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  1. Paul- My screen name was quite cool when I created it!
  2. Roy- Half of the Atlanta city school system was on Fall break for our last voyage (aboard the Monstrosity, excuse me Harmony, of the Seas. We did NOT plan as well for that particular voyage but still managed a great vacation. Each cruise is unique, each passenger has a unique voyage. I will try to post on this thread with how many children are onboard the next voyage. I think there will be many CC's on the ship, I will make a valid attempt to post on my impression of the new captain. I have found some cruise's I do better than others.
  3. I would like to thank each of you for your continued use of cell phones. Please see my screen name and you might figure out my employer!
  4. We began looking at this cruise, and the following cruise - 10 nights though the canal. One of the reasons we chose the following the cruise is we imagined there would be many children onboard this week. On our one and only previous Crystal cruise there were a handful and quite well behaved, a different scene than the mass market ships. One of my mantras - "Even a bad day on a cruise ship is better than a great day at the office." Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it has been fun following along.
  5. It always amazes me that certain nights EVERYTHING looks good and on other nights.......
  6. We board next Sunday,, looking forward to following you on your voyage.
  7. From our first voyage aboard Crystal, still brings back wonderful memories. I am NOT ALLOWED to bring this jacket four our upcoming Symphony cruise, Summer has stated quite LOUDLY (pun intended)
  8. About the Black Cod- Favorite course, from my favorite restaurant, aboard my favorite cruise line. When we disembark the Symphony on December 11th it will be the first time in more than a decade that I have NOT had another cruise planned. What dish, what restaurant, what line, would you suggest we try. Yes, it is a tad suspect to book a cruise for one meal, I am looking for another exemplary course, all I can say is that I am truly a unique individual. Suggestions are warmly invited.
  9. Off topic, a little bit, make sure you try the Black Cod when you visit Umi Uma. Highlight of our meal / cruise.
  10. Thank You as well, I was able to find the details for the 12.1 voyage as well.
  11. Had you looked in the proper direction (north west I believe) , you might have been able to see St. Maarten Friends of ours have a wonderful estate on the island, I blame him for the expensive watches in my collection. His collection makes mine seen inconsequential, he wears 'time pieces' as opposed to watches (much more expensive) Thank you for the follow up on the caviar menu.
  12. If you get a chance, could you capture a shot of the Caviar menu?
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