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  1. Just a little background, our family of 3 usually sails about once a year so this is my dd, age 12, 9th cruise. We have been on NCL, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity (before dd) and Disney. We sailed the Dawn before refurbishment when it was actually a Nickelodeon themed cruise complete with Dora and Sponge Bob. Most recently, we have sailed the Gem and Breakaway. We love the convenience of sailing out of NY (less than an hour from home) and this was a repeat itinerary for us. I am first providing her reveiw and will add my comments at the end. This summer I went o
  2. Thanks for the info - I am assuming I will see this once I am on board. Does anyone know if there are limitations to having the child access? Really just looking for a way she can text and let me know what she is up to (still at Splash Academy, getting ice cream with friend...)
  3. Leaving Saturday on Dawn and just downloaded the NCL app to all our phones. It then asks for our log in for ncl which works for my husband and me as we each have an account but she doesn't. So my question is will she be able to get her own number from ncl to use the app for texting/calling us on board? Is this something we will have to visit the internet cafe to set up for her? In the past, we have just made meeting times and left notes in the room but thought we would try to "upgrade" this trip. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Thank you to all - OBC looks like it will work out the best!
  5. So probably a silly question, but the on board credit will just be linked to her card - not separate certificate or gift card that she would have to have with her? Also, if she doesn't use it all, can it be applied to her DSC? Thanks again.
  6. I will be sailing with my dd age 12 in a few weeks. Is there a way to give her a limited amount of spending money to use on the ship? Can I use cash to set up her own on board account? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  7. Thank you both for sharing! We will be on the Dawn in August to Florida and Bahamas and I am definitely in the planning process so a couple of questions. Does anyone have copies of the recent dallies? Any feedback on entertainment in the smaller venues? What night is the Glow Party? Is there a full size hair dryer kept in one of the drawers by the desk area? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Considering this cruise for August - did the Gem last year and loved it - perfect size and just right combo of activities for us. Loved not having to book dinner and show reservations like on the Breakaway. Traveling with 12 year old dd and husband. If my daughter finds friends in the kids club all will be fine but concerned if she doesn't find a group to hang out with, there will not be enough on board to entertain her. Also, wondering about entertainment in lounges. Last year on Gem spent almost every night being entertained by Justin (combo of singer/piano/improv guy). Anyone have any
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