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  1. letsgo39

    Diamond picks up late passengers

    Nice! Who put you in charge Get over yourself.:rolleyes:
  2. letsgo39

    Vista 2306

    Our family had 2302,2306 and 2304.No complaints of noise at all.Great location.
  3. letsgo39

    Vista-cove balcony

    We were in 2306 on the June 11th cruise and you are correct,no lifeboat over head. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. We had a group of 7 family members most of us are Gold but not all.We were ATD and usually went to dinner about 7 to 7:30. We never had to wait at all and we were always seated at a lovely table with a window where we could see the wake.We also sent someone to deck 5 to check in on the 1st night but were told it was not necessary to do that again.
  5. We were on the June 11th cruise and had ATD. I did not see one tux.I did see sport coats and maxi dresses though although most men just wore long sleeved dress shirt and tie.
  6. letsgo39

    Bad IMAX

    Sorry you are having such a terrible cruise.First the french fries and now the IMAX theatre.Or was it the other way around.? Life is just not fair. Honestly your post about the Imax is the first complaint I have read.We were on the June 11th cruise and everything was great.Hope it gets better.
  7. letsgo39

    Guy's fries... yuck !

    WE were on the June 11th Med cruise and loved the fries.They were the same as they were on other cruises and not thick cut.I would love to have a Guy's Burger and fries right now.:D
  8. letsgo39

    Carnival Vista stops at Turkey

    The Vista was scheduled to dock at the port of Kusadasi today but the port was cancelled. It was replaced by a sea day.Guess that VAT tax will kick in for this cruise.
  9. letsgo39

    Cabin 2330

    We had Coves 2306 and 2302 and there were no lifeboats above us.It was exactly the same across from us on Starboard. I believe all the other cabins have lifeboats overhead but it should not be a problem as you will not get a lot of sun anyway. It is very hot in the med so I am fine trying to keep my cabin cool.Way to hot to lay out in the sun.
  10. letsgo39

    Pre Cruise Hotel for Barcelona

    Our group of 7 had 3 rooms at the Hotel Continental Barcelona prior to our June 11 Vista cruise.It's fun to get rooms with a balcony overlooking Las Ramblas. The hotel has a 24 hour buffet with free wine,soda and beer and ice cream plus food. We stayed here in 2011 and liked it so much we came back.The location is fantastic at the top of Las Ramblas next to Placa Catalunya.All the HoHo buses start at Placa Catalunya.
  11. letsgo39

    WIFI packages

    It's $5.00 a day. We were on the June 11th Cruise.
  12. letsgo39

    Has anyone used All Around Italy Tours

    Our group of 7 recently cruised on the new ship the Carnival Vista on June 11th,2016. We were 2 teenagers,18 and 16,1 25 year old 2 parents,50 something and 2 grandparents in our 70's.Right away you can see it could be a challenge to keep everyone in this group happy but Fabrizio from All Around Italy did it and did a great job. We had all been to Rome and Livorno(Pisa and Lucca) in the past and I decided it was time to see something else so I contacted Fabrizio the owner of All Around Italy for suggestions. On June 13th Fabrizio picked us up at 8 am in Livorno and we all piled in to his spotless van for our all day tour.We headed first to San Gimignano a place we had never been and it was absolutely charming.Next we traveled to Florence because only my husband and I had been there previously. We ate lunch in Florence at a pizza place which though not fancy it was fine for our busy day.Fabrizio was right there to pick us up and keep us laughing all the way back to the ship on time of course. The next day there was Fabrizio again when we exited to ship in Civitavecchia and we were all off to Orvieto. We shopped in this charming hilltop town and had a wonderful lunch at a very nice restaurant that I will never forget.The food was fantastic! My husband and I had Truffle Lasagna and I never in my life had anything so fantastic.yum yum. I wish I could have it now.Everybody was very happy with everything they had for lunch. What a great choice of a restaurant. We left Orvieto and headed to Tarquinia where we toured the Etruscan burial sites and after that we headed to the museum. We stopped for delicious gelato at a place right next to the museum.We headed back to the ship and said a sad goodbye to Fabrizio. We all absolutely loved him. What a great guy. Fabrizio was able to get us very close to all the attractions which was important to my husband and I with our somewhat limited mobility.He was always there waiting for us at our meeting places.Fabrizio is very knowledgable about Italy history and he was able to keep our whole group amused and engaged for both days.Not a easy task with such a diverse age group.Considering the different ages he sure did a great job.Plus that he is one of the funniest people I have ever met and the rest of our group thought he was too. We ALL laughed a lot in those 2 days.We have traveled to Europe now 16 times and Fabrizio is the best guide we have ever had in all those trips.The tours were 600 euro each day which included a 50 euro discount for booking multiple tours.
  13. letsgo39

    Carnival Vista MDR - Only 1 entree?

    Absolutely not true although the food is so bad I can't imagine wanting to order more than one entree.We just got off the Vista and everything was great except for the quality of the food in the MDR.The hamburgers were delish and I wish the hamburger place would be open past 6 PM. This is the opinion of my DH and I.Your opinion might vary. The Vista is a beautiful ship.
  14. We were there last week and had a wonderful tour with Ephesus Shuttle.We used our U.S. money just like we did in 2011.We had a delicious meal at a local non touristy restaurant and our total was only about $68 for 6 people for a wonderful lunch.
  15. Ephesus Shuttle is a great company to use for Kusadasi.I used them a few years ago and just booked them again yesterday for our group of 7.