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  1. Correction Harmony not Ovation in case people want to locate the article online.
  2. Tee & Chilli

    White Zifendle

    fyi...You can being your own
  3. Tee & Chilli

    9 Night Caribbean Demographics

    If you’ll have 5-10 family members who are close in age, couldn’t they create their own enjoyment together?
  4. Excellent review. You’re a great writer.
  5. Tee & Chilli

    C&A Experts: How did the points convert?

  6. Another thread https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2617943-more-changes/
  7. If you're interested in the one of the drink packages, keep checking your cruise planner. Sometimes promotions pass and are brought back. Signing up for your roll call is another option for keeping abreast of cruise planner changes.
  8. Ask your TA for a three way call with Royal so you can listen in.
  9. Tee & Chilli

    Love pre-cruise offerings

    With some other cruise lines the prices may not fluctuate as much as Royal.
  10. My TA website has the following total for 2 people including taxes and fees. The pricing for the 9/27/20 sailing is high. Balcony 2D - $4941 Balcony 4D - $4881 Suite - not available
  11. In regards to speciality restaurants, I rank Wonderland #1.
  12. Tee & Chilli

    Anthem in Summer 2019 " The Key" $19.99

    This program is relatively new and pricing trends have not been established. Additionally Royal’s pricing can be all over the board with no predictability.
  13. Thank you for the detailed review. I’m glad you and your husband enjoyed the cruise. Best regards on the upcoming program to further your career.
  14. Tee & Chilli


    Download the Royal IQ app before leaving home. You can make reservations on the app, see show times, etc.
  15. Tee & Chilli

    Mariner - December movies

    Aquaman is still in the theatre and will most likely not been shown.