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  1. Yes, updates and repairs, though really just more maintenance of the inevitable wear and tear on a high turnover property. Chips in the bathroom furniture, nicks in the walls and furniture, permanent stains, discolorations, etc. The last several times we've stayed there, there have been more and more of these "little" things that wouldn't phase me at all if it were a $70 a night roadside motel, but when you're paying more for a hotel, you expect better quality. I was hoping that with the presumably reduced occupancy the past several months they would take the time to fix these things, which are not necessarily expensive to fix, but more time-intensive that you can't necessarily do when the room is occupied every night. This all said, with cosmetic deficiencies and all, I sure wish the current situation was different and we could all go visit😷. We are really missing seeing 🌴s.
  2. That's why I asked. We still really like the location and the public spaces. But the rooms definitely need to be updated.
  3. Do any of the locals (or anyone else for that matter) know if the hotel is taking what I assume is a much slower than usual time to upgrade the rooms?
  4. Absolutely not. I recognize their importance but physically cannot tolerate wearing one for more than 15 or 20 minutes at a time (yes, I am wearing one now when I go out--I just take care to keep any errands within that time frame). Even if I didn't have that problem, I can't imagine wearing it outside in the hot and humid Caribbean. Especially as a person who wears glasses. The fogging problem is bad enough already!
  5. For dinner tonight I was surprised with some carrots, how thoughtful! Unfortunately they were 🥕, not the ones you pick out in St. Maarten.💎
  6. Love these--not really but you know what I mean. Here's my contribution: Saturday/Sunday: plan: Shop, embarkation, and a beach. 80s and sunny, blue skies. Saturday/Sunday: actual: Laundry, wonder whether I should bother switching my closet for my summer work clothes or if I'll be stuck at home until it's time for the fall clothes again, gray and upper 50s and rainy. No shrimp cocktail or French onion soup. Wonder if I can get a refund? Actual Sunday evening show: reading quarantine humor here on CC. Ok, well, that's better than a lot of the on-board comedians I have seen...
  7. Thanks for the video. I used to think the saddest day was disembarkation day. Now I realized it's the day you cancel a cruise :(
  8. I had the exact same reaction as Shipgeeks. The ships look lonely without their passengers, but hopefully the crews are able to enjoy the "passenger" life for now.
  9. Thank you for the link. Apparently you have to have an account to view stories.
  10. Can someone please provide a link? I'm not on Instagram but can find her account. But all I see are pictures. How do you get to the "story"?
  11. Thanks. I couldn't remember whether all ships used it on turn around day or just the larger ones (last time we sailed out of San Juan it was a larger ship).
  12. Does Summit use the Pan Am Pier in San Juan on turn-around days?
  13. I am also curious as to the name of the band. We can take or leave Journey, but loved DSB on Anthem.
  14. I wanted to follow up on this for any future cruisers. Boarding was delayed "slightly" (at least compared to what I had read on here for the few previous weeks). We were still eating lunch on board just before noon.😁
  15. We went back to Orient Beach in October for the first time since the hurricane. We were the only ship in port so it was delightfully not crowded. No problem getting a taxi back early in the afternoon. The "main" beach clubs...Bikini, La Playa, and I think two more, are up and running, just very spread out now. We liked the relative peace and quiet (though of course the hair braiders and the "want a massage" people still wander up and down the beach). If you look out at the water you would never know there had been a storm. If you have been there pre-Irma and you turn around and look behind you, it is VERY different.
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