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  1. Maybe try smoking a big fatty of either OG, mango, or pineapple kush takes the edge right off for me every time. I highly recommend it. Have a great evening, I'm bed bound. Later Todd
  2. I would start out with a 20mg Lexapro twice daily and go from there. Good luck Todd
  3. Hank Love your posts they are spot on, hilarious and very entertaining. Love them. Thanks Todd
  4. I thought I really should reply to this thread simply because how much CC has meant and done for me for the last 20 year's now. I know of no one with this virus, yep I live in a small city but our hospitals are empty, we'd just a soon keep it that way. We have to wear a crummy mask everywhere it's a bit much. The virus means nothing to me, it can't touch me I'm invincible. Superior mind, superior body, true faith in God nothing can touch me. Much less some cheeseball virus. Todd in West Virginia Miss all my cruising pals we'll be back together soon. It's all that matters.
  5. Agree......from start to finish.
  6. 2008 Emerald Princess 10 day post Thanksgiving cruise so many scooters we called it The Scooter Store 500 cruise!! The common areas around the Horizon Court buffet was a race track😂, the Sun Deck was a drag strip😀 look OUT here comes granny in her turbo scooter!! Classic cruise!
  7. They're killing themselves including my beloved Princess Cruises. These cornball cruise lines that sail early and encounter a breakout need to sit off the coast of Antarctica for 18 months in quarantine and then hopefully they'll get it. In the event it happens again on the same ship take it out off the coast of Japan and turn it into an artificial reef, under 25,000 ft of water.
  8. Nobody's going anywhere or doing anything I don't care what country your from. Whether or not you can or cannot nobody's going anywhere. Hope that helps Todd
  9. There never is truth to any "rumor" ESPECIALLY when it comes to the cruise industry in its entirety. Another yawner. 😴
  10. On Levi's website you can email him directly or get his personal cellphone number off his website and text him. I did both last March about 4 months back, talked to him via text message for almost an hour he sounded great, he's ready and waiting for all of us to come back to the island. I miss Levi and Dominica terribly, all of us have had lotsa fun with Levi, I'm not finished having fun yet. I recommend texting him he'll get right back to you. No problemo. Trying to get back to Dominica but no ships will take me. 😷
  11. Wim is not running that's another one I wouldn't hold my breath on the Woodwind. Snorkelled Klien Bonaire twice with this outfit great experience both times, don't look for them to be back anytime soon. It's unfortunate.
  12. We had a group off the ship, we took Lawrence's tour to Long Bay and Turner's nice tour we all enjoyed it. If your a drinker like myself BYOB, actually if you want anything to drink bring it yourself little or nothing much to drink was the only issue I had with this tour. Tour bus was great, beaches were great not much to drink and certainly not enough to drink of anything for all of us. Lawrence great tour BYOB. Later Todd
  13. I wouldn't hold my breath on that review. I would like to hear it too, but I'm certainly not planning it. 🙄
  14. 3pm? You got bushwacked, hate it for you. Sorry I just found this thread better late than never I guess. I was here, Curacao several times, it's very unfortunate you were not on this island longer. Easily one of my favorite islands anywhere. Did the Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort day pass with about 15 others from our CC group off the ship, the Caribbean Princess. Best resort day pass in the Southern Caribbean hands down. We didn't disembark Curacao until 10pm. Spent the day at the resort got back to the ship cleaned up and went downtown and had dinner on the river. Curacao days are long and hot, drinks are tall and cold. SO AWESOME!!
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