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  1. Lawyers Claim Carnival Will Say Passengers Aboard Ruby Princess “Failed To Take Reasonable Care” https://cruisepassenger.com.au/lawyers-claim-carnival-may-say-passengers-aboard-ruby-princess-failed-to-take-reasonable-care/ This is the latest update written by Peter Lynch for Cruise Passenger Magazine 25th May 2021 Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  2. Just found this latest article in Cruise Passenger magazine written by Teresa Ooi 14 May 2021 https://cruisepassenger.com.au/exclusive-home-affairs-says-all-foreign-flagged-cruise-ships-must-employ-aussie-staff/ Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  3. Alfie has released a new video on the 5th May 2021 - Cruising Returns to the USA Finally the news we’ve been waiting for! Lots of excitement this week with new cruise updates coming in the form of a letter from the CDC. I take you step by step through the CSO from its initial release last year to each of the planned changes in the most recent letter. Time to get cruising! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00Uk2Ylucwg Enjoy CRUISING ALONG
  4. Passengers suing Carnival Over Ruby Princess Covid Outbreak get Mediation date. Refer to article written by Peter Lynch 5th May 2021 in Cruise Passenger Magazine, see attached link https://cruisepassenger.com.au/princess-bids-to-block-overseas-passengers-from-class-action-in-landmark-australian-case/ Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  5. The following statement is on A Current Affairs website. Believe it or not: Statement by an Ozcruising spokesperson: As I am sure you are aware it has been a very difficult time in the Travel industry over the last 14 months. The cruise industry has been completely shut down due to Government ban not allowing the ships into Australian waters. As Australian based cruises are our only source of income, this has had a massive impact on us along with everyone who works in this industry. As a result of the end of Jobkeeper we have lost 75 per cent of our workforce which has resulting in unavoidable delays in processing refunds. Ozcruising has had over 27,000 passengers impacted by the cancellation of their cruises. With multiple cruise lines offering different options for each booking, Ozcruising works as the middle man we have to receive the request from the passengers (if they would like a credit or a refund) then pass this on to the cruise line, as well as responding to client emails. There are processes and procedures that we must follow in order to ensure all funds have been received before we are able to refund to each individual booking. This is an extremely manual and difficult process, we are trying to do this in the fairest way possible which is cruise sail date order. There are many factors and restrictions by the banking sector that also relate to how many refunds we are able to process per day but I can assure you that we are working as hard as we can to get all refunds out to all affected passengers, unfortunately this takes time. We are proud to say we have processed over 70% of these refunds. We have been and still are working with the suppliers to provide their refunds. Ozcruising has waived all fees and will continue to provide refunds during this difficult period. Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  6. I just noticed that a new forum has been added to Cruise Critic for our Canadian friends as of last Thursday. Maybe we should go over and say hello! Cheers! CRUISING ALONG😀
  7. Alfie Smith has released another interesting youtube video- premiered 4 April 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1M5yJ5wj40 I run through each stage of the quarantine process now required when joining a cruise ship, and I also discuss in detail the familiarisation process that I have to go through as a Deck Officer joining a new ship. Enjoy CRUISING ALONG
  8. Alfie Smith has a new video on youtube- premiered 11 April 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7TPdyWX8tA Time to update you on my rank and the chance of promotion, but why stop there? I run you through all the departments onboard the ship and describe their epaulettes, so you can spot them from a distance! I also talk you through the rank structure you find onboard a cruise ship. Enjoy CRUISING ALONG
  9. Live news, Aucklanders told to keep out of the water , tsunami waves expected for several hours after a couple of massive earthquakes 8.0 and 7.4 hit Kermadec islands and off the East Coast of North island of New Zealand earlier today. More information here: https://www.stuff.co.nz/ AND here https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-03-05/powerful-quakes-hits-off-new-zealand-prompting-evacuations/13218542 Stay Safe CRUISING ALONG
  10. Have you seen the new Australian Lamb ad with Sam Kekovich? https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/aussies-smash-down-covid-border-walls-in-cheeky-new-lamb-meat-and-livestock-australia-lamb-ad-c-1931761 Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  11. Good Afternoon fellow cruisers. It's official! Just heard on the radio that the cruise ship ban in Australia has been extended until March 2021. Story here on 9news.com.au and news.com.au https://www.9news.com.au/national/cruise-ship-ban-in-australia-extended-by-another-three-months/590f8c08-0276-4a0e-8f70-e4e9518a00d8 https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/health-safety/cruise-ban-has-been-extended-by-three-months-in-australia/news-story/f7a131529355bf059cad6ad7683996d3 Cheers CRUISING ALONG
