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  1. Just so you know as well, don't necessarily plan that you will be leaving early too when the lone piper begins to play, they don't let anyone out of the stands, make you stand and wait on the stairs until all performers have left the parade ground, you could leave before that but when gets close to end, they tell you to remain seated and yes do stop you from leaving at that point. For those of you who dock in Edinburgh as we did on azamara who may be reading this thread, I stressed over getting back to ship even with us staying overnight, but was not problem at all, left at end and was not walking fast as was with my 80 yr old mother, walked to the George the IV bridge and turned right, plenty of cabs were there, we were in a cab and back to ship in Leith in less that 25 minutes from leaving or seats at the Tattoo. Also back in December before our August tickets, I emailed the Witchery for dinner reservations before the show and that worked out great, we had 6pm reservations, left the restaurant at 8 pm and walked directed up to our seats. We only wanted dinner, not one of the whiskey experience packages, so the cost was just what you ordered from the menu.
  2. About 56 days before sailing, was first time i was able to make bid, before that just said voyage inelegible
  3. I was not able to log onto the bidding site until under 60 days, maybe like 56 days out I made Bid, prior to that it just kept saying ineligible.
  4. Cruise date is August 17-27th on Journey LCV level is Adventurer with a single cruise on Celebrity and none on Azamara Cabin Category booked was regular balcony, bid for Club Continent Suite Bid was 350/pp with was considered weak. Notified that received upgrade to a N2 Club continent suite 38 days before sailing
  5. They accepted by PDF confirmation!
  6. I had the exact thing happen when our final payment came due, still listed as amount due on flights that had been booked and paid for months prior through choice air and united, I called and had to go through few levels and submitted my original email confirmation of the flights from choice air, only after they received the email with the original price I had paid listed did they agree to refund the additional money they had charged, that refund was posted in just a few days though so did not take long.
  7. Thanks Tartanexile, Looking on map it did look close. Do you think the hotel begin this close might mean it ends up being in the nightly closure zone? If so, does the closure zone open up at like a rough time estimate of 11, 11:15 or more like 11:30? Would you have a back up suggestion that might be a safer choice to make sure out of closure zone?
  8. So I did hear back from one of the taxi companies i emailed, they suggested at pickup at the G&V Hotel following the Tattoo as they need a fixed address that is outside the closure zone. For those familiar with the area, does this hotel seem like best option? How long would you estimate to walk from Castle to hotel post Tattoo with the caveat begin I will be with my 79 year old mother, so pace would not be brisk for sure.
  9. Thanks for the information on the taxi companies, I sent an email to all 3 of them, will see if I get a response. I have the central taxi app on my phone already in case we had need of a taxi at any other times, knew after the Tattoo would likely not be a good idea to rely on the APP. I will contact the Witchery regarding my question about where to go following dinner.
  10. I know that we dock in Leith, and that sometimes Azamara has a shuttle, sometimes not, and that a Lothian bus stop is close? I am trying to figure out in/outs associated with Tattoo. We have tickets for 8/20, prior to Tattoo we have diner reservations at the Witchery. I noticed the Witchery is closer to the castle than where the que starts to enter the Tattoo. Will we have to leave dinner and then go to back of que or since we are already past the gate where que starts, can we just walk up the hill when finished with dinner? Will plan to take a taxi to get to dinner since should still be able to be dropped off I believe somewhere near The Witchery, but for after have been unable to get any one to answer about booking ahead of time for taxi or the like and I assuming will be no way to get a taxi or similar after Tattoo, have pretty much decided to take the Lothian bus back to port, but since my older mother will probably be at her limit of walking by that time I am trying to confirm very specific instructions on how to get to bus stop, was hoping someone could help me with walking instructions. Or is there somewhere near where taxi's may be hanging out following Tattoo?
  11. leennp

    One way dilemma

    Yes I would recommend calling as well, I got dramatically different pricing well I called then when I priced on choice air myself. Was like half the rate I saw when just checking myself
  12. Just use the airline confirmation code you received from choice air on the particular airline website and and look up the seats yourself. You may want to change the seat assignment anyway.
  13. I had never used choice air before my first azamara cruise and kept checking the prices daily and on PE and business, most of the time the quick search way where you did not put in a reservation number, only occasional checking using the actual search with reservation number, one day last week business dropped to less that PE on the real time search using reservation number, so I booked it and yes was correct, is confirmed business class all the way with seat assignments and airline confirmation codes, so yes the fare was good, think they are P class fare with is a bulk business class fare. One of our legs is a Air Canada flight as well, we were preassigned seats on all legs of flights, I logged onto united account, was able to pull up reservations, add frequent flyer number and change seat assignment, I had to call air canada in order to change their preassigned seat but had no problem with that as well.
  14. Thanks for the information, I figured the access to vehicles would be reduced near castle at some point. Thanks for restaurant names too, that would see like best plan for the evening, to get close before roads close and have dinner. If Tatoo tickets are for 9pm, what is the time you are able to make your way to seats?
  15. Thanks for information, that does help in planning. Unsure if the bus situation will be complicated at night in Edinburgh due to Tattoo, we already have tickets for Tattoo, just need to ensure know ahead of time how to get back to ship.
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