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  1. Although they may need to “Poke a hole” into your heart for ablation, that is not the treatment. This is so they can gain access to the Left Atrium of the heart (if needed). The ablation itself is actually a “Burn” (hot or cold) such that the heart tissue scars, and it is that scar that is meant to block the random electrical pathways that initiate or propagate the AFib. I have had 2 of them, so even though I am not a doctor (don't even play one on TV), I have a bit of experience with AFib (too much I think sometimes). But just about a year from the second ablation, and looking for
  2. Princess notice https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause.html
  3. It's not the Defibrillator that is the biggest issue with Synchronized Cardioversion, it is the required sedation and the need for other personnel (respiratory therapists in case you have issues with the sedation for example) that make this a procedure that is a bit more than a simple thing. But I too am interested in finding out the answer. AFib since Jan of 2017, 6 Cardioversions and 2 ablation procedures, but I think we got it fixed now (fingers crossed). Personally, I think that was a bit too much experience with this, and yes, the Doctors have always said no reason not to go o
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