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  1. He still doesn't know what a hotel is. Poor thing I certainly hope he figures it out.🤭
  2. Love Tri-State airport!! Boy are they doing a great job down there. Yeager Airport in Charleston is 4 miles from my home, Yeager Airport is a military drag strip, it never has been and never will be a commercial Airport. Gotta fly out of Southern West Virginia anymore you have to drive to Huntington. When it comes to Yeager Airport my mom summed it up perfectly, "they can cut the tops off 15 more mountains and it will still never be an airport" that's one of several reasons Tri-State is killing it, great little airport. I just woke up wanted to see if Clyde from the Indian tribe in NC ever decided to show up or is he still planning his next cruise with a stay at the Motel 6 in Liberty City pre-cruise. C'mon Clyde wake up I'll keep it simple when it comes to "back to hotels" and you and Ft. Lauderdale stay WEST of I-95. If I were you I'd stay as far inland as I possibly could. Hope that helps Todd
  3. Hey Cheryl!! Just trying to start one with Bubba from the Tribe of Indians from NC. Please don't one way or another or another take what I write on this board like real seriously. I'm just trying to have fun and after all these years still learning things about traveling and living on the sea. You ok? Hope all is well in the neighborhood. It's almost gotten to be a pain in the ass anymore just to stay relatively healthy. It's really ridiculous the effort and cost to stay upright focused and moving forward. I had no clue to say the least. That's an understatement. Listen to me when I rag on the Hyatt Place, ok for a night or two pre-cruise MAYBE, if that hotel is sold out, I'm pitching a tent in Total Wines parking lot. BTW there's a Bagel shop down the street from the Hyatt Place had breakfast there several times. South Florida has bagels down, YUMMY!! Know how we spell North Carolina in West Virginia..........DELTA AIRLINES. 😉 Come on Cheryl what did I tell you about that turnip truck nope didn't happen looks like it😁 but it didn't. 🙂 I wonder where Bubba from the Tribe in NC, come on bro wake up!!🙂 Cheryl have a nice evening I have to sleep. Night night.
  4. You don't know what a hotel is. Go back to sleep.😴😴😴😴
  5. Hey Clyde I stayed in The Hyatt Place when it was PACKED, given the choice to either stay at the Hyatt Place or pitch a tent out in Total Wines and More parking lot for a couple of nights, I would have taken the parking lot all day and night long. The hotels you mentioned BLOW, if those hotels are what you had in mind pre cruise hmmmmmm, they're a Days Inn down in Miami Gardens and a Motel 6 right beside it with your name all over both of them. Go get 'em killa.
  6. I'm dying!! I needed this!! Your loyalty is admirable to say the least, awesome. 👍
  7. That's way too much your killing yourself. HOTWIRE. $200 a nite on Hotwire your in the W on the beach or up on the deck pounding vodka martinis. You went left straighten it back up, your off yes prices went up, everything is going Up (or DOWN)🙃 depending of course on how your look at it. Embassy Suites on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale I'll pretend I didn't read that.🙄 I'd stay at the Hyatt Place😁😉 all day and night long before I would stay in an Embassy. OMG that's really funny!!
  8. Hey chief, just like it has here in the states this event whatever it may or may not be has taken a toll on Dominica as well. Our boy Levi will be 100% by honestly around 12/1 this year, yes sir be here before you know it. Those are nice ass people on Dominica I hate that. All this does is motivate me even more to go back to the island and spend more of my Dad's money. Yep!! I'll be with Levi between Thanksgiving and Christmas next year. Have fun your good. If you can ride shotgun with Levi I ride up front with him and narrate the tour. You have no idea how much fun we have. Can't wait to go back. Later Todd
  9. I just talked to him. This year is out. April next year your good bro. He said he would know more around the 1st of October about Nov. and Dec. this year. Next year unless everything goes back to hell, your in!! How awesome. Email him around 10/1 and book your tour for next April. Have fun and have a nice evening. Levi is one of a kind. Take care Todd
  10. I haven't heard from Levi I'm sorry gimme a day or two promise I'll let you know right here. Thanks
  11. Yes!! I plan on making up for lost cruises too. From now on especially post-pandemic at least for the next few years, maybe take a little longer cruises and definitely going to spend more time pre-cruise in Ft. Lauderdale. I try and spend as much time in Ft. Lauderdale as I can usually about 5 nights pre because I get such good rates at KILLER hotels down there. After this B.S. we all just went through I'll never go to Ft. Lauderdale again and stay less than a full week pre-cruise. It just seems like after the pandemic vacations are few and far between, so when I get one my ass is going on a VACATION. Yes ma'am, I look like I fell off a turnip truck, but I didn't😉. I still can't believe I'm retired it's so wonderful I almost feel guilty, but I don't feel that guilty😁. That feeling guilty I was idiot, never again. Have you ever heard the old saying "he wouldn't work in a pie factory " thats me!! I broke my ass for 35 years, never again. BTW if your at home taking care of the house the family and the whole shabang YOU have to be the one to take a step back or you'll never stop, don't do that. I've learned a lot during this reset, I feel like after 58 years I'm finally figuring out what's really important in my life. I needed that, I was completely caught up in the rat race it almost cost me my life. I didn't mean to ramble as you well know I do that from time to time.🙂 Have a nice evening stay safe and stay healthy we all have a lot to look forward to. Have a good night I'm going get some sleep. Take care Todd Thank you for listening night night 🙂
  12. That's great. I didn't want to start looking for a sailing next year or get back on CC until I could really take the time I needed to commit to it, if that makes any sense. I'm officially retired now, I've been retired now for the last 2 years it's just for a couple of reasons it wasn't official, it's all a done deal now. I was given the opportunity to retire at 57 and took it😉. Have a nice evening Todd
  13. As of 6-1-21, this awesome resort has been closed permanently. What a loss. Heartbreaking.
  14. Hello little one. I took a sabbatical it was a good time for it. Hope you are staying healthy and like myself starting to plan a cruise, and try and get back on a ship. I haven't decided on where I want to go though.🤔 Going to spend the summer looking at itineraries in the Caribbean and Australia for fall next year. I'm back.😉 Have a nice evening.
  15. Volcanoes are erupting all over the world right now simultaneously. Martinique ROCKS, wait till you see Mt. Pelee an active volcano, what a nightmare. Martinique One of my new favorite islands the place is awesome go have fun and tour with Karambola, best tour on the island.
  16. Always leave about an hour or so extra for cocktails at Iguana Joe's before getting back on the ship. Best Bloody Mary's on the island, great vibe a lot of fun.
  17. What?😛 Hotwire and forget it.
  18. HOTWIRE......Port Everglades area. You'll figure it out. Only way to go every time.
  19. I talked to Levi last fall unless somethings happened and it certainly could have he fully intends to start taking tours again. I'll text him next week, see what's up and post it here in this forum. Later Todd
  20. Plan A email Lawrence of Antigua and forget about it. Only way to go on the island. Plan B take the city bus to Turners and spend your day. Plan C revert back to Plan A😉 Have fun Todd
  21. YES!! I was there in 12\2010 our Cruise Critic group we did an awesome tour with Barbados Scenic Tours, we stopped here. Incredible history and beautiful property, this experience is a must on Barbados our whole group, a nice big GROUP off the ship we loved that place. Thanks. BTW I had absolutely nothing to do with booking this tour. drbillmc did it all, I just showed up that's why the tour was so awesome. Next time on your island I'm going straight back to Bathsheba, gotta do it one more time before I hang it up.
  22. Yes, I highly recommend lunch on Eagle Beach. A few years back I had the grilled chicken panini sandwich with goat cheese at the Amsterdam Manor beach bar. It was so good I've been back several times since and did again, a must when on Aruba.
  23. Oh yes there is staying at the beach hotels. They are so nice, secure and AWESOME. The "port hotels" wow you must have some really good eyes, funny I don't remember being able to walk to Ft. Lauderdale Beach from the "port hotels" much less seeing it.🤔🙄
  24. Yes! Valley Church between Darkwood and Turner's. That's a GREAT beach.
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