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  1. Himmm, seems like Southwest is the common denominator with all the lost luggage...or am I missing something. We’ve Used luggage valet from FLL a few times with no problems. We flew United.
  2. I have been on 3 cruises with Paul on Silhouette. He is friendly, engaging, and very visible around the ship. His cruise staff seems to be well organized and there were always activities on the many sea days on our trans Atlantic’s. And as others have said....he is an amazing singer.
  3. Google is helpful in scanning the seas for websites to assist you.
  4. Wow, I didn’t realize that I had sinned so greviously by asking for alternatives to the "expert advice" that is handed down from the "gurus" of this board. Shall I grovel at your feet and beg forgiveness? Isn’t the purpose of any forum the free exchange of ideas and opinions? There seems to be a few folks with 5000, 10,000, 20,000+ posts who dispense the majority of information on this particular forum. For many who are not familiar with the New York metropolitan area, I’m sure your efforts are appreciated. Nevertheless that does not give you the right to stifle the exchange of ideas and opinions by others. Oh, and BTW, I grew up in Jersey City, I still live in the NY/NJ area, and I am a very seasoned business and leisure traveler, so I don’t need your condescending attitude. I was merely asking if anyone on this forum had experience with a local Bayonne/JC limo service. Have a nice day.
  5. Yes, I’ve seen that. But they are both NYC based. Surely someone has experience with a Jersey company.
  6. Not concerned with the light rail station. I’m looking for reputable, reliable transportation to EWR.
  7. The yelp reviews on all three of these companies are TERRIBLE . Is there a reputable taxi / limo company in the area?
  8. RCCL and X are separate companies, with little operational overlap. I would expect absolutely no coordination between Harmony and Edge.
  9. Anyone know if the balcony dividers on deck 7 aft cabins can be opened?
  10. Not true Essiesmom. On transatlantic crossings where NYC is port of call, they dock at the piers on Manhattan's West Side. Bayonne is used for the start and end of cruises.
  11. I'm curious which sailings you have been able to get a FV for 2?? I'm trying to book some cabins for a family cruise. I've got a couple with 2 good sized teenagers and tried to get a FV for them. Celebrity will only reserve if there are 5 in the cabin. It's been rather annoying.
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