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  1. Where can I find this announcement?
  2. What bill tracker do you use?
  3. Thank you for starting this thread- I've enjoyed it immensely. We are looking forward to every aspect.... The next time I cruise I will: * Savor the car ride to the port * Savor the excited feeling of seeing our ship in the distance and keeping a close eye on her as we approach * Tip the baggage guys extra as they sweep our bags onto the luggage cart * Enjoy every moment of the check-in process no matter how tedious it may be in the future- pinky promise * Sit in the suite lounge before boarding and enjoy the space for a few minutes * Kiss my husband as we step onboard as if mistletoe is hanging over our heads- it will be such a gift to be onboard * Take a glass of champagne as we happily and thankfully head for the retreat or Micheals' club- enjoying the sights and sounds of other passengers laughing and enjoying life * Greet every crew member like a long lost friend- well- at least smiles and an air hug (thanks Covid) * As tradition- buy a wine package for a glass of wine in our cabin before dinner * Have dessert from Luminae sent to the cabin so we can eat it on the balcony, under the stars...we love doing this Enjoy. Every. Moment. Until we meet again... Amy
  4. Probably not since they prefer to take our money and then take their time giving refunds. Very frustrated with how Celebrity is handling this....a month at a time cancellation. Amy
  5. Which sailing are you on? We are on 1/16/2021.
  6. Thanks for the information. On S-class- we love SS, CS on hump and RS- those are our usual go-to's. Looking at E-class floor plans- we were wondering just how different the CS is- plus the balcony looked smallish- of course there is no hump balcony. Maybe we will stay put for now.
  7. I feel your pain and understand your frustration. Similar situation happened to us. Everyone can cite the cruise contract all they want but is frustrating to have so much money tied up. In our situation, the travel insurance company did not help us out- they had a pandemic clause- of course they did- ugh. The right thing to do would be to refund half of your money and the other half as FCC. IMHO that would be fair. I am Elite Plus on my way to Zenith so have been a Celebrity fan but will admit I have been frustrated with the way I was treated. Having said that, these were really tough decisions to make-mine, yours and Celebrity's. Every industry was struggling in March trying to do the right thing and decide when to pull the plug. You and hundreds of others got caught in the middle. I am a healthcare leader and even healthcare institutions were struggling - whether to keep elective surgeries going, when to stop, do we have enough PPE, etc...not an easy time for any of us. Amy
  8. We are booked for January 2021 on Apex in a sky suite...thinking of upgrading to CS- hopeful but doubtful this sailing will happen...
  9. From my perspective- you did not charter a private yacht so their will be other passengers- some louder than others. I have been on cruises with loud groups and while annoying at times, I try and focus on how happy they are being together and how much fun they are having. Its made a difference. When in Alaska- we had a family next to us who had a baby that cried 24/7. At times we could hear it through the walls and it was horrific when we tried to sit on our balcony. At first we were really mad- then we became empathetic toward the family as it was no fun for them either. By day 3 the baby calmed down quite a bit so was happy we did not complain and make a dig deal about it. Lastly, I will also say that I have been part of a party of 6 and several nights we laughed ourselves silly while dining in Luminae. 3 of us have loud voices- that carry. We are not inconsiderate or rude- just enjoying our wonderful vacation together- feeling fortunate to have this experience. I hope you can find peace and joy and remember- others are also on vacation- enjoying themselves. Amy
  10. Great trip report!! We are doing this itinerary August 2020....thank you for sharing. amy
  11. Thanks for the info. we are taking this same cruise in 2020!
  12. My brother-in law who is an attorney wrote that review, i did not. we are traveling together.
  13. Hello Fellow CC'ers- Stay far away from the Ambassede. The Ambassede Hotel in Amsterdam quoted us 346 Euro per night for a superior room- of which we received the quote in writing on their letterhead. Upon booking the hotel we noticed the rate went up to 436 per night. After speaking with Linde at the hotel, she informed us the inital quote was a typo and that they would NOT honor the price as quoted. I immediately alerted our friends who had already booked and received a confirmation for the 346 euro per night price. When they checked, Linde informed them it was a typo and that the new rate would be 436 euro per night- despite receiving a confirmation email with the 346 euro per night. We cancelled our reservations. From our perspective, even if it were a "typo", they should still honor the reservation that was booked and confirmed. Changing the price AFTER the booking/confirmation is unscrupulous. PS for those that may doubt this story- please let me know- I'd be happy to forward you the emails to your home email. Jim and Amy P
  14. Congratulations and Enjoy!
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