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  1. Ok thanks - I called Princess and was told Crown Bay with a questionable tone....😳
  2. Anyone know if the Caribbean Princess docks at Crown Bay or Havensight? Also does anyone know how far the following address is from the port docks? 5304 Yacht Haven Grande, Suite 100, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802, USVI Thanks so much for any help....
  3. Does anyone know where we the Caribbean Princess docks in St Thomas? I know that there are two places and want to plan accordingly. Thanks
  4. Without a doubt! We were there last summer and the Dutch side was almost fully operational so it can only be more so now. Enjoy 😊
  5. I just got off the phone with Celebrity and they said nothing had changed, no updates, no notices of any change. This came from a supervisor. I sure that you're tight and they weren't informed. We sail on the 16th and Punta Cana is on our itinerary. We would LOVE for it to be changed to Tortola.
  6. Did they email or call you? We are sailing in 39 days and we haven't heard anything. It would be awesome and a welcoming change.
  7. Hubby said that he read that the Equinox will be doing a port stop on Tortola instead of Punta Cana b/c of an earthquake a few days ago. Anyone know if this is legit? We are sailing on the Equinox next month and would be thrilled if this would be true for our week.
  8. No they won't hold your luggage as you are not correct nsidered a hotel guest.
  9. Yes, I do not recall it being an issue
  10. Yes, the jet ski rentals and banana boat rides are right next to the HH. Can't miss them.
  11. Again I personally haven't seen or witnessed anything if concern no more so than Little Divi Bay, Simpson Bay, Oystet Bay, etc..... if it were too dangerous to swim in, I would think that some legal honcho would be sure not to put the tourist at risk. After all, the island and its people Troy I. Tourist dollars / Just so you know, I have heard about this water concern for several years now but also have not heard of anyone getting sick, or deathly ill from being in it. If it worries one then they might need to go elsewhere. This bus how I feel about New York City especially at night, therefore I don't go 👍
  12. I believe Captain Alan goes out over by Oyster Bay Resort and Captain Bob is close to the port. With that being said, please know that Captain Bob is the middle man for those like Billy Bones and gets a cut. He does not own any boats from what I have been told. We did his tours in the past, had a great time (LOVED the captain that went on his own soon after not needing to give Bob a cut for basically nothing but collecting money) and then found out that he was bad mouthing his competitors. Not good business practice in my opinion. After Irma, we went out again with him but he failed to mention that the hot lunch was not going to be had due to the hurricane. Mind you that this was after he talked smack about a competitor that served sandwiches vs. grilled mahi, chicken, or ribs. Now he's doing the same thing. It was fine but very misleading... This was strike two for him and now we've simply decided to take our business elsewhere. The ones that actually drive the boat are the ones that are doing the work and they are fine. He just gets the glory off of the backs of others.
  13. We swim in that water all the time when visiting and not once have we had an issue. We'll be there this month staying at the HH and have no worries about the water what so ever....
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