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  1. The Regal Princess is a wonderful ship and I think you will love her. The angled balconies are much bigger than the ones that are cut straight across. I always try to get the "largest angle" that is available. I can't think of anything not good about this ship. Happy sailing! 😁
  2. Before the pandemic, a good percentage of the crew were going to be assigned to start up Enchanted Princess. But now, I guess that could definitely change. I would love to see them again on Sky Princess also.
  3. My husband and I were on in December and March. Absolutely loved it. We went to Crown Grill Bar at night or Vines since there is no Crooners. Hoping to sail on her again in December.
  4. We have two cabins booked on Enchanted for August 8. Final payment is May 10 and I believe I'm going to cancel. If the ship does sail, It would pretty much be the "shakedown" cruise where everyone is checking for what still needs to be fixed, serviced. I don't feel comfortable giving them that large amount of money for 25%. Breaks my heart, but I think I'll reschedule for 2021. PS - I've sailed on 35 Princess cruises and I'm very loyal. Just feel we also at this time need to look out for our personal finances, not just corporate ones.
  5. I cancelled a Tahiti trip that I had already paid quite a bit on. I was told 60 days for the credit to appear on my credit card and immediately received two emails: 1 for the cancelled air and the other for the cruise. I would call and ask for an email to confirm your cancellation.
  6. Captain Tuvo was captain on the Star Princess in Alaska. You may be thinking of him.
  7. Dolphin is 682 sq ft. Riviera and Marina are each 680. If you go to the deck plans for royal on the Princess website, you can click on each suite and see the square footage. Keep in mind that the suites are all the same size inside. The difference is the deck space.
  8. The tub is deep enough for a soak (not a deep as a jacuzzi tub). There is a mat rolled up in the bathroom if you choose to use it and there are grab bars for in and out of the tub. hope this helps!
  9. Bob, The little breakfast sandwiches are there at the International Cafe. Just ask for one (or two). They will heat them up for you.
  10. I've been asking for a long time (on the after cruise surveys), if we could get credited with the laundry costs if we choose to take care of our own (which I do). I thought it would be a no-brainer as we also take some of the work off of the very over worked laundry dept. Unfortunately, I guess Princess does not agree!
  11. Riviera 730 certainly is the best! Sitting on the balcony, I felt like I was on my own yacht! So glad you had a good time!
  12. Thanks , Lew. That would explain it. It though when Bob said aft he meant the back corner.
  13. Hi Bob, I know you mentioned that you were on Riviera Deck , aft suite. The configuration of this suite is a little different than Regal’s R730. Could you tell me if you have the very large wrap around deck like Regal or is it different? have a fantastic time. Bon voyage!
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