  9. I have the same in my planner. No Johnny Rockets? No Portside BBQ?
  10. Does anyone have an accurate list of all odyssey restaurants?
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