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  1. Nothing booked yet, hopefully next week after our short Mariner cruise this weekend. If you have any horseback riders in your group, one of my all-time favorites was riding pasofinos in Aruba. This was not a ship excursion but the local company picked us up near the port and returned us. What made this so special was the beautiful gait of the horses (smoother than a Tennessee Walker) and the encouragement to let the horses run once we got to the beach.
  2. We are also cruising the Adventure on 1/4/20. It will be our third or fourth time on the ship. Bonaire will be the only new port for us. See you on the ship!
  3. OP, not Royal but we are doing the inaugural sailing of the Mardi Gras. Here's the itinerary: A nine-day maiden voyage from Copenhagen to Southampton Aug. 31 – Sept. 9, 2020 calling at Kiel (Hamburg), Germany; Gothenburg, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Zeebrugge (Brussels), Belgium; and Le Havre (Paris), France. You can check it out on Carnival.com. Sorry your Harmony cruise was a disappointment.
  4. There is no need to book an excursion in Cozumel either. Check out Nachi Cocum (sp?) for a quiet beach day, all inclusive and very few kids. Also recommend Paradise Beach, much cheaper than Nachi and lot more active. Love the pool at PB. Last time I was there, it was $3 for a wrist band, which buys you use of a chaise lounge and access to the pool and beach. They ask that you spend $10 per person, which was never an issue for us. If you do either of these, just grab a taxi at the port. There will be cabs when you are ready to return to the ship. The beauty of Paradise Beach is that if it is cloudy or raining, just change your plans and you are not out any money. Shopping in downtown is quite fun. We really enjoy the Thirsty Cougar, a bar owned by an American ex pat. It is right on the strip, facing the water. Great views, fun drinks and good food.
  5. Agreed. Since no insurance there is no benefit to cancelling her out.
  6. Royal for us. Partly because both Carnival and Royal offer multiple opportunities to sail from Tampa or Port Canaveral. And because of our status on these two lines. We tried Celebrity and Holland but they are a bit too sedated for me. I would be willing to try a new ship with NCL.
  7. Agree with Park n Go. We left from Port Everglades on the last record breaking day and it was chaos. The shuttle took the back way and we missed most of the traffic.
  8. I checked out the Ultra offerings and decided to pass. Free interior, $500 fun play and free drinks for two in the casino are simply not worth it to me. I have two Elites booked for next year, and will see how those go. For those, I have a spa balcony on the Horizon and a suite on the Mardi Gras, so I am somewhat offended they are now sending me free interiors and this is after getting 38,000 points on my recent 13 night Premier cruise.
  9. I don't understand the logic in children or spouses or significant others getting a cruiser's matching status. If you sail, you get the points. If you don't sail but paid for the cruise, currently you get no points. So why give points (or more accurately, status) to people who have not sailed?
  10. So how is it? Casino packed? Getting nice treats? Have the contests (other than for the big prizes) been open to all players? While I enjoyed my recent Premier cruise (13 nights Panama Canal crossing on the Miracle), I probably will not book another Premier unless it is an itinerary I really want to cruise. The perks were nice, but very few true benefits for being part of the Premier group. There was a very nice welcome cocktail party and a slot tournament on the last sea day for Premiers who reached at least 2,000 points, but all other drawings were open to all. We have two elite cruises coming up, and I am hoping those feel more special. If not, I will have Cheers and just spend less time and money in the casino.
  11. Thank you. This has been a pleasure to read and very helpful
  12. They usually are. My invite is for Nov. 5th so I will try to post the dates once I see them.
  13. Correct. That is part of what makes this whirlpool so nice. Plus not everyone on the ship knows it is there so it is usually not crowded.
  14. A bit off topic but there is a nice hot tub in the fitness center on the Miracle.
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