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  1. We play a lot of 3 card poker when sailing but do not recall the pay tables. hope you get the answer you are looking for. Amy
  2. you may already know this....in the casino, cash in your OBC for promotional chips to gamble with. When you win, you get regular chips you turn in for real cash...of course the key to that phrase is, when you win! In 2019 on our Ireland/Iceland cruise with Celebrity, we had a ton of OBC due to a price drop. We used this method and were lucky enough to make quite a bit of money- double our OBC. Hit a few streaks at the 3 card poker table! Enjoy. Amy
  3. and the Willis Tower in Chicago is still the Sears Tower to us 🙂 Butler it is 🙂
  4. They surely are trying to kill the cruise industry. Air travel has had no restrictions and people are in confined spaces for long periods of time. Ugh
  5. ENJOY your fabulous cruise!! So happy for you. We can hardly wait to get back on board! amy
  6. What is the requirement for embarkation? Are they are they requiring a covid test? Same for disembarkation- are you being tested before you get off? The celebrity FAQ said that for cruises longer than 4 days. covid testing will occur the 3rd day before disembarkation. I really want to cruise but don't want to worry about a possible positive test (false positive or actual positive)- we are vaccinated...
  7. Congratulations! I soooo want to sail this summer but have not convinced DH ...yet.
  8. We aren't booked on Apex until January 2022 in SS1...so am hoping ya'll will share pictures and thoughts as soon as you can! Happy sailing! Wish we were joining you. Be safe and stay well!
  9. We love the priority embarkation/disembarkation process. When tenders are involved being able to be escorted, by your butler, to the front of the line is the best especially in hard to get to place such as santorini!!! It is also helpful getting off ahead of other cruisers when meeting your local guide...love it! Speaking of Santorini- we climbed the stairs down to where the tenders were waiting and were so HOT when done we just wanted to get back to our cabin. The line for the tenders were 200 people deep so we walked to the front of the line and simply asked if
  10. I am glad they posted the link!! Thank you cruise critic!! Fouremco- If you are not interested in this thread then stop reading and responding to everyone's comments. For goodness sake, you said your peace. Let us do the same. Amy
  11. Great thread. Great comments and questions from everyone. Hopefully my questions will be answered as the protocol rolls out...yes I've seen the health sail panel, MSC and TUI protocols. Curious where RCG lands. as a healthcare provider- I'm interested in protocols that describe what happens if you test positive during the disembarkation test. Where will you quarantine in St. Maarten and for how long? What happens if another passenger gets sick with COVID during the cruise- do you return to ST. Maarten port and quarantine there? For how long? and on and on and on...
  12. Check the numbers- while low compared to most of the US- Numbers are changing VANCOUVER | News First update in 4 days: 549 new cases of COVID-19 in B.C., 5 deaths Published Tuesday, October 13, 2020 7:07AM PDTLast Updated Tuesday, October 13, 2020 10:22PM PDT
  13. Looking forward to it!! What a great cruise and reminder that things can start to return to a new normal.
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