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  1. worried about teenagers, or someone who has had too much to drink. or someone clumsy. I have an overactive brain.... plus we just like our privacy and protection from sun...have to take care of my skin. I live in florida, I have enough sun...and prefer a covered balcony.
  2. little bummed about that. was hoping the whole balcony would be covered. hope people don't throw stuff at us from above:o:eek:
  3. will do....do you happen to know when the captains night or formal night or chic night (what ever they call it now?) would be on the 5 night cruise?
  4. Nope...just checked my planner for both restaurants on the first night and no discounts....guess I will just keep checking...morning afternoon and evening everyday...and hopefully I will get lucky.
  5. We are going on infinity in November. I went to my cruise planner and they aren't offering any discounts:loudcry: ....did you get an email? or did you just get on to check it out and see that the 30% discount offer was there? was it for just the first night or the entire cruise? I keep checking but no such offers on my planner:loudcry::loudcry::loudcry:
  6. Quick question about the CC1 cabin 6136...is there a cover over the balcony or are we exposed to the elements and cruisers above us? Oh and anything else you can tell me about this cabin would be welcome... Never been on Infinity..... OH yeah...can you reserve the specialty restaurants before we cruise without paying for it until we eat there? I want to reserve it now but I want to use OBC to pay for it.
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