  12. Here is an article from Cruise Passenger Magazine written by Peter Lynch 6 November 2020 that may be of some interest to fellow cruisers. Australian Government departments are considering ways to restart cruise operations in Australia and are studying guidance from America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The new CDC regime to resume sailings in America was published last weekend. Most cruise lines have yet to comment on what amounts to a tough regime of testing and trial sailings. A government spokesman told Cruise Passenger: “Australian Government departments are considering the parameters around the future resumption of cruise operations in Australia and are considering the international approach to resumption of cruise operations, including guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). “When it is appropriate, the cruise ship restrictions can be amended at any time to respond to changes in the domestic and global situation. “Above all, the Government will need to be assured that cruise ships can operate in a COVID-safe way and that the risk of transmission is acceptably low before cruise operations will be permitted in Australian waters again. “The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) continues to provide public health advice based on evidence-based research on the risks posed by cruise ships and the restrictions may be eased or extended consistent with that advice.” Coral Expeditions, which is Australian flagged and crewed, is already sailing. And Cruise Lines International Association Australasia is talking to federal and state governments about how cruise could resume. It has also been revealed that Graham Turner, the boss of Flight Centre, the global travel agency, is talking to state governments about the return of cruise. “There is general agreement from health authorities on what is safe domestically; cruise lines such as a 6000-berth MSC ship have been operating in the Mediterranean over the past couple of months with no major COVID-19 issues. Cruising is safe now if they stick to the protocols,” Mr Turner said. The idea has been that localised cruising would mean homeported ships in, say, Queensland and NSW, would sail voyages to nowhere with only passengers from that state. The crew will be tested and so would passengers. It would be like a localised bubble. But the CDC has taken the return to cruising to a whole other level. It’s “framework for a phased resumption of cruise ship passenger operations” has a number of measures that have cruise lines concerned. The rules are tough, including trial cruises with volunteer passengers who will be tested daily while the line tests dining, entertainment and embarkation and evacuation procedures before each vessel obtains a certificate saying it is fit to sail. They are also requirements for testing at the start AND the end of each cruise. That will mean thousands of passengers, both embarking and disembarking, will be trapped at ports while results are confirmed. Crew will need to be test weekly. That means up to 2,000 people each week – enough work for a full medical team. So far, only Viking has fitted a PCR testing lab on one ship, though Cruise Passenger has been told others are using the cruise pause to refit medical bays with labs and isolation areas. The CDC’s order states cruises will end if a certain threshold of cases occurs. No-one knows what the threshold might be. So a line will need to recruit and test the crew it can apply, 30 days in advance, to operate simulated voyages with volunteer passengers. The results may lead to the certification to resume passenger service. As for testing symptomatic travellers — passengers and crew — the CDC said PCR rather than antigen tests should be used. CLIA Australasia, the local representatives of 95 per cent of the cruise lines, told us: “Like the US-CDC’s announcement of a phased resumption of US cruising, and initiatives in other parts of the world for limited and controlled restart, we are advocating for a similar measured and carefully managed resumption of local cruise itineraries in Australia and NZ that work within our international border restrictions.” Here’s how the CDC sees a cruise resumption: All ships must be certified to sail and comply with health regulations Ships will be certified if they have: Sailed “simulated voyages” that include volunteer passengers Tested embarkation and disembarkation of at terminals, including the evacuation of sick passengers or crew Trialled dining and entertainment activities, Tested the transfer of passengers or crew who have symptoms or have tested positive from cabins to isolation rooms and can quarantine passengers and crew Initially, cruises will be restricted to seven days or less. This may change depending on health conditions. To protect communities on shore, cruise lines must have medical agreements in place to enable evacuation to hospitals of both crew and passengers, and a plan for their stay and eventual return home. Cheers CRUISING ALONG 🙂
  13. Here is the latest information from Celebrity Cruises website: CELEBRITY CRUISES EXTENDS GLOBAL SUSPENSION OF CRUISING Monday, November 2nd Our primary goal continues to be a healthy return to service for our guests, crew and the communities we visit. As we work with the CDC and others toward this shared goal, Celebrity Cruises will be extending the suspension of sailings to include those departing on or before December 31, 2020, excluding our previously suspended 2020/21 Australia and Asia sailings. We will be reaching out to our guests and travel partners to share further details and address any questions or concerns they may have. Cheers CRUISING ALONG🙂
  14. Not sure if this has been posted previously. Sausage Roll Maker now available at Kmart, just $29 Designed with non-stick plates, this sausage roll maker will help you make yummy, sausage rolls with ease. Makes 4 sausage rolls Non stick cooking plates Stands upright for easy storage Cheers CRUISING ALONG🙂
  15. CELEBRITY CRUISES EXTENDS GLOBAL SUSPENSION OF CRUISING Tuesday, September 29, 2020Celebrity Cruises is extending its “Cruise with Confidence” program. For all bookings created by November 30, 2020, guests have the flexibility to cancel their cruise up to 48 hours prior to sailing and receive a full credit of the cruise fare paid for a future cruise through May 4, 2022. The cruise company will also continue to offer their “Best Price Guarantee” and “Lift and Shift.”“Best Price Guarantee”: Guests can choose to change the price and promotional offer on their reservation up to 48 hours before their cruise.“Lift and Shift”: This option is ideal for those guests wishing to move their vacation plans to next year. Eligible between now and November 30, 2020, guests can protect their original cruise fare and promotional offering by shifting to a future sailing on the same itinerary type, sailing length, stateroom category, and within the same 4-week period of their original cruise date same-time-next-year. Bookings for 2021 sail dates may shift to 2022 only on current deployment open through May 4, 2022.In addition to easing concerns of booked guests, the policy enhances consumer confidence to schedule new bookings, knowing last-minute travel adjustments are allowed. Cheers CRUISING ALONG🙂
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