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    Belize Pharmacy in town

    I too ordered online with the card they gave me at the pharmacy and sent a check in with a copy of my order. I have not heard back from them, that was in February. Good Luck!
  2. wileycat

    Grand Princess ship review for Western Caribbean

    I don't whine and complain, but I sure got under your skin, and by the way its my wonderful state of Colorado too.You really sound like a bitter person, you must of had a really awful mattress on your cruise. Why don't you lighten up and you will enjoy life more.:p
  3. wileycat

    Grand Princess ship review for Western Caribbean

    You made my point! I think I am to open minded for this crew..no worries...happy trails.;) Guess I touched a nerve!!
  4. wileycat

    Grand Princess ship review for Western Caribbean

    I really enjoy cruises, but after this last one I think we will go jeeping in the rockies for our next vacation. Hate to complain too, but sometimes its needed. Last two cruises I did not have one single complaint.:)
  5. wileycat

    Grand Princess ship review for Western Caribbean

    Just a comment on the "first time posters always complain" or whatever it was. I have been reading these boards for years and never really felt the need to post, I use this as a tool for choosing cruises. I believe alot of people do not post their true feelings because they will get BLASTED!!! And they usually do! Thats why I just hang out here and read hilarious stuff from some really small, closed minded people. I think this is post #7 or 8 for me, if you are counting!:p
  6. wileycat

    Mattress pads/Egg Crate/ Grand Princess

    Our bed was so bad the eggcrate did not help, in fact I did not even realize it was on. You might want to pick up a new bed before you get to the ship!! HA!
  7. wileycat

    Grand Princess ship review for Western Caribbean

    I too was on that ship, my fiance and I decided on Princess after two trips with RC. We thought it was a step up. This was the worst time I have ever had on a ship. We were so excited for this cruise and from the moment we stepped on the ship we were determined that we were going to have a great time no matter what! We were so bored, excitement was checking out the odd combinations of food on the buffet, the layout of the ship was very odd. The worst was the bed, the "cot" description was right on the money. Yes we asked for an eggcrate, it was about 1/2 inch thick, so our cabin attendant gave us pillows to sleep on. We both were so sore when we left the ship. I never would have ever thought I would say "I want off this ship". but I did many times! Our balcony railing was in need of new varnish and we spent the week pulling splinters out of our hands. All the ports we went to were great and we had a great time. I spoke with many others on this ship that shared the same complaints. I did my homework on this cruise, so don't bash me. I clearly picked the wrong ship. I will not dismiss Princess altogether. I feel I did not get what I payed for, and Yes I did send Princess a letter. Flame away folks!!!