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  1. Covered in first post. July 13 , this week is final payment due.
  2. we cancelled. Full cash refund of the deposits and no committment to a future Disney cruise. Some airplane reservations all ready made but I hope we will rebook and use the tickets on the same cruise but its now my choice when we go.
  3. We booked Wonder, Alaska, July 13 for 3 rooms. The final payment is due this week. If I cancel I remove the financial risk but give up the rooms we selected. Based on their new cancellation policy and original contract if I send them the $30,000 they then control all the conditions of the cruise. We are four months away from sailing with "uncertain times". Their temporary cancellation policy for European cruises moves the final payment and cancellation dates closer to sailing. Our Alaska cruise is business as usual. any opinions?
  4. About 10 years ago , pre Gentry, we booked a Crystal Panama Canal cruise. After final payment they cancelled our cruise. They gave us a full refund, covered our airline fees, and a free future cruise. We eventually booked another Panama Canal cruise going the other direction. Never knew why it was cancelled but very impressed that we got a free cruise from them. Sounds like the new management has a different attitude. Our last 6 cruises were Regent, Crystal, 3 Seabourn and now Silversea. All have an excellent product with slight differences. Once onboard the experience is great. Last cruise on Silversea had home office problems eventually resolved. Hope Crystal makes their guests happy and will watch what happens.
  5. We were on Silversea Spirit last week when Philippines and Taiwan closed to ships. I am home today instead of Taipei as was scheduled. Silversea gives 100 % refund and 25% fcc, and they arranged for our flights home. I have been on Crystal before and our choice this time was between this cruise and the one we booked Bangkok to Taipei. Really impressed with Silversea's handling of this and very disappointed on how Crystal is doing it. Makes future bookings an easier choice.
  6. We were told that spirit leaves today to go to Manila for their next cruise on Saturday. The crew was to sanitize the whole ship. all of the passengers would be off today.
  7. Well at 1030 last night we gave up getting our tickets and catching the bus Then the couple we travel with called and said they just got their tickets and there was an 1130 bus. So I went down to reception and they said they were downloading them any minute. A half hour later they said they had printed and gave me the sheet. The sheet had a 9am flight to Dubai and then on to London. Turns out it was someone else’s tickets. 10 minutes later I was told that they had mine but it was too late to get the bus. I went back to the room and waved goodbye to our friends from our balcony as they went down the gangplank. went back down to reception and discussed options since the ship was leaving. Told them that we would just book our own return to Honolulu in the morning.. so at midnight We give up and go to bed. At 1am they phone and and have us booked on a 9am flight and the 430 am bus, we agreed to that and am now sitting in the business lounge in Seoul waiting for our Honolulu flight home. we will beat our friends who left last night by 12 hours. the home office was absolutely atrocious at handling this and the crew on board were spectacular. happy half way home and all is good.
  8. I thought we were doing good. On Saturday they said Bangkok would let us in and they’re making airline reservations for everyone.. got call that we were booked bkk to dxb to lax to hnl on February 11. Its a long ways to go but it’s Emirates business class at it gets us out of Asia. Captain announced everyone would have tickets by dinner time Sunday. With still no tickets on Monday we made multiple trips To reception and were told that home office was sending them soon. They said be ready for the 10 pm bus to the airport. Now its 10 pm and our next big decision is do we sit by the gangway with suitcases or go to bed. Crew is great, home office keeps screwing it up. people at next table at dinner were told all is good and Silversea took them to the airport this morning but brought them back in the afternoon when the airline said their reservation was not good.. some people are gone but always someone at reception trying to get answers like us. Spirit leaving tomorrow afternoon don’t know what we are doing. They are so positive when we talk to them and then it doesn’t happen. Saturday seemed like they had it handled and we were going home, Sunday still optimistic but starting to doubt, Monday sucks. looks like we are not going to the airport after all just to bed now with no airplane tickets at all. I can book my own tomorrow but they keep saying they will be here soon. I think I’ll sleep in the room and give up on listening to Silversea.
  9. well at 7 pm the captain asked for all passengers to go to the theater. He announced that Saigon won’t let us in so we are now headed back to Bangkok. So maybe on the11th they will get us on airplanes. so we are slowing headed that way now. no berths available till then. dinner was good.
  10. Well it changed this morning. The original cruise ended next Saturday in Hong Kong but got changed last Saturday to end in Manila. Today it’s changed to end in Vietnam this Saturday. Philippines and Taiwan are closed for cruise ships. we are now headed back to Saigon and getting lots of announcements about their plans for us. they are handing everyone s airline changes and a full refund of the cruise fares. not their fault but they are doing a great job of making it good for us.
  11. We are on spirit now. When boarding in Bangkok our agent forwarded an email stating itinerary has changed ship not going to Hong Kong , getting to Taipei 1 day early. We were to get off there but now our disembarkation day is a sea day. When checking in at the dock we were told they will assist those with Silversea air but if you had a agent call them and if you did your own then you are on your own. We went to reception asking if we could stay on 2 days to Manila or we had to get off early? We were told that they needed to contact home office and since it was Saturday it might take a while . We are also across the dateline so 3 days later there was still no response and they told us to contact our agent. We emailed our agent and they contacted home office and were told that home office didn’t know anything about an itinerary change. Lots of people on board with doing their own arrangements not happy with the way they handled the information. today they changed Saturdays port. not impressed with the way they are handling it, home office or reception we are 5 days in and no answer to stay or go. On the positive side the food is good .
  12. To me it seems like this is an important status symbol for some passengers and of no importance to others. If you score the captain, excellent officers great, H D or C D or engineers good , Singers and dancers not as good, waiters bartenders room steward never. I've been on 25 or so cruise ships, Sojourn last December Quest last May and I could not tell you the name of any crew member on any of them. We are on Quest again this November and I will try to pay more attention as to who is who at dinner. Different strokes.
  13. We flew in to Anchorage and drove to the harbor a couple years ago. The rates were not unreasonable for the one way rental. Nice drive down there and the road and train tracks run side by side. Nice drive good roads. stopped at a ski area / hotel for breakfast and took chair up for view and snow. Then another stop where you drive thru and there are bears and moose and other animals to see. In Whitter we drove around to see this hugh military building built in the 50s and abandoned for last 70 years but still looks usable. The same tunnel is used by the cars and trains . its controlled at both ends so if no trains then cars go one direction then the other. You can get the schedule each way and arrive close to the time. otherwise you will wait your turn, I think we waited about 45 minutes . We dropped our luggage at the ship and the rental return is down the parking lot . we got a couple bottles of wine from the state liquor store they opened for us. cant remember if it was all in one store or next door. then walk back to ship. Our only problem is we flew in overnight from Honolulu and our plane was early and the rental agency didn't open till 6am so we had to wait a half hour for them to open. I would do it again and hope our plane is a little late instead of early. V
  14. Summer Opportunity Sales Event BOOK BY JULY 31ST AND YOU MAY RECEIVE: New Special Pricing & Values* Veranda for Ocean View or Up to Three Category Veranda Upgrade* Up to $500USD Shipboard Credit per Suite* Up to $750 Air Credit per person* Complimentary Internet Package* Up to 15% savings on Combination Cruises* or maybe you will receive your weight in gold OR MAYBE YOU WONT RECEIVE ANY OF THESE no matter when you book. annoying.
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