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  1. I received a flyer for 2020 trips to South America on Mariner. According to the list posted earlier, the Mariner isn't suppose to cruise until January 2021. Is this a waist of money on advertising, or is there something wrong with the list!!!
  2. We are going to Durango over the 4th. Lots of plans for day trips in the area. Great place to cool off!!
  3. I'm on the bridge cruise, and my husband does not play. Mornings and afternoons are lessons and playing. Evenings some play or go to the entertainment . I just checked, our final payment is June 14th. Restaurants the July date. We are scheduled for the Splendor in December. If we don't get this cruise, I will have the money go toward the Dec. cruise. I'm not sure if California want's the cruise ship. They canceled state owned Univ and pro sports for the fall. I will watch the virus numbers for Mexico. I do have two tours I want to attend and not play bridge.
  4. Canceled a March 2021 trip April 13th. Received deposit today, May 15th. Oceania March 2020 trip was canceled in March, and haven't seen any money.
  5. I just found out today that the cruise fee is for future cruise credit, but the taxes on that cruise will be credited to my credit card.
  6. I was in reference to this comment about chase not covering cancellations regarding the pandemic of corona virus. Did chase mention the pandemic that we are currently experiencing?
  7. Did they mention the current condition with the virus? Whether they will cover you.
  8. All cruises canceled for two months
  9. My agent was suppose to be on that cruise, but it was canceled. She was very disappointed.
  10. We are scheduled for the 60 day Asian trip in 2021. What are the chances that there will still be health issues a year from now? Anyone else worried and thinking of canceling?
  11. Explorer 865 E merlot101 Sept 23, 2019 Starboard AFT 332 plus 132 balcony 1 both none yes Great cabin; very large balcony with lounger, 2 chairs, and a table; lots of storage and a big hanging closet; convenient to laundry; close to aft elevator but this elevator only goes to deck 5
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