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  1. Agreed. The CDC is not taking the successful rollout of vaccines into account. But as long as the CDC and the cruise lines fail to come an agreement, other countries like the Bahamas, St. Marten, Bermuda and now Jamaica will be the beneficiaries.
  2. We booked the Celebrity Millennium out of SXM. No need to fly in early as the ship leaves at 10 p.m. COVID negative test is required for entry and boarding, so it makes sense to fly in day of. I am surprised Carnival hasn’t announced a sailing from the Caribbean. Guess it is ok with allowing the losses to amass. It will keep issuing more shares of stock, resulting in a dilution of equity for existing shareholders, and selling junk bonds. Not a business model I believe in, especially when other lines have figured out a way to make money.
  3. Nassau could work, as Royal has only one ship moving there (at least for now). Puerto Rico is a U S territory so it’s out. Freeport has hardly any flights. Cuba could work but I don’t think Americans could board there. I think Nassau, St. Maarten and Bermuda were good choices.
  4. There is no supermarket but easy to pick up snacks from the buffet, the pizza place, etc. Larger ships will have many more options.
  5. We did a three day cruise to nowhere on a newly renovated Holland ship from Tampa. Cruise cost was $99 pp in a balcony. It was fun, but after three nights. I was ready to get off the ship.
  6. The way I look at it is they (Celebrity and the ports) have a few months to work everything out. I am not going to stress over the details, which could change multiple times before I step onboard on July 24.
  7. For that size group, I would just be happy if everyone was assigned the same table. But if you have a choice, I would say center of the lower dining level. The Miracle’s dining room is very unique, gotta love the grapes.
  8. Agreed. With Royal and Celebrity taking their balls elsewhere, the CDC should be under immense pressure to lighten up. I noted on Celebrity all adults, including the crew, will have to be vaccinated. The CDC sticking with their old order has forced the cruise lines to make other plans. As more and more adults are vaccinated, the old rules should not apply anymore. I fully expect to see similar announcements from Carnival and Norwegian about sailings from other ports in the Caribbean/Bahamas. A business model without revenue doesn't make any sense.
  9. I think this is a really good choice. Enjoy!
  10. The J & J vaccine is quite affordable, and doesn't require the extreme temperatures to maintain its effectiveness. The cruise lines will find a way to get their staff vaccinated - the cruise lines' viability depends on it. Fairly certain the ships that are sailing now have a fully vaccinated crew. Just a matter of time and resources.
  11. I agree with your TA, it is good to try to new things. I was doubtful but eventually tried and now love the Oasis class ships. If you want a "smaller ship feel", book a suite on deck 17. The Coastal Kitchen and Suite Lounge are there, and you could literally eat every meal at CK. I don't recommend that but would suggest getting a three or four night package to the Specialty Restaurants if you would have access to CK by virtue of booking a full suite. As previously noted, some of the Specialty Restaurants are on deck 8 and located in the scenic Central Park. You don't want to miss Central
  12. By using our free cruises, I walk on the ship with thousands of dollars more than if I had paid full freight. So it is a symbiotic relationship. They give me a great deal to get me on the ship, then I give them the rest in the casino. Yes, the house always wins, in the long run. But if you are gaming for fun, and can afford it, not a bad way to go.
  13. With the Ultra, there is usually a guaranteed prize for each invited guest. They tell you when to be there, then call names in some random order. I was the next to last person called at the last drawing of the cruise. I won a 60 inch SMART HD tv, which was delivered to my house about a month after the cruise. Other prizes were free play, Ipads, Mac Book, Apple watches, etc.
  14. If you have a PVP, they can ask for you.
  15. That sucks. Hope they figure it out.
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