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  1. Would the proctored Binax Now tests (from eMed) work for you? You could carry them onboard and then test when you get back to port.
  2. Yes. It’s fine if you put it on a lanyard - at least it was in September. My husband has large wrists and it really didn’t fit well.
  3. We were on Allure in late August and we were able to use our diamond drinks from our sea pass card in the specialty restaurants. susan
  4. Hi Fishpick, Do you know which 2 nights are formal nights? Susan
  5. We like the Caribe Hilton.
  6. Thanks so much for the update! Have a wonderful cruise.
  7. I'll let you know when/if I can access our reservation from the app. Hopefully it will be soon :).
  8. Ours cruise is Aug.22, 2021. We're traveling with another couple and they are seeing the same thing that we are.
  9. Same for us. Our other cruises show up - but Allure for August is not available in the app. I can access planning online though.
  10. We were on Rhapsody in December, 2019. We had a wonderful time and met some really great people. One thing to be aware of is that the casino is small. There were a lot of gamblers on the ship (including us) so we had some waiting for a seat at a table or for a slot machine. We still had fun in the casino and won a little bit 🙂.
  11. As someone said earlier, the waiters do a great job helping the kids get something they like to eat. On our first cruise we traveled with 4 to a room. It's a pretty tight fit - even the closets are a problem with 4 people. I recommend 2 connecting cabins. You can keep the door open to watch the kids.
  12. February 15, 2020 - Vision of the Seas out of San Juan. We had a wonderful cruise. Susan
  13. Feb 15, 2020 Vision of the Seas out of San Juan. Wonderful cruise!
  14. We are big fans of the Caribe Hilton. You will need to take an Uber or a taxi to the port, but the hotel is great.
  15. We cruised out of San Juan last week. We were asked if we had traveled in China or had contact with anyone who had traveled through China in the last 14 days. We also had expedited boarding.
  16. We went to the Marriott St. Kitts and paid for a day pass. We had use of their pool and beach. They provided towels. Food was available at the on site restaurant (but was an additional charge). We enjoyed it!
  17. 3 in a year. Hoping to do at least 4 this year.
  18. I would prefer it if they would take the dessert order after we have eaten our entree.
  19. We enjoyed our Central Park balcony on the Harmony of the Seas
  20. My husband also recommends the sugar free key lime pie.
  21. I was able to successfully access the planner a few minutes ago.
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