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  1. If there isn't a "Coffee and Cones", you should be able to access the special coffees in the Pastry Shop section of the buffet.
  2. All of the above is just as annoying as the people who "need" the stairs to get into one of the pools, but then they congregate there, because they can't swim. Not fair to block the staircases. 🤔
  3. Cruising Forever! Thanks so much for sharing this information - we always booked on day one of the cruise. This way we're set!!!
  4. Dides, Thank you so much for sending the photos. I know the cruise lines can get a lot done in a short amount of time, but I never would have thought that so much needs to be completed. Great surprise to view while having my coffee this morning.
  5. The best way in my opinion to keep this from happening is to change the trivia questions/categories frequently. We have been on cruises where it’s the same questions. Do we cheat? No, because, #1 it’s wrong, and you’re right, we don’t want the same coasters! More fun if it’s not the same old same old ! but it seems some people just want the attention of winning at any cost !
  6. The decorations aren’t paper and they can be re-used at home. My son purchased the package for my husband’s birthday and then we brought them home and used them for my son’s b-day. Well worth the $ imho.
  7. They probably didn’t specify a suite because there is more than one available. Check the website and see which suites are open. If one interests you, call immediately and ask for it. I did that on both Royal and Regal and got an aft owners suites on Riviera.
  8. Deck 14 (riviera 730, port side) is my choice. We have sailed in the suite on both Royal and Regal Princess. The balcony is huge, much bigger than the decks below with the exception of dolphin deck. I believe that balcony is about the same size. Also, the concierge lounge is on Riviera deck which makes it convenient to run down for a snack. Good luck - it’s a great cabin.
  9. It's funny that many people swore that they would never pay for club class, yet when you look at cruises now, club class minis seem to sell out first. On royal class ships, M6 mini suites (there are only 4 of them on each ship), are also club class.
  10. In 31 cruises, I have never had to tip a steward in order to receive good service. I have tipped in cash many times(in addition to the auto gratuities, for exceptional service).
  11. When sailing on back to back cruises, do you order a medallion for each leg or do you use one for the entire 2 cruises? thanks Gail
  12. The list above is very thorough. I also bring cash for tips for ship employees who go above and beyond and for the casino.
  13. Back in 2016, POA offered Bulgari bathroom amenities (shampoo, soap, conditioner) for, I believe balcony staterooms and up. Could someone tell me if they are still being offered or did NCL switch to another brand? Thanks
  14. My family and I will be POA on July 27th. We are in a full suite, but my son and his girlfriend are in a balcony cabin. Can they embark with us in the VIP area? Thanks for your help.
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