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  1. My mom cannot walk distances. We toured Caribelle Batik a few years ago. I hope we’re able to find a scenic drive. Thank you
  2. Log into your cruise planner. If the on board credit is shown there, it’s from Royal.
  3. Tee & Chilli

    Onboard prices and packages

    The onboard costs are drinks and specialty restaurants. You do not have the purchase either.
  4. Tee & Chilli

    Help-Anthem of the Seas

    I enjoy 270 also. You can get a snack at 270 cafe and take a seat and enjoy the view. If you have a balcony that's another option. Although you may not be a fan of large ships, I have never had trouble locating quiet places to read or check email. Join your roll call for small group activities.
  5. Another excellent review by ADPMOM. Are there any tour operators at the port in St. Kitts offering reasonable priced island tours? The cruise planner has $29 per person for a 2 hour drive. Thank you
  6. Tee & Chilli

    Serenade Voom

    Thank you both
  7. Tee & Chilli

    Serenade Voom

    I purchased the surf and stream package. As a diamond member, can I give away the free surf day to someone in my cabin? Will i-message work with the package? My last ship was Anthem so I’m unsure. Thanks everyone
  8. Tee & Chilli


    I would like to know also
  9. Tee & Chilli

    Coffee Card - FYI

    Search for a thread by Merion Mom. She mentions the coffee card is good on multiple sailings.
  10. Tee & Chilli

    Single Cans of Soda?

    Just noticed this recent thread. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2597435-soda-ouch/
  11. Tee & Chilli

    Single Cans of Soda?

    Cans at the bar are $4.13 or $4.18. Cannot recall exact.
  12. Tee & Chilli

    Super Bowl

    Harmony showed the game in the aqua theater. Johnny Rockets was selling wings. Two large cakes were complimentary and there was an ice sculpture.
  13. Tee & Chilli

    BOGO restaurant reservations

    Wonderland was included on Anthem earlier this month.
  14. If you're sailing on the Anthem, there are indoor activities your son will enjoy.