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  1. Thank all of you so much.....my long time PVP retired and this who they gave me and this is not the first mistake she made. Probably time for a new one. I am use to the Cheers package and always tip extra so I should be fine.....thanks for all the input!!!
  2. I just booked a cruise in February from a Premier Package on Carnival through my PVP. It is a decent price and offers several perks per my PVP. One discrepancy I would like to know is the drinks on us that is offered with the package. My PVP stated you could go to the casino bar and order drinks.....a post from this board stated you had to be actively playing and could only be ordered through a server. I actually prefer the bar as once they get to know you they take really good care of you, but still not a deal breaker. Any input from anyone who had taken advantage of a Premier Package would be much appreciated.....thanks in advance!!!!!!
  3. Thanks so much for all the help everyone....it is much appreciated!!!! I just booked the Hampton....excited to try something different. There is not a lot to do at the Doubletree so I may like this even better from all of your posts.
  4. Thank you....check that for reviews. They are usually very detailed. Great suggestion I did not think of!!!!
  5. I have a cruise booked for February 8, 2020. I usually stay at the Doubletree on Biscayne Blvd but it is booked up already. I like it there as everything is right there in the hotel. Several places to eat, bars, and even a store that sells almost anything you need including liquor and beer. I am considering the Hampton Inn. Can someone who has stayed there please give me an idea of what is close? Thanks so much in advance for your assistance!!!!!!
  6. I did check with my PVP as well she is advising 2 p.m. for FTTF so I am assuming 1 p.m. was for Diamond and Platinum. She stated they anticipate general boarding to start between 3 and 3:30 pm She said most of the time when ships relocate it is a further distance so this is kind of a unique situation.
  7. I am on that sailing as well.....wanted to arrange for a late check out at the hotel. I know you had to pick up a time to finish your paperwork. The Carnival representative assured me to ignore the 4:30 to 5 pm boarding time as that is what I selected as well, and I have FTTF as well. You are welcome....this board can be a wealth of information at times.
  8. Just checked with Carnival....Diamond, Platinum, and FTTF will be allowed to board at 1 p.m. MDR that evening will be time dining for everyone but will be regular menu service. Please keep in mind Muster Drill will be at 8 p.m. and everything will be shut down around that time. There will be a sail away party as usual just later. She said other entertainment should be the same.
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