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  1. For opening the safe on past cruisies, I just went to one of the stores that had gift cards that you could put any amount on, and got one with $1.00 on it! I used that as my safe key on 3 Grandeur cruises! I'm interested in all of the new spaces on Grandeur as well! Next year will be our first cruise on it since 2007! Take Care!
  2. The Summit out of New Jersey gets to Bermuda at 8:00 am on Day 1 (Off the ship by 9), and leaves at 4:30 PM on Day 3. So you really feel like you have a full 3 days to do anything you want on those days! Just got back a week ago, and had fantastic weather all 3 days! I LOVE Bermuda...just a BEAUTIFUL island, and very relaxing. I'll be returning again soon! :)
  3. And if you go right to the spa when you board, you might even be asked to be a "model" for one of the treatments, and receive that FREE! My SIL and I were asked on the Century, and she chose to "Model" the seaweed wrap and massage, I chose to eat and tour the ship! On our last cruise on the Mercury, when I went directly to the spa upon boarding, they were offering 50% off Hot stone masages, which also included an extra 15 minutes scalp massage...but it was for when the ship departed. Since I'd already experienced the ship leaving Baltimore, I grabbed it! I also got an additional massage for 25% off the regular price by booking it at the same time. I had that one the night before we got back to Baltimore! GREAT beginning and ending of a cruise. I hope to be able to get a special like this on our cruise on the 27th! :)
  4. One of my favorite cruises EVER was on the Galaxy in 2004. We cruised the week BEFORE Spring Breaks would start, and brought our daughter, who was 15 at the time along with us. Onboard for that cruise was 25 other kids under 18, and all of the cruise counselors that had been hired for the next week's onslaught of 500 kids that would be boarding for spring break. We had 2-3 counselors for every child onboard....it was WONDERFUL! Our daughter has never had a cruise that was more fun. Each morning they would knock on our door to take our daughter from us around 10, and she would return for dinner, and then a group would take her out of the dining room after dessert. Because she was so involved in all of the activities they were trying out that week, she was having fun, staying out of all of the adults hair, and we also got to have a GREAT time knowing she was too in a safe setting. She even "Hosted" a party in our suite with some friends (the nine other teens onboard and their counselors) while we were out one night with chocolate strawberries and sodas!:) The biggest thing a parent needs to do if they're bringing along the kiddos is to GET THEM INVOLVED IN THE KIDS PROGRAMS! When the programs are closed, then that should be family time. We've also done summer cruises with our kids, and parents need to plan their time so it DOES revolve around the kids programs...which means early seating for dinner. Our kids really enjoyed them, and remember our cruises with great memories! Just to add to the "other" side of this though; I have been on a Spring Break Cruise on NCL, and another summer cruise where my daughter, her friend, and I went on Grandeur of the Seas for her graduation gift. Those tow cruises were rody, crazy, and disorganized! Both were our own fault as far as I'm concerned....we booked mainstream cruislines, during kid season, and got what we asked for!:eek: The Grandeur was the worst...our cruise was the LAST cruise where 18 year olds were allowed to drink beer & wine with parent's permission, and there was partying and puking eveywhere. I'd like to know where the parents were that signed off on that group of KIDS (18's were NOT acting like adults on that cruise!) Take Care, Jaime
  5. I was on the Millenium in cabin 7176 years ago, and the balcony is TWICE the size of the other regular balcony staterooms. There's 8-10 cabins aft on deck 7 that have these wonderful balconies. Our next door neighbor even had them bring a lounge chair to enjoy on hers! You just have to decide if if that extra bit of balcony is more important than the Concierge perks. It's a bigger balcony than the regular rooms, but by no means HUGE! Only you can decide what is more imortant to you.;) Take Care, Jaime
  6. This will be a never ending debate on this site. Just remember...only 10% of all cruisers actually read and/or post on Cruise Critic. Basically, those that are looking for an arguement here are "preaching to the choir". Most of us on Cruise Critic KNOW how to dress on a cruise, and for the most part will dress that way, and enjoy ourselves reguardless. I started cruising 13 years ago....way after a lot of other people on this board, and I can honestly say that in 13 years, on 4 different cruiselines, I HAVE seen jeans worn on every single cruise in the dining room. On my last cruise on Mercury, there were quite a few in the dining room in jeans on smart casual nights, and the new t-shirts bought in port that day....It didn't ruin my cruise, and I enjoyed each and every meal!:) Cruising isn't what it was 20-30 years ago...and things have become so relaxed in our culture, that it probably never will be again. For the most part, mostly everyone was dressed very nice on our last cruise...but I'm now seeing less evening gowns and tuxes, and it looks more like church clothes instead of formal wear...its okay...I LOVE dressing on formal nights, and as long as they have those nights listed, I still will. I have control over what "I" wear, and that's all I'm going to concern myself with....I want to enjoy my vacations...and not try to find a way to control those around me! As far as smart casual nights though...I can honestly say I've NEVER seen anyone in shorts, tank tops, or swimwear in the dining room for dinner on ANY cruise...so for the most part, most cruisers DO know the basics. This Jeans/pants issue has always been too silly, and I'm glad its now a mute issue for Celebrity!:) ~Jaime
