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  1. is it allowed ? anyone with experience cruising with it ?
  2. Please note that these “fridges” are really coolers. They are not safe for food.. sodas yes, not food. Especially baby food and formula.
  3. Let me share an incident a friend of mine had. She has custody and bio has some visitation and he gave verbal consent to cruise with their daughter. At the last minute, in Port Canaveral prior to heading to port he called her to say he changed his mind. Threaten to fax custody papers to police and have her arrested. Needless to say she did not cruise that day. She learned not to trust verbal consent from him. He did this 2 other times gave consent via email but changed mind again and advised her via email. Luckily both other times was done even before final payment. So off to court she went, judge was not happy with him and new court papers stating she can go whenever and wherever she wants including international and he cannot do anything about it.
  4. Also be aware they can have a real fear as everything is so large. Grandson freaked out on initial boarding for his first cruise but was fine once on
  5. I know on line check in opens 90 days out. Is that after midnight on the 90th day? Or when businesses open ? do they ever open up early?
  6. Is hemp oil allowed on ships ?
  7. What cruise line would you recommend to a loyal Carnival cruiser ? Want to see Europe .
  8. For YTD which dining room and is it upper or lower ?Read that for YTD you have to check in somewhere on deck 5 ? Is there a different check in for Diamond cruiser for dining ? Are you able to walk outside totally around the ship ? Is this in the Havana area and if so can a non Havana cruiser walk through there during the day ? Thank you for your time
  9. I thought so too. However just 2 hours ago I was able to hold a cabin for Sept 16, 2018 ! That’s in 26 days. I was quite surprised. And it shows the cruise under my Manage My Cruise list. All done online.
  10. Is this cabin in the shade under a lifeboat or between them and in the sun.Thank you for your time
  11. What is the last date a Carnival booked excursion can be cancelled for a full refund ?
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