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  1. Black Friday....... The bar at The Cheesecake Factory in Sawgrass Mills watching everyone kill themselves. Best ticket in Lauderdale, very entertaining and lots of fun.😉
  2. Loved the new World Fresh Marketplace on the Caribbean Princess. I would much rather be served by crew members than be standing in line behind a bunch of slimeball passengers who use they're filthy dirty😝hands. Really looking forward to that "change".😉 Can't WAIT for that change!!
  3. The PES "event" isn't going anywhere. How do you "radically"😆 change a buffet, other than being served by a crew member? After this is all said and done I think many with the idea that cruising is going to change "radically" are in for an unpleasant surprise.
  4. The PES lounge on the Caribbean Princess is in Club Fusion between 5pm-7pm Promenade aft. Really nice touch just before dinner, one of my favorite treats on the ship. Great atmosphere, good food, and great vodka martini's. If you are Platinum, Elite or in a Suite you should definitely take advantage of it, the PES Happy Hour (that's what I call it) is a great way to start your evening's.
  5. I had dinner at Steak 954 one time I couldn't afford to eat there every night I stayed at the W, it's my favorite stay on A1A. Best vibe of any hotel I've stayed in anywhere. Place is awesome. I never went to their beach across the street just stayed at the pool, which of course sits right over top of the Living Room. I'm going to try to get the W next Thanksgiving on Hotwire again. Take care Todd
  6. Btw is Wharf Ft. Lauderdale back open?? H20 is no longer H20 anymore. Used to have breakfast there or Shula's under the Westin Hotel every Thanksgiving. Loved the Living Room at the W, Whiskey Blue there was never anyone there when I was there. The W has been sold since I stayed there last. I'm going to try and stay at the W again next year or go back to the Courtyard Marriott across from the marina just depends on what kind if deal I can get at the W. That Courtyard Marriott is about a 2 minute walk from your friends bar, best location on the beach.
  7. Yes it has been happening longer than 20 years I've been going there with my sister who lived in Westin for the last 35 years, I was just trying to be nice because South Beach is such a fraud. I'm the guy who's why there's no door's on the bathroom stalls in the men's room. Tell your girlfriend could never tell her how much fun I've had in her bar and in the men's room with everybody else. My buddy from Venezuela delivers right to the Elbo Room right!! like everyone else does.😉 You don't have to go in the door less stalls in the bathroom anymore we just go upstairs to the bar, no worries ever that's why I keep going back. Thanks Todd
  8. Excellent then we don't have to worry about crossing paths. Thank you very much Bottoms up 😊
  9. Been with Wim twice on the Woodwind, one of the best snorkeling excursions in the southern Caribbean hands down. Our Cruise Critic group we had so much fun the first time we snorkeled Klien Bonaire on the Woodwind we did it again. Highly recommend.
  10. Never cruised SOLO, eh? I see that. "whatever I want" 😃. May not be limited to just Princess, I wouldn't cruise on NCL if they gave me the cruise with the premium beverage package included and I can cruise pretty much any line I want, I keep forgetting that at times it's probably a good thing. Billy Idol saw him in concert in Tampa(83) when he had Steve Stephens on lead. Billy Idol is just another example if why I'll love Van Halen forever. Billy Idol 🙄 I respectfully disagree. Over here in West Virginia we're still stuck in David Lee Roth and the late Edward Van Halen and we still don't want you here. As far as working, I retired exactly 2 years ago at 56😉 I'll never work another day in my life, unless it's for a whole LOT of $$$$$, they don't have enough $$$$$😉. Nighty night 😴
  11. You are correct very, you don't hear too many of us solo Princess cruiser's talk about Princess Cruise's we're a different kind of Solo Cruiser and we're trying to keep it that way. Princess is mostly couples very nice people at the end of the day, or I wouldn't spend weeks and months with them.😉 With that being said some of us are solo and are on vacation to be to ourselves so to speak, if that makes any sense, if it doesn't I totally understand 😁. Princess I do whatever I want whenever I want to. When I say whatever I want whenever I want to, that's exactly what I mean. I can go and find myself a hole(really nice comfortable one)in anyone of the great bars on the ship party like a rock star and be left totally alone there's nothing like it, after working your ass off all year long. Princess solo I told you, you can bank on it!! I did best $$$$ I ever put in the bank😀😎. Have a nice evening.
