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  1. Yes, you can rent a tux on the ship. However a tux is not required on formal nights, a collared shirt and jacket passes. Have had several different locations of balconies, shade really depends on the direction of the ship and the location of the sun. Could be all sun or all shade at different times of the day. Have sailed both HAL and Princess, have enjoyed both.
  2. Sounds like what I just experienced on the Ryndam. :p
  3. Thank you for a amusing and educational thread. Had to laugh, it is the truth. I saw it on my recent cruise on the Ryndam, 4:00 Happy Hour @ the Ocean Bar. Standing room only. Get there early if you want a seat.
  4. Thanks for taking us along... Keep looking at the pics at HMC. Two ships and do not see many people on the beach?
  5. I can see on how which cruise line your on it differs. Had a totally different experience with the Ryndam last month. I would sail out of Tampa again with no hesitation. Arrived at the pier at around noon time, and was through security, check in and heading to our stateroom in 15 minutes. No lines anywhere to be seen. Have to say our hotel shuttle did drop off passengers at the Dawn on our way and there did look like quite a bit of congestion. I did stay in Tampa a day before, traveling from the northeast in January, and after the cruise because I heard of the chance of fog can delay the ships arrival.
  6. The Ryndam docked at Pointe Seraphine earlier this month because the Noordam was at Carrenage. We also shared the Pointe with a X ship.
  7. Well IMO that is just wrong. I am not trying to judge people but a cruise line is in business for a reason, to make a profit while giving back hopefully a pleasant experience to the costumer. If too many people take advantage of the system set up for both parties to be happy than we all suffer. The cruise line is forced to make the change or else. I am in business for myself and understand the importance of costumer satisfaction, but also have seen people take advantage of this and just keep wanting more. It is a fine line you walk, especially in the economy at this time. You can only bend so much. I wish there was a way for the cruise lines to weed out the "offenders", the people that feel they are always owed more. :rolleyes:
  8. I have to agree with the comments on the demise of the middle class. I see a "privileged class" and a "lower/poorer class" in the future. That being said how does a cruise line survive if this happens? To me you would have to downsize the ship to accommodate a lower number of passengers that will be able to afford to cruise. Also bringing the higher standards back to cruising. A comment on "ala carte" cruising. For me cruising is the preferred vacation because it is very easy up front to see and budget the cost of a vacation. I understand and always do plan for that unseen or impulse purchase. If they start wanting to swipe my card every time I move or do something on a cruise ship,,, well it will be a sad day but I will give up cruising.
  9. Tampa was by far the best port that I have been in and out of. Airport was a breeze. Plenty to do pre and post cruise. Arrived at the pier around noon time, handed over the luggage to a waiting porter, walked into the building to a waiting security check, then to a open table to fill out medical questioner, than was ushered right up to the counter, swiped my CC, took our pics and walked onto the ship and to our waiting stateroom. Not a line to be seen anywhere. Whole process could not of taken more than 15 minutes. Of course I did bypass the pre-board photo opt. ;)
  10. Highly recommend Hyatt Place, Westshore. Stayed day before and day after cruise. Complimentary shuttle to and from airport, booked a package deal with transfer to and from ship. International mall within walking distance or shuttle will take and pick you up. Huge mall with both stores and restaurants. There is a Longhorn, Olive Garden(just opened), Starbucks, and Ruth Chris right out the front door. Complimentary breakfast had a good selection of both hot and cold. Staff very helpful and friendly.
  11. Keep sending out them positive vibes.. :)
  12. Hoping for things to be clear for a flight out of BDL on Saturday..:rolleyes: Thinking positive..
  13. What is the requested dress code for lunch at the PG on a Caribbean sailing??
  14. Thank you for the great report and pics. Was wondering when a table for two is not available when you arrive, is it possible to put your name in for the next available and go for a cocktail at the closest bar?
  15. High rent,,low rent districts could be different zones. I would think it could be possible to spend more time/money maintaining specific areas on the ship.;)
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