  7. First time I've seen someone else from Shepherdstown on here! I LOVE cruising out of Baltimore, so my last five cruises have been from there (I REALLY hate flying for cruises...I shop too much, and have major problems with the luggage weight issues AFTER a cruise!) But my first love is Celebrity, and with Cape Liberty being just a bit over 3 1/2 hours from here, we're going to try the new Silhouette next year, instead of heading to Baltimore. BTW...I'm on Ridge Road at least 3 or 4 times a week heading to Charles Town...I live on Rt. 45! Take Care, ~Jaime
  8. What was the weather like on your cruise? If it's a cool weather sailing, I know just about every cruiseline will open up their "Adults Only" inside swimming areas to families at certain times, but will still try to maintains some time for quiet, adult, time. We did a New England/Canada cruise on the Golden Princess years ago, and it had times stated on the inside pool at which times would be adults only time...since that was the only pool anyone could really swim in. If Celebrity has a ship full of families on a cooler weather cruise, then it's only fair for them to try and share this area with families for their enjoyment too, but schedule those adults only times so adults wanting relaxation and peace can have the time and place they paid for too. Take Care, Jaime
  9. I think it comes down to more people are more comfortable and relaxed in familiarity. For some, a vacation is all about relaxation...not the go, go, go aspect that some see as having fun. If you go on the same ship, then you know your way around, and may even know a few crew members onboard that'll give you that "This is MY ship" feeling! Some may enjoy certain destinations, and it make take 5, 10, 15 stops at these places before they see and do everything they'd like to...or they may have found that perfect beach, and love going back time and time again! Some people may only go on certain ships because of where they're home ported. Me, for example, I HATE flying, and I really don't want to have to start or end the perfect, relaxing, vacation, by dealing with the stress of flying. On my Century cruise I had booked, I was flying to San Diego, the day before embarkation. I would relax for a full day, then get on the Century, and relax for 17 more days before I got to DRIVE home at the end of the cruise. I LOVE seeing new places, and I LOVE being on different ships, but the no flying thing ends up making my decision for me 90% of the time! I can go on the same ship multiple times, and still find different things to do in every port, or just stay on the ship and relax. Can't wait until the next cruise....drive to port, the same destinations as my last cruise, but a completely different NEW ship. For me the next cruise is all about the SHIP being the ultimate destination! Take Care, Jaime
  10. Each cruise will have different set prices for "Upgrades." Of course it's by supply and demand. If there's lots of balcony cabins still unoccupied, then of course they'll be cheaper to get. If there's only one or two...then more expensive. As an example, I know someone that paid $400.00 to upgrade from a regular balcony room on the Mercury, to a Sky Suite (of course it would have been lots more if they were paying from an ocean view, or inside). To do that the day before the cruise, by calling Celebrity and upgrading then would have cost $1500.00. But you book the absolute minimum cabin you're willing to sail in, and take a chance by waiting until you get to the port, and try to buy the upgrade there. Look on the cruiseline website...if you still see LOTS of cabins available, and you have the $$$, then take the chance. Go to the pier with every plan to be in the room you are booked in, so there's NO disappointment. If you want to try to purchase an upgrade though, you HAVE to be there EARLY!!! Take Care, Jaime
  11. Going on the 12 day our of Baltimore in March is pretty easy to judge. Dress for coolness the first day....and even if you check the weather, and everything SEEMS like it'll be okay for embarlation day, pack a warm outfit anyway...you may need it for disembarkation day! Your first day will be easy to plan (watch weather.com...plan accordingly!) On our March cruise, we had 70's...so it was wonderful! Even sat outside in our bathrobes on our balcony, and watched the lights of the shoreline pass us by and then enjoyed going over the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel, and seeing the lights of Virgina Beach disappearing in the distance. It was cool...(50's at that time of night, but bearable in bathrobes!)and after midnight. The first day at sea will start out coolish...not warm enough for swimming, but warm enough you can be in capris/shorts and t-shirts. By late afternoon it will be WARM! What happens is the first day heading south, the captains make straight for the gulf stream...once they hit that, it'll start feeling tropical (getting to the gulf stream can be just a touch bumpy...but one in the gulf stream, it usually calms down to normal cruising). By the next sea day, you'll be able to lay out in the sun, and enjoy your cruise! Heading home, it's in the opposite direction...but the captains keep the ships in the gulf stream as long as possible. In November, we could actually see the ship leaving the gulfstream....the water color and waves changed. The temps dropped probably 15-20 degrees in just a matter of 30 minutes! This happens on the last sea day right before noon. After that it's cool enough, really it's a great time to just pack.:rolleyes: Now the reason why I said to bring a warm outfit "Just in case," was because on our cruise in 2004, we came home the first week of April to 20's!!! The poor pool guys were setting up pool chairs wearing orange parkas!! We were smart enough to have one warm outfit, and a light jacket with us....thank goodness. Some people were freezing...leaving the ship in shorts...because the day of embarkation was 75...and that's what they had to travel home in...their tropical cruisewear! Hope all of this helps!! Jaime
  12. Well, the redeployment department just finished the mess with the Mercury, when they then had to turn around and clean up the Century mess. Believe me...these people ARE NOT happy right now! I got in touch with Dawn in the redeployment department, who had nothing but a set of rules to go by in rebooking all the Century cruises. It was NOTHING like the press release, and she HAD to go by that, because the way Celebrity put the rules into the computer, she said it had to go MUCH higher than the redeployment department to override the mess CELEBRITY had made of the rebooking of the Century. Because I was able to Fax them the very first Press release on the day it was issued, I have a very small chance of getting the cruise I rebooked on with the onboard credits Celebrity offered. You see, in the original press release, they offered an entire listing for anyone who had a cruise cancelled from Nov. 1, 2011- March 2012 out of Baltimore. Included in the offerings were Hawaiian Cruises and Western Caribbean cruises (NONE of the cruises cancelled during those dates were Hawaiian or Western Caribbean cruises). I rebooked from a Panama Canal Cruise to an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. I kept ALL of my original OBC's, but as of right now, even though I rebooked one of the cruises THEY offered, I DON'T get an OBC for rebooking with one of their choices. You see, by the time redeployment was told what the rules were, it was NOTHING like the press release. Passengers HAVE to rebook "Like accomodations on a comparable cruise" to get those OBC's now, whereas the first day, it just said I had to book in the same accomodations on the cruises listed. Celebrity caught their error after the first day, and anyone contacting them after Day 1 had to go by the new rules. I on the other hand had to FAX in the press release, and send in a letter with exactly what I wanted....which is nothing more than the OBC's originally offered. According to redeployment, maybe a handful had caught the error! The day after I sent the fax, I got a phonecall back, VERY NICE from the same person. She was very apologetic, could see exactly where the error was (she'd NEVER seen the press release), but NO ONE in redeployment could do anything. So I was then told to send certified letters to Celebrity to let them know where they messed up. They are dated and certified so they'll know I was rebooking on that FIRST DAY with the cruises offered in the original press release. My reservation number is included so they can go back and see I rebooked on day 1 when all of the cruises were included in the offer. That first night with the redeployment desk was HELL! But once I talked to the same person the next night, and she explained what their position is, I had to admit, I'd hate their job with Celebrity right now. It ended with me feeling like the people at Celebrity who have to work with us directly really do care. But there are times where the "Money Makers" for the cruiseline tie their hands so tight, it infuriates us all. We all have to step back...and I'm guilty of this too....to see that these people are just the messengers (Don't shoot them!) If you don't like what they have to say, then write letters to anyone higher than them. Yes, it's old fashioned, but a certified letter goes a long way to show YOU care enough to see the situation through. I'm rebooked for the new Silhouette, so I'm happy at this point, but would be THRILLED if I got the additional credits!:D Take Care, ~Jaime
  13. The last time I looked, as they were adding the new sailings, the Baltimore ones are coming off. Also, even if you can bring up a Baltimore sailing, it won't let you even begin to make a resrvation....that's how a lot of us here on Cruise Critic new something was up as early as last week before they even made an announcement.:( ~Jaime
  14. Century cruises have been cancelled!:( The Century will now be cruising "Down Under" and South Pacific for the 2011-2012 season. MY cruise bringing the Century to Baltimore was one of them cancelled....I also had a Mercury cruise out of Charleston Cancelled. NOT a good time for me to be booking cruises I guess! ~Jaime
  15. LOTS of parking, too! The grassy field to the left of the terminal is also a parking lot now! With three ships using the port this past year, they had to build a third lot! If you have to park in the farthest lot to the far right in the picture, they do have shuttle busses to get you to the terminal (the Mercury had to use that lot last November!) Take Care, Jaime
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