  12. I've been divorced for 23 years, only married for 1 year😂🤣I never wanted to get married had a chance to get out and took it. Been cruising Princess ever since solo, best decision other than not having children I've ever made in my life. LOVE Princess solo, I can do anything I want. They've been very good to me. Looking forward to the ships sailing again. I want to see my Sea Goddess again. Oh yeah solo on Princess you can bank on it. I did starting in 2000(20 years ago)my my how time flies when we're having fun.😁😉😎
  13. Walk over and spend the afternoon at Palm Court Gardens. $11 chair rental one of the best tickets on St. Kitts 14-15 minute easy walk from Port Zante. I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed. Best views great infinity pool and awesome service, very pretty people global clientele. You'll fit right in 😉 Have fun 😎
  14. That's when I really started cruising was after my divorce 😉 my honeymoon was 7 days on the Carnival Sensation in 1995, after 3 cruises the last being on the Carnival Destiny in 1997 Inaugural. My ex-wife decided she would rather attend Nascar races than sail all over the planet on magnificent cruise ships. So I threw her ass out, 2 years later started cruising Princess and 20 years later I've done 16 Princess Cruise's 😎😉. Nice one's!! Yep I've done some beauties. Can't WAIT to start cruising again, SOLO. You go on a nice cruise one time solo you'll never go on a cruise with anyone else ever again.😎
  15. "dicey" your being very generous. South Beach is for the phoney baloney's, it's been rundown for quite sometime. The place is awesome for wannabes. No shortage of those in Miami. I take Ft. Lauderdale everytime, no comparison. The vibe on South Beach is unfortunate, the vibe on Las Olas Beach go and see for yourself. A1A and Las Olas Blvd. The Elbo Room is the hottest corner in South Florida has been for the last 20 years or so.
  16. TTEllis


    I've been by The Sonesta many times that place is awesome, I just could never get it on Hotwire. I would definitely stay there the property is beautiful and clean. Great location, everything right there. I'm going to keep it mind for next year. Thanks Todd
  17. Ocean Sky is way North. Genuinely on the beach, great restaurant had Thanksgiving dinner here in 2016. McDonald's right behind it which was nice especially for breakfast, and munchies😁 late night. Grocery store right down the street. Much older demographic up there. GREAT liquor store in the shopping center behind it, really nice high end liquor store. I still like everything about the Courtyard Marriott. Las Olas Beach is WIDE it was PACKED but never crowded always a place to set your stuff down and catch some ray's. Btw Coconuts right across the street on the marina I feel is highly overrated, pricey and portions are cheesy. I highly recommend The Quarterdeck it was packed when I was there great people great food, it's right down the street you'll figure it out. I saw where the Courtyard Marriott FLL Beach has some great rates right now. If I were you I would stay as long as I could pre, the hotel rates are unbelievable. Have fun. Drunken Taco best happy hour, 2 for 1 Bloody Mary's until 4pm. Tacos are incredible and the bartender's are SMOKING HOT!! 5 minute walk from the Courtyard Marriott.
  18. I've stayed in BOTH hotels you mentioned. Stayed 5 nights pre cruise Thanksgiving week 2018. Courtyard Marriott FFL Beach best location on A1A for the $$$. Right off Las Olas on Seabreeze Blvd. 3 minute walk to the Elbo Room, GREAT pool deck overlooks A1A and the beach. 5 minute walk to the CVS BeachPlace. My room overlooked the Swimming Hall of Fame and the marina it was awesome. Walked over to COCONUTS and had lunch, walked up to Drunken Taco had a killer lunch best Bloody Mary's on the beach. Ocean Sky it's a cool hotel for an older crowd, stay at the Courtyard Marriott one of the best tickets on the beach. Las Olas Beach is one of the beaches on the east coast. Courtyard location only way to go. My room was GREAT!! Can't wait to go back. Later Todd
  19. Hotel rates in Miami and So. FL, are at a 75 year low. For cruisers like myself who enjoy staying several days pre cruise on the beach in Lauderdale, you should take advantage of it. Hotel rates are not expected to recover for the next decade.😎😎😎YES!!!! See you on Las Olas Beach.😉
  20. Tequila tasting excursion, are you kidding me that's right up my alley YUMMY!!! They need to have a tequila tasting excursion at Nachi. Think I'll mention it on my next visit. Thanks for the info. Todd
  21. My snorkel gear that I bought off Amazon are awesome, not only fit perfectly they look great had TONS of compliments on the entire unit. Mine wouldn't trade them for the world, used them on at least a dozen or so different snorkel tours throughout the entire Caribbean, anything but "garbage" I don't buy garbage I throw it away. Say you put on a set of fins for 15 minutes and it took about a week for the pain to subside? Might try ordering the proper size and may I suggest a podiatrist. Have a great trip on your snorkeling excursion next summer, if something happens you don't end up snorkeling in Cozumel, Nachi Coccum. Have fun!!
  22. TTEllis


    Busy, I didn't get any sleep it was always something. $10 to PE, I would have paid that but it was Free total nightmare, the shuttle driver was pissed off at everybody I just wanted out. It is absolutely NOT a real Hyatt, the location back in that hole sucks. I thought I booked the Hyatt Pier 66 down the street. You live and learn. I don't know anything about Embassy Suites other than we have one here in Charleston that blows ass.
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