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  1. On our Feb 2020 cruise we were really disappointed to see the discharge of a noticeably large volume of oily waste from the ship, not once, but at least twice while in open ocean.
  2. Agree completely. We were surprised, not in a good way, at how overly crowded all public & pool areas were. Of any ship on any line that we have been on, I have never felt this way before. Of course, with the onset of noro, things quieted down as people were confined to their cabins. Buffet ranged from unappealing to downright disgusting so we swore off after day three. No big loss, MDR was lovely & I am a fan of Princess pizza. Of the six Princess ships we have sailed, CB is the one I would not go back on, regardless of price.
  3. My DH & I are survivors of the now-infamous CB norocruise of 2/2/20. We never received our usual post-cruise questionnaire & wondered why...would Princess have been anticipating many negative reviews or did the events that unfolded wreak havoc on the normal order of things...hmmm. Anyway, we wouldn't have dinged them for much. Ship happens, and we felt they handled it about as well as they could. Still enjoyed our time together and met some really nice people. The one place we would have dinged them HEAVILY was on the HC. The majority of the hot foods we tried were never ho
  4. Will this truly be the best sale ever or will something equally good (or better) be coming down the pike? 🧐
  5. On the announcement last night, the Captain stated that testing on board confirmed the offender is the norovirus, for what it’s worth.
  6. We are a bit over three hours late departing Port Everglades for 14-day Circle Caribbean. Captain says we were waiting for a late flight. Allure of the Seas left much earlier, but has just returned to port for what looks like a medical emergency. This pushed us back a bit more as of course they had priority. We’re underway now, hope everything turns out okay for all parties affected.
  7. Twitter feed says a center-console fishing boat ran into the jetty last night. Carrying four people.
  8. Charles48, we booked a cruise out of FLL for 2/2/20 on Caribbean Princess without “doing our homework”. Whoopsie. 😂 We had just about decided to drive down from SC when we checked flights, but I had the presence of mind to check flights to FLL the day of, and lo and behold, back to regular fares. So we just leave early, avoid the extra expense of jacked up hotel rates, and walk right on the ship. No harm, no foul. Don’t know if it’s an option for you, just throwing it out there.
  9. Oh I see what you did there. 😉😂
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