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  1. Just cleared my cache, problem solved!
  2. That's so strange! I just checked again and its still not showing as available. Thanks for this, I have 2 grandsons that will be pretty disappointed if the cruise is cancelled.
  3. The Vista is no longer bookable out of Galveston from June - October, 2022. A little concerned as we have 6/4 booked. It is still in my cruise manager, and excursions are available for booking. Wonder what's going on!
  4. We are "older folks" (68 & 75) and we sail a lot with Carnival. We always have a great time and have never experienced out of control partyers on board. I say go for it! Just avoid shorter cruises during Spring break.
  5. We also love the coves and book them every chance we get. This was the first time we had any issue with one. They did try and compensate us by giving us 30% off a future cruise. That was a nice gesture but did not really make up for not having a balcony as we spend lots of time there (we social distanced before it became popular). The ship was full and they could not move us to another cabin. We have 2277 booked on the Vista in June, 2022, hopefully it will not have any issues.
  6. This is from their FAQ page: Frequently Asked Questions (ncl.com) Looks like you'll be OK!
  7. I live in Florida and feel perfectly safe going out and about. I don't know what you are seeing on TV, but if it is the Miami Spring Breakers, that is definitely not the norm. We went out to dinner and shopping yesterday and everyone is wearing masks and following social distancing and acting like responsible humans. We are headed to Daytona Beach next week to meet up with family and enjoy some Florida sunshine. I think our uptick in cases is from all the families moving here from the northeast bringing the virus along with them! We are both seniors (68 & 75) and are fully vaccinated and looking forward to everything getting back to normal.
  8. We finally got our refunds after 375 days of MSC aggravation. MSC refused the chargeback, so our credit card company refunded the money back to us as they agreed we had a valid claim. We are finished now with this horrible company. Good luck to you all.
  9. We had several cabins on our family cruise on the Escape. Everyone with 4 in the cabin had the sofa by the closet. The cabins with 2 or 3 people had sofa by balcony. These were all BA cabins. If you pretend to book a cabin, the room details will tell you if the bed is near the balcony or closet. Recommended 10910 10908 10906 10904 10902 10900 10898 10892 10884 10882 10880 10878 10876 10874 10872 Stateroom # Avg Per Person 10910 $4,479$3135 SELECT & CONTINUE Room Details Private Balcony Shower Bed Near Balcony Door Foldable Sleeper/Playpen Convertible Lower Beds Pullman Bed view more Your Ship Location: Aft Aft Middle Forward Your Deck: DECK 10 What's Close By? Close to The B d sofas by the balcony.
  10. It's my understanding that if you canceled in March, 2020 and are unable to use the FCC by December, 2021 your money will be automatically refunded to you. I've already been waiting for 12 months, guess I can wait another 9. I will not be stepping onto another MSC ship.
  11. Yep, that's how they operate! A year later and we are still waiting for the rest of our refund. They already refunded taxes and fees and our initial deposit, but have still not refunded the rest of the final payment. Never again will they get a penny of our money!
  12. Our last cruise was on the Escape, an extended family cruise with 5 kids ages 8 - 18. They all had a great time and loved the ship. They spent a lot of time on the ropes course. They also enjoyed the kids clubs. I wouldn't hesitate to sail with the grandkids again on the Escape.
  13. Good luck getting the other 25%. When they messed up the amount of our FCC, I was told they could not correct it, but would refund the difference to my credit card. Of course, that never happened. On a side note, our original deposit was just refunded back to our credit card, but MSC has declined the credit card request for the final balance. Seems strange they would approve the refund for the deposit, but not final payment. Just another customer service blunder. The credit card company is still working on it. Almost a year now!
  14. Agree their ships are gorgeous and pricing is good, but that does not compensate for the horrendous customer service. We really enjoyed our 4 cruises with MSC, but will never step on another MSC ship. We have 2 other issues, besides the lack of refunds 11 months after they canceled our cruise, that have still not been resolved. They keep promising and escalating but nothing is ever corrected, emails are not answered and talking to their worthless customer service representatives accomplish nothing. Three strikes and you are out MSC!
  15. We have switched rooms many times without extra cost as long as the new room is in the same category. We prefer rooms with the bed by the balcony, it just seems like they have more usable space and its easier to access the closet. The Escape was our last cruise in January 2020 before all the craziness started. We loved it!
  16. We had the pleasure of sailing with John Heald as a cruise director many years ago. He was by far the funniest, most entertaining CD we have had (over 50 cruises). I can't even remember the names of most of our past cruise directors. You are in for a treat!
  17. I know our situation is a little different from some of the others lost in the March mess. But if MSC had just done what they said they were going to do months ago they would not have lost us as customers. All they had to do was either fix our FCC amount or refund the 150.00 as promised when our taxes and fees were refunded. Instead they keep stringing us along with false promises. Its been almost a year now since this has started. I had other cruises canceled with NCL & Carnival and refunds were issued as promised. I don't know how they stay in business with such lousy customer service.
  18. MSC has denied the dispute several times. My CC keeps filing trying to explain to them how they breached the contract by not giving us what they said they would give us. Not sure if anyone else has had any luck with winning a CC dispute.
  19. We originally filed for the FCC from a March cancelation. After numerous calls, we finally got our FCC several months later but it was for the incorrect amount. It was 150.00 short, almost 110% instead of 125%. We called and they told us they could see the FCC was for the wrong amount and would refund the difference with our taxes and fees. Long story short, after many calls and broken promises we decided to dispute the charges and get all our money back. We did this on August 3. A few days after filing the dispute, the taxes and fees were refunded but not the extra 150.00 we were shorted. The FCC was also never corrected. We are still in the process of trying to get our money back from the dispute. Our credit card company is still working on it and keeps me posted on what is going on. Worst case, we will wait them out and get our money returned per their policies after 12/31/2021. We have no intention on sailing on one of their ships before 12/31 or ever again.
  20. Hopefully you are right. I'll believe it when I see the credit on Visa account.
  21. UGH! I hope things get back to normal before our cruise in June, 2022.
  22. 11 months, and MSC still has not resolved our problem. I disputed the charges with our credit card in August after many promises to correct the problems and MSC refused the chargeback. The credit card company is still working on the dispute and has assured me it will be resolved in our favor but can't give me a time frame. I will never do business with MSC again and will discourage anyone I know from doing so. We love their ships and have enjoyed all 4 cruises with them, but their lack of customer service will keep us off their ships.
  23. Not stuffy, but beware of your cabin location. We love cove balconies and book them whenever the ship has them. On the Magic we booked stateroom 2309 which had a vent blowing hot, smelly air on the balcony making it unusable. It smelled like an incinerator. You could not even open the balcony door as the pungent odor would permeate the cabin. Also beware of cabins under the galley if noise might be an issue for you.
  24. Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. I did not know if Carnival also required some documentation other than their passports. The cruise is not until June, 2022, so have lots of time to figure things out.
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