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  1. Only 15 days to slow the spread guys!! Trust us!
  2. They have no interest in a restart? Yeah, they love burning cash and being on the brink of bankruptcy. Good call.
  3. Yep, its pointless to argue with a coronabro. Its a religion now.
  4. Whatever the case my be, it needs to be said and needs to be done
  5. I was wondering if or when a cruise line CEO would finally say its time to cruise. Del Rio finally makes a strong statement against the ban. We need to cruise, NOW. The cdc is WRONG.
  6. Is it still one bottle for free or do they charge to bring on?
  7. Hey, this just opened! ANyone have pictures yet?
  8. Thinking of getting the slide pass. Are the lines nuts?
  9. I am on in 3 weeks. Have a JS. ANy thoughts on the ship?
  10. Need more adventure, those are pretty eh. Im thinking Jet skis or something.
  11. Other than Atlantis, any highlights for a first timer?
  12. I am looking for something to do here and I am having trouble!
  13. Does HAL ever do happy hour or drink specials? I am on the Konigsdam on Wednesday.
  14. The main issue for me is I was on this ship about a month ago and I had such a bad time, I just straight up cancelled one I had booked for Nov 3. I have another for Dec 15 and I am already dreading it, but I was thinking I would give them a chance. However, if the same issues are prevalent, I will want to get off immediately. The ship had mildew stench and sewage stench among other things. One night I had to leave my room the mildew smell was so bad, plus the A/C was BARELY working. It was about 73 in my room with the AC on the lowest setting.
  15. Hello! Has anyone tried using this program? How did it work? Did everything go smoothly? Why did you use it? Did they try and decline the opportunity?
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