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  1. Hug a 🐨 I would never let it go. I saw them on the news during the fires they're precious to the entire world not just Australia. Bounce around with kangaroos that's so awesome. I would love to snorkel the GBR, it's another dream of mine. Thank you very much for your information. See you on the Australian/New Zealand board. I have to get some sleep, I think it's already tomorrow 😃 in Australia that's so awesome. Thanks again I appreciate it. Have a nice day Todd
  2. WAWAZATT??🤭 Oh boy here we go again!! If I get the vaccine I certainly plan on it, I have no interest in sitting on my couch for the remainder of my existence. They can take their masks, curfews and social distancing and stick it where the sun don't shine. That's not how we say it in West Virginia, I'm just being nice. Nighty night
  3. That's great!! Thank you for the response sounds like you guys are getting ahead of the virus and have great protocols in place. Australia it's been a dream of mine for far too long, I'm coming down. What a Beautiful country, great people, wonderful arts awesome atmosphere, sick of thinking about it, I'll be down in the next 12-15 months. Thank you very much Todd
  4. That's hilarious I love that!! Great post!!
  5. Yesiree I'm feeling better by the minute!! We're going cruisin.......in 2022 if we're lucky.😳
  6. Jim Cramer is a low life garbage dump always has been always will be. You should have never brought his name up in this forum. Not that I had ever planned to, now I know to NEVER buy CCL stock. I don't do the stock market, it's why I get to continue to do things like this. See ya down under when they'll take us. Have a nice evening.
  7. We already know all that nonsense I want to know how things are going down under. Australia and New Zealand are a dream of mine, these destination's could very well be my next cruise. Princess has Australia and New Zealand down pat. Gimme the shot and let's go. Thanks Todd
  8. Qantas?? You won't be able to go near a commercial airport anywhere on Earth much less get on ANY commercial flight at ANY airport on Earth without some type of cheesy proof you took the vaccine. That's the whole idea. So how are things going down under? Thanks Todd
  9. You guys got me feeling better about cruising by the minute 😲. I'm packing my luggage right now, let's go.😁
  10. Thank you very much for the 18.37 post. We'll all be on a ship before we know it.🙄
  11. Jim Cramer😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 I feel so much better!! Jim Cramer I thought I'd heard it all!! Thanks travelhound!!
  12. The vaccine means nothing to me. I'll be the first one to take it and the first person to get on a commercial flight. Fly to Lauderdale get on a Princess Cruise Ship, and cruise to any island in the Caribbean. If all it's going to take to go on a cruise again is showing some form of something that I took some cheese ball vaccine, gimme the shot the certificate and let's GTF outta here and get on a ship.
  13. 😂🤣😂🤣😂 It's totally true. neverbeenhere and never going anywhere.....unless you get the phoney baloney vaccine. Don't forget the 2-liters and ham and cheese sandwiches 😊!! Oh yeah and extra batteries for your remote your going to need them.😉
  14. This is absolutely true, you won't be allowed on a cruise ship, or a commercial flight anywhere on the planet without getting the vaccine. That's the whole idea. Don't get the phoney baloney Coronascam vaccine you get to stay home sit on the couch drink 2-liters of any soda of your choice, eat ham and cheese sandwiches and do nothing. Later Todd
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