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  1. Look for a store called Total Wine and More. 🍷
  2. Tomato53

    LLP Q&A

    If it's between 5:00 and 7:00, you get Jim Beam πŸ™‚
  3. How nice. Enjoy your time together.
  4. I can't recommend a place to stay but avoid the Towneplace Suites. We had an awful experience there last year. Pool and hot tub full of leaves. Carpet wet and fans blowing. Breakfast buffet lacking; the truck hadn't come yet. Exercise equipment not maintained, etc.
  5. It's definitely worth doing. There's no other way to see the caldera up close and envision the volcano's path of destruction to Pompeii. When we went, there was a local man with hiking sticks that make the hike easier. He doesn't charge but asks a one Euro tip.
  6. I cannot sign In using Chrome. No problem with Safari.
  7. I had wanted to select different seats (Lufthansa business class in October) prior to payment and wasn't able to do so online. I called Flights by Celebrity and offered to pay early to get the seats I wanted (Lufthansa flies some new-ish 747's and we like the upper deck; it's out of the way and quieter). The agent checked and was able to get the seats I wanted without having to make the early payment. Very happy with the price and the service.
  8. Those boats just left and she seems to be moving....hmmmm
  9. I think it would. It also reduced our OBC from the TA.
  10. Yes, all are provided. No need to pack your own.
  11. I wonder whether where the food supplies are sourced is part of the issue. I'm sure there are specs for each product but the quality of beef, for example, might vary from supplier to supplier and from port to port.
  12. Does anyone have specific feedback on Infinity 1104? I booked cabin that knowing of the possible sound from above but thought that since this cabin is more forward (ahead of the viewing area on deck 12) that it would avoid the noise issues.
  13. SHIP: Eclipse CABIN #: 2119 DECK #: 12 CLASS: S1 Sky Suite AREA: port side, aft BED NEAR: bath QUIET?: No. This room,is located under and un-carpeted area of the buffet. There is chair scraping noise from early morning until late at night. Also, there is frequent noise from the dish trolleys in the buffet. Due to noise, I would not book this area again. BALCONY VIEW: Good, overhang above BALCONY SIZE: Normal WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Due to noise from buffet, I would not book this area again.
  14. Yes, I miss Bistro on 5 but that ship has sailed.
  15. I am able to save 30% or $0 when I book the premium beverage package. Woohoo! Been waiting for an opportunity like this! SAVE 30% OFF Premium Package Prices Starting From*$69.00 USD Adult per dayWas $69.00 USD Price Shown Reflects Your Discount ADD TO CART
  16. I hope not. I don't like having to wear them.
  17. Huge fan. I had the pleasure of meeting Armistead Maupin at an event a couple of years ago. Barbary Lane is inspired by the Macondray Steps at Taylor. There's not a real Barbary Lane. This has info about sites that are part of the book and mini-series. http://www.toursofthetales.com/home.html Beach Blanket Babylon is still running and updated. It's fun and definitely worth seeing. https://www.beachblanketbabylon.com/ We're on the April 8, 2019 Celebrity Eclipse Pacific Coastal cruise and plan to go on the overnight in SF.
  18. I agree with the others who posted that Luminae is the greatest benefit. The extra space in the room is nice but I'm fine with a regular cabin. Michael's is nice but not a deal breaker for me. Another option to consider is Aqua class. With that you have Blu as your dining room. Generally, it doesn't quite come to the level of Luminae for the food or service but I think it is a big step up from the MDR.
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