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  1. GREAT descriptions of those 3!! I call Nachi. No worries from start to finish.
  2. That's a great deal, sounds fun!! This is definitely something I would consider. Thanks for the info!!
  3. I talked to Levi right after the hurricane he was still in shock, toured with him several times, he's not only a lot of fun he's my friend. At that time I was planning a cruise that included Dominica, he told me not to come to the island it was devastated, so I didn't. Really glad to hear he's back giving great tours again. Swimming in the Emerald Pool was one of the highlights of my vacation. For those of you who booked tours with him, your in for a very memorable day. Take care Todd
  4. Other than a day pass at a resort I don't know of any beaches.
  5. When you get off the ship the first thing you walk by on the port is the Curacao Welcome Center, grab a map of the city(Willemsted) and walk around town, place is beautiful people very inviting. Curacao is very quickly becoming one of my favorite islands. Have fun.
  6. Gosh that sucks, was this a ship's tour? Hate it that they didn't honor your purchase of the Premium Plus Beverage deal, sounds a bit disingenuous that would be an unpleasant surprise. No chairs by the pool, that SUCKS, I try not to put myself in those situations, I was on St. Thomas last December EVERYBODY and they're sister headed to Magen's, I went to Secret Harbour just so something like that wouldn't happen best choice I made on my vacation. I try to avoid crowds as much as I can when I'm on any island, they get under my feet, we can only take so much. 😳 Lots of sargassum in and around Belize, I hate that for you and everyone else.
  7. I booked this through Resorts for a Day, have no idea what it cost but totally worth it. Great Staff and Crew, food was great grilled lobster/fries and hush puppy's $12 or 2 for $20 something in that range) reasonably priced, ICE COLD buckets of Miller Lite all day long. Staff always attentive. My friends sitting behind me to the right are Steve and Liz(yoyosma) from our CC group we were on the Caribbean Princess, our blue and white striped towels are Princess beach towels. The two empty seats are my friends Adelle and Don(The Bun Mom), they're not in they're seats because they're standing in front of me taking pic's. Water was some of the nicest I've seen anywhere, 3 maybe 4 barracuda's big one's, swam right in front of us. Fish all kinds everywhere, we had a big group from the ship everyone really seemed to enjoyed themselves. We tendered early started drinking as soon as I got on the dock. Once I realized our tour wouldn't be leaving for about another hour I went to the bar The Wet Lizard(perfect beach bar) great location, good drinks, hot chicks and no drunks, except me.😁 I went through the mall there wasn't much back there, when I go back to this destination I would almost certainly take this excursion again, to Goff's Caye.
  8. Yessiree, Goff's Caye certainly is not a place to chill out on the beach, catch some rays, drink a couple of buckets of Miller Lite and eat grilled lobster!! Look miserable dont I!!
  9. Saw no drunks at the Wet Lizard or any other bar in the port area. Bars were packed, if I were you and your wife, you should take your own advice and stay on the ship. Have fun on the ship. Todd
  10. I did this exact same excursion about 18 months back your going to have a great day, best snorkeling in the Caribbean and I don't snorkel much, some of the nicest water I've ever seen. Next time back to Belize I would do the same thing. Yes, grilled lobster tails I bought 2 that were awesome. GREAT food and drink, atmosphere is excellent our CC group we had a wonderful day. Have fun Todd
  11. Great choice!! Your going to have a BLAST!!
  12. Just found this post, I did this exact same tour Pile et Face at about the exact same time last December. I thought it was going to be a nice tour for many reasons it exceeded my expectation's, that's doesn't happen very often. I was the only member of our CC Roll call that did this tour $100(US) best $$$ I spent and one of the highlights of my vacation. Of course the weather which was absolutely beautiful all day and vibe were awesome, Christelle is wonderful, it's an full day excursion. Only regret would have been enough time to go in town and hit a bar or two after the tour, other than that I highly recommend this tour especially for 1st time visitors as I was. Hope that helps Todd
  13. Anyone familiar with any bars in downtown Fort-de-France they could recommend. I'm trying to plan another cruise back to this destination, going to try something different than an island tour. Really wanted to go downtown last fall and bar hop but we didn't have time, I'm not missing it this time. Thanks Todd
  14. If you decide to stay on St. Kitts Cockleshell Beach is a great beach, Marriott always a winner. I'd stick with one or the other. Have fun!!
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