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  1. No it is "Dona Beatriz" "Licor de Mandarina" I'm taking it right off the empty bottle bought it several years ago in Puerto Vallarta
  2. Thank you for the input, I have wanted to do this on each visit the past few years and have set my mind to this visit.
  3. WATER FROM THE SHOWER HEADS Folks, My wiFe is disabled, one of the things she requires to enjoy her cruise is to remain hydrated. As such we bring on board a case of Arrowhead one gallon plastic bottle's, which lasts us both over a week at sea. Each day during her shower in the roll in shower in the accessible cabin we reserve, without it she would not be able to cruise anymore. I say all this to provide the bases for our comment on the water supply coming out of the shower. As we use a number of towels during her showering and a few years ago I notice when I set the handheld shower head face down on the white towel on the shower seat. When I picked it up to rinse her off, I noticed that an orange colored outline of the shower head water hole pattern was embossed on the towel That trip was on the Crown or the Ruby, I will try to find the pictures I took. That sure makes me wonder how good the water really is??? Each trip we go on, I do the same thing (we usually go on two trips per year) and the same pattern has appeared on the towel each time. I will try to post when I find them. I think we will continue to bring our own water Try it next time you cruise to see what condition the water is. I did report it each time we Cruised, even put it in the questionnaire each time they sent it out. No action was taken that I know of.
  4. Ever since we went on a Mex Rivera cruise and found a bottle of "Licor de Mandarina" in a bottle shop in Cabo or PV, we have hunted for this great Mandarin Liqueur. Has anyone found this, we will be in Cabo and Ensenada in the next few weeks and would like to buy several bottles!! Thank you in advance, for helping!!!!
  5. Thanks Mike45LC, Any recommendation's on making a reservation with a credible operator, that I can be sure they will come back and get me?
  6. Has anyone rented or chartered a small boat for a few hours and be dropped off on the beach to go from Sea to Shining Sea.?
  7. Has anyone taken a boat to lovers beach and been dropped off so you could walk from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific?
  8. I Have always wondered how best to get to Lovers Beach. Which if I am not mistaken spans the Gulf and Pacific ocean. We have always wanted to make the walk between the two however, I have never seen a excursion, with Princess that lands folks on the beach for a chance to do walk on the beach's for a couple of hours. Any thoughts